Curtain Color Ideas for Room with Green Walls


White Curtains on Green Wall

Simple and straightforward option

Great for modern contemporary decor

Neutralize the looks of the green wall


Cream Curtains on Green Wall

Fun mix to warm up the green wall

Great for vintage or classic decor

Creates stunning earthy combo


Dark Green Curtains on Light Green Wall

Keep green-hue flows harmoniously

Great to keep the green as primary color in your decor scheme

Creates fresh monochromatic l ooks


Light Blue Curtains on Green Wall

Enrich green wall perfectly

Perfect to create a fresh, tranquil, and relaxing space

Creates soothing analogous looks


Mustard Yellow Curtains on Green Wall

Bring splash of pop to green wall

Create a cheerful yet natural ambiance

Stand out vibrantly against the wall


Orange Curtains on Green Wall

Bring lot of fun and joy to your space

Create a bold and vibrant appearance

Contrast beautifully against the wall


Light Brown Curtains on Green Wall

Awesome natural combo

Create an eye-pleasing visual appearance

Brings comfy and calming looks


Light Gray Curtains on Green Wall

Bring elegant twist to the green wall

Works well to modernize any room with green walls

Creates a well-balanced looks

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