About Us

Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 26th, 2019

About Roomdsign.com

Who We Are

At roomdsign.com, we provide interior design and decorating ideas to help you get inspiration to make your home better and more attractive. All of the designs we share here are original works made by our interior design team who have more than 10 years of experience designing different types of room interiors and room decorations.

So, unlike most other interior design websites that generally only take pictures from the internet, we make our own designs that we showed here.

At this moment, roomdsign.com focuses on interior design for residences such as houses and apartments, but it is possible that in the future we will develop this site by sharing interior design concepts and ideas for other buildings such as offices, hotels and restaurants.

Not only ideas, we also shared many articles about home decor tips and tricks created by our team of writers who have also been experienced as interior design contractors for several years. So, what we have written here are practical tips and tricks and have been tried by ourself.

Our Goals

Our goal from making roomdsign.com is to help homeowners to get ideas for decorating their room and interior to make it more attractive. In addition, we also share many informational articles to help homeowners fix their homes in an easy and efficient way.