Wood Wall Ideas, Tips and Guide

Our wood wall ideas, tips, tricks and guidelines on how to create a great wooden wall for your room.

Whether you want to make your space feels more rustic, or you want to add a bunch of natural vibe into your room, than wood wall would be the perfect solution.

Most people may think that wood wall only works in a room with rustic or farmhouse style decor. But the truth is, that it still work wonder on any other decor style, even a minimalist or contemporary ones. How? by creating a wooden accent wall.

Instead of typical accent wall that use a different and high contrasting paint color for a wall or two, you can make use of wood panel to get a more rich and natural effects.

Wood wall also had more advantages over a typical wall. It's texture, grain and color can bring some beautiful rich and depth effects. Furthermore, it will make your space feel warm and comfy.

However, creating a wood wall can be far more difficult and stresfull compared with a typical wall. Thus, you need to create a detailed plan about what kind of wood do you want to use, and execute it properly to achieve a perfect results.

If you need some ideas and inspirations for your own wood walls, we got you covered. Here we sharing our creative wood wall ideas that you can used and replicate for your own. Moreover, we also publish some helpful guides and tricks to maximize your wood wall appearance, and here they are :

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Wall

How to Attach Wood to Concrete Wall

If you want to turn your boring concrete wall into a more artistic and natural looks by using wood to cover the wall, here are some different ways that you can use to attach those wood into the concrete walls :

Using Nails

While it can be the most easy and straightforward ways, simply nails the wood to the concrete, and you’re done. However, using nails to attach wood comes with some disadvantages. First, it will slightly damage the wood. Secondly, you need to refinish the wood using putty to hide the nail head. And last but not least, it would be difficult to rearrange the wood that are already attached as when it disassemble, its high possibility that the wood would be broken.

Using Screws

This approach can make a similar effects with the nails. However, by using screws, it will make you easier when you want to disassemble or rearrange the wood.

Using Glue

For attaching any wood panel into the interior walls, this is our favorite approach. Yes, by using wood glue, not only it can be done without damaging both the concrete wall and the wood, it also won’t leave any marks on the wood surface so you won’t need to refinish it when the attaching is done. However, using glue won’t give you the firmness as when you are using the screws or nails.

How to Attach Wood to Brick Wall

Attaching wood panel to a brick wall is quite the same with attaching it into a concrete walls. However, there are one important treatment that you should do to get a perfect results on the brick wall. It’s to prepare a relatively flat surface that not only works to make a flat and even results, it also will make the attachment process much more easier. One of our favorite tricks is by using flat board, such as plywood or drywall.

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