Teal Decor Ideas | Decorating with Teal

Discover how to incorporate teal into your space to create a stunning rich and vibrant room.

Teal is a perfect color for you who want to create a rich and vibrant space in a more soft and subtle looks. This color is easy to adjust, whether you want a warm or cool ambient, teal can still works beautifully.

To get the most of it, use teal as an accent colors and avoid it as a main color pallete. Just a piece of gorgeous teal rug or teal couch in your living space can make a big difference.

This blue-green colors also known for it's versatility that make it can works wonder in any decor style, from classic to modern, minimalist to contemporary.

Another advantage of this color that resemble the tropical sea is that it can blend well with almost any other colors - especially any neutral ones.

Anyway, incorporate teal into any space can be quite tricky and not as easy at it seems. Although all it's versatility, a wrong use of teal with wrong color combinations can make the entire space look unpleasing.

To avoid this disaster, we try to help you by writing some guidelines, tips, tricks and ideas on decorating with teal. And here they are :

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What Color Furniture Goes with Teal Walls?

What Color Furniture Goes with Teal Walls?

Teal is a unique color that mixes all of the benefits of blue and green. So, it has the fresh and natural feel as any greens, while at the same time had some elegance and airy vibe of the blue. And that’s why this color becomes more and more popular. Especially in these recent years where...

10 Best Wall Art with Teal Colors

10 Best Wall Art with Teal Colors

If you are looking for a shade that can live up your space in a more calming and soft visual looks, than teal can be a great choice for you. You can either incorporate this wonderful shade as your main palette, or using it as an accent. A gorgeous teal couch or teal area rug can be a great...

What Color Rug with Teal Couch?

What Color Rug with Teal Couch?

Teal couch not only works as a place to sit down and take some time to relax. But it’s also great decorative furniture that can be a great accent item to make any room looks rich, vibrant, and colorful. However, behind all the advantages that teal couch bring, there is one issue that always...

12 Best Wall Color for Teal Furniture

12 Best Wall Color for Teal Furniture

Teal has become a rising star in today’s interior design world. Produced by mixing blue and green, this stunning rich color can be a perfect options to be an accent into any space. While most people may think that teal can only be used in the beach or tropical decor, actually it can still...

10 Best Teal and Gray Wall Decor Ideas

10 Best Teal and Gray Wall Decor Ideas

Teal is one of the unique colors that can be used to create a variety of different effects when used as a wall color, including elegant, natural, luxurious, or beautiful ones. That is the reason why so many people want to use this color as their home interior design color scheme. One challenge...

Frequently Asked Question About Home Decorating with Teal

What Color is Teal?

Teal color, which it’s name come from a kind of bird named Eurasian Teal, is color that created by mixing medium to deep blue into a green base. This color was popular in late 1990s, and today in 2020 it’s regain it’s popularity especially in interior design worlds.

What is the Difference Between Teal and Turquoise?

At a glance, teal and turquoise looks quite similar and often seemed to be referred to interchangeably. But if you take a closer look, you may notice that there is a slight difference between those two.

While turquoise is a blend of light or sky blue with green, teal tend to use medium to dark blue with green base. Thus, turquoise may seems a little bit lighter and “greener” rather than teal.

What Colors go with Teal?

Using teal in your interior color palette can be quite tricky and complicated, as this color had an unique characteristic thus make it hard to find the perfect match for it. However, there are several colors that based on our experience can works wonder with teal, and here they are :

Teal and White

If you don’t really want to take any risk, than combining teal with neutral shade seems to be the perfect choice. And one of the best neutral that go well with teal is white. White can works well with teal not only because it can help balance the vivid and vibrant of the teal, but also white can help make the teal stand out.

Teal and Dark Blue

As you know, teal is combination of green and blue. Thus, combining it with any blue shade can create a flawless looks as both had the same tranquility of blue. But, among all of the blue shade, we really like any darker tone of blue such as dark blue, navy blue or a royal blue as it would bring a boldness that will balance out the teal. Teal and dark blue can be a great choice if you want to create an elegant and stylish rooms.

Teal and Orange

In color wheels, orange is the opposite of teal. Thus, pairing those two colors can producing a beautiful contrasting effects as the vibrant energetic orange will be balanced by the calmness of the teal. However, for this color combinations, we really like to use orange just for an accent to add a bit of vibrancy.

Teal and Pink

Both teal and pink had some similar characteristics such as the softness, subtle and calming effects, thus combining them together can resulting a quite interesting and seamless looks.

What is Best Sherwin Williams Teal Paint?

Based on our experience designing some interior spaces that incorporate teal as one of their palette, we really loved Intense Teal by Sherwin Williams (SW 6943). This paint color had a perfect beautiful combination that can make any space feels elegant yet still calm and cozy.

What is Best Benjamin Moore Teal Paint?

For Benjamin Moore brand, we tend to choose it’s Teal Tone (663) as our favorite. This paint is slightly lighter than any typical teal, thus make it perfect to be used in any contemporary or minimalist interior.

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