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Get inspired by our beautiful blue decor ideas.

Blue is everyone's favorite. This shade bring a soft, calming and welcoming ambience that make everyone feels relaxed inside any room that used a lot of blue elements.

Another benefits of using blue is it's flexibility. Any different tone can create a different effects. For example, a light sky blue is perfect for a coastal style decor, while a royal or navy blue is great for a contemporary or elegant rooms. Thus, you can easily adjust what kind of results do you want to achieve by using blue into your spaces.

This beautiful color also can works wonder whether you want it just as an accent, or become the main color in your pallete.

From marble blue tile, blue couch or even a blue ceiling. Any part, elements or items inside any room can use this shade perfectly.

If you are planning to remodel your entire room, or just want to add a touch of blue into your space, we got you covered. Our team had published some interesting article on decorating with blue alongside with some gorgeous room ideas using blue, and here they are :

Our Latest Blue Decor Ideas | Decorating with Blue Article

What Color Curtains go with Blue Couch? (10 Interesting Color Ideas)

What Color Curtains go with Blue Couch? (10 Interesting Color Ideas)

When it comes to the bold and elegant types of couches, then the one with blue finishes becomes the most popular choice. Using this couch alone can bring a powerful effect that can turn unattractive and uninspiring spaces become more impressive and fascinating. Unfortunately, unlike any other...

12 Best Coffee Table for Blue Couch (Reviewed by Our Expert)

12 Best Coffee Table for Blue Couch (Reviewed by Our Expert)

Visually, a blue couch looks beautiful, gorgeous, and very attractive. Thus, it’s a perfect choice if you need a stunning centerpiece for a living room. Moreover, its elegant design can elevate the whole room to be more fancy and stylish. However, this kind of couch is one of the most trickier...

What Color Couch Goes with Blue Wall? (7 Best Color Ideas)

What Color Couch Goes with Blue Wall? (7 Best Color Ideas)

Blue walls are amazing, and you can instantly feel its luxuriousness and elegance while still bring a touch of freshness to the entire space. However, most of the time, this can be the start of a big and complicated problem. If you just repaint your wall with blue, then you will realize how...

What Color Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch?

What Color Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch?

When you go to a furniture store or check out some online furniture marketplace and take a look at some random furniture that had many different colors selection, most of the time, their blue variant becomes the best sellers. We actually not quite surprise by those facts, as not only this shade...

10 Best Floor Color for Blue Walls (with Images)

10 Best Floor Color for Blue Walls (with Images)

Blue is everyone’s favorite, this color bringing a cool and soothing ambiance into any room, especially when used as the wall paint color. This flexible color can be used in almost any interior design style. Another advantage of using blue wall paint is that this color is relatively easy to...

Best Rug for Blue Couch

Best Rug for Blue Couch

In most living room settings, the couch is set up to become a centerpiece. That’s why a lot of homeowners choosing a couch with vibrant or bold colors. But things will get difficult when it comes to selecting any other decor items to match those kinds of couches, especially a rug. When...

10 Elegant Dark Blue Accent Wall Ideas

10 Elegant Dark Blue Accent Wall Ideas

When it comes to choosing colors for an accent wall, there are two main approach that is often used. First, go with bright, cheerful, and vibrant colors, or, go with a deep, bold color. The second approach is perfect for you who want to have an accent wall that looks elegant, sophisticated,...

7 Best Pastel Blue Wallpaper

7 Best Pastel Blue Wallpaper

Pastel blue is a shade of blue that displays a soft, soothing and calm ambient. Psychologically, this color can make anyone who sees it feel comfortable because the color is similar with the sky and ocean colors. Nowadays, many homeowners are starting to use this color as one of the colors in...

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating with Blue

What Color Furniture goes With Blue Walls

Painting your wall with blue can make your entire space looks gorgeous, soothing and comfy. But then, most homeowner will find difficulties when they had to choose what color furniture that will go well with it.

Indeed, choosing furniture colors that can blend perfectly with blue can be a bit complicated and often trial and error should be done to find the perfect ones. But if you want a shortcut, here are some best furniture colors that can works great with blue walls based on our experiences :

Blue Walls with White Furniture

The most easy and straightforward options is white. White furniture can help balance the blue thus will make it feels a bit softer. Furthermore, this beautiful combinations can produce a crisp and stylish looks.

Blue on Blue

If you really want to make blue as your main primary color, than you can go with another tone of blue for your furniture. In our opinion, any darker blue tone tend to works better as it can resulting an elegant monochromatic looks.

Blue Walls with Pale Green Furniture

Usually, combining blue with green wouldn’t be a good idea. But in this case, a pale green furniture can works quite wonderful when paired with blue walls.

Blue Walls with Gray Furniture

Another neutral shade that will works great with blue is gray. Any gray shade can works wonder, and it really depends on what effects do you want to achieve. For example, if you want a more simple and clean looks, you can go with light gray. Otherwise, if you want to create a more elegant and bold looks, you can go with medium or dark gray furniture.

What Accent Colors go with Blue Furniture?

Whether you want to add some cheerful throw pillows to your blue couch, or decorating your blue table with a marble vases, here are some best accent colors that works great with any blue furniture :


Using color wheel theory, orange is the opposite colors of blue. Thus, it can be a great accent colors to use alongside with blue furniture to add some pop to make your entire space looks more colorful.


If you think that orange is too much, than you can use yellow for a more soft and subtle alternative, especially any light or pale yellow.


For a rich, bold and glamorous effects, you can use red as the accent colors for blue. But be careful and don’t overuse it, just a slightly red accents is more than enough.


To create a soothing and smooth effects, you can add some pink accents into blue furniture. This combinations will provide a soft, calming and cozy effects. Furthermore, any soft accent such as pink will keep the blue stand out and still become the centerpiece of the space.

What is Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint?

Best Sherwin Williams Dark Blue Paint

Commodore by Sherwin Williams (SW 6524) is our first choice for a dark blue paint. In facts, this paint also listed as the color trend forecast for 2021.

Best Sherwin Williams Light Blue Paint

Swimming by Sherwin Williams (SW 6747) is a great choice if you want a light shade of blue. This color perfectly resemble the nature that make it perfect choice to create any natural vibrant and cheerful space.

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