Coastal Decor Ideas | Coastal Decor Complete Guide

The only guide you need to crafted an inspiring coastal decor for your lovely home.

Coastal decor is a perfect ways to add the beauty of the ocean into your home. Using this decor style, you don't need to be near the ocean to experience the breeze and majesty of the beach.

Whether you just need to bring a little bit of the ocean vibe to your space, or even create a stunning beachy home, it can easily achievable, thank's for a lot of different choice of coastal style items and furniture that are available on the market today.

But sometimes it can be very overwhelming to choose the best one out of those lot of different options. To help you with this, we created some review article about coastal furniture and decor items that you can read to be more confident when choosing the ones that really suit your needs.

Furthermore, decorating a coastal or beach style room can be a much more trickier than any other kind of rooms. Thus, we also created some coastal decor ideas for different kind of rooms and purposes that can be very benefical to trigger your creativity for crafting the perfect coastal decor into your space.

Without further ado, here they are :

Our Latest Coastal Decor Ideas | Coastal Decor Complete Guide Article

Best Rug for Coastal Living Room

Best Rug for Coastal Living Room

Coastal decor is one of the hottest interior trends, and today, it is not only used for seaside resorts but also can be used to bring the reminiscent of ocean life for any home located miles away from the shore. Generally, there are two different ways that often be used to create a coastal living...

7 Best Floor Colors for Beach House to Achieve a Perfect Coastal Looks

7 Best Floor Colors for Beach House to Achieve a Perfect Coastal Looks

Everyone loves beach houses. This is the place where as soon as you stepped in, all of the stress and anxiety are blown away by the ocean breeze. Not to mention the joy and happiness that comes with the exposure of the bright and sunny sunshine. If you are planning to remodel your old beach house...

10 Best Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

10 Best Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

Bathroom is one area in the house that is most often left behind or even forgotten when doing some decorating. Even though, it’s important to keep this room looks beautiful and attractive. If you had a beach cottage house or using a beach style decor concept for your home, then you have to...

10 Best Coastal Style Wall Clock

10 Best Coastal Style Wall Clock

Wall clock, same as watch, are shifting it’s function from a tools to indicate time, to become a decorative or fashionable items to showcase our personality and style. Decorative wall clock also can be a great alternative especially if you are bored with any other typical wall decor items...

20 Best Coastal Painted Furniture

20 Best Coastal Painted Furniture

Having a coastal-style interior cannot only be done by a house within 100 meters of the beach. You can still have a house with a coastal concept even though your house is thousand miles from the beach, but the still bring beach aura that makes your room feel cool and fresh. One way to get that is...

10 Beautiful and Charming Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

10 Beautiful and Charming Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

Whether your home is right in front of the beach or you want to have a beach atmosphere in your home, then decorating your walls with a coastal style is something you must do. The concept is popular because it provides a fresh and natural ambient into the house. If you are looking for ideas and...

Frequently Asked Question About Coastal Decor

What is Coastal Decor?

Coastal decor is a decoration style that incorporate beach or ocean elements into the room to bring the breeziness of the beach inside the house. To use this interior decor style, you don’t need to have a house right in front of the ocean. Instead, this coastal style is commonly used far inland.

There are a lot of different ways to applied coastal decor into your home. If you want a fully coastal and beachy looks, you can use all of the coastal elements in all part of your space, from a shiplap walls, jute rugs, and beach style furniture. But if you want to add a bit of ocean feels, some coastal painted furniture and nautical wall decor items is more than enough.

Is Coastal Decor Going Out of Style?

The answers of this question can be really subjective. While some people may think that coastal decor is outdate, we do think the opposite. Actually, in some cases, coastal decor can looks much more fun, fresh and interesting compared with any modern, contemporary or minimalist style.

Moreover, you can also make any coastal decoration looks much more modern and up-to date. For example, instead of using any rustic or distressed wood, you can use any white painted fine wood that looks much more modern yet still bring a coastal touch and vibe. You can also choose any coastal furniture that had a modern style and design.

How to Create Coastal Decor with Limited Budget?

If you want to remodel your entire space to have a coastal looks, it surely will cost you a lot of money. But if you had a limited budget, don’t worry, you can still bring a touch of ocean vibe into your spaces using some cheap and affordable coastal decoration items that you can find here.

What is the Best Colors for Coastal Decor?

Of course, the best colors for a coastal decor is any colors that represent the ocean environment, such as blue (sky and sea), white (sand), green (trees) and yellow (sun). While some people love them in a more vibrant and bright tones to bring a fun summer ambience, you can also try to choose those colors in a more soft and subtle shade to make your space feels comfy and relaxing.

And if you are looking for the exact colors, here are some of our favorite :

White : Extra White by Sherwin Williams (SW 7006)

Blue : Surfin’ by Sherwin Williams (SW 9048)

Green : Kiwi by Sherwin Williams (SW 6737)

Yellow : Forsythia by Sherwin Williams (SW 6907)

How to Make a Coastal Decor Look Modern?

Here are some tricks that you can use to make your coastal house looks and feels much more modern compared to any typical coastal style :

  • Use a lot of white, and make white as the main colors for your entire space
  • Choose a more soft and subtle tone for all of your colors palette.
  • For fabric furniture, choose the ones with more casual fabric such as cotton or linen.
  • Choose coastal furniture with modern and contemporary design.
  • Add a bit of elegance by incorporating some marble or metallic finishes furniture or decor items.

Where to Buy Beach Themed Furniture and Decor Items?

If you are looking to buy some coastal or beach style decor items, here are some best place that we highly recommended :

As one of the most leading e-commerce specialized in coastal decor and furnishing, can be a great place to find anything you need to bring a touch of coastal breeze into your home. not only have a huge collection of great furniture, it also has a lot of interesting coastal items that you can buy and use to create your own lovely coastal home.

As the largest e-commerce and marketplace on the world, you can find almost anything at amazon, include a variety of beautiful coastal decor items and furnishing.

Our Favorite Coastal Decoration Items

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