Farmhouse Decor Ideas, Guides and Tips

Farmhouse design ideas, guides, tips, and reviews.

If you are looking for an evergreen decor style that will still be popular for years to come, than farmhouse decor can be a great options for you.

We won't never tired with a beautiful farmhouse decor. It's ultra-chic design embrace the casual feel of the countryside vibe that feels warm, comfy and welcoming.

As a perfect balance of rustic vintage ambient with modern touch, farmhouse decor also can be a great choice if you want to create an instagram worthy looks for any space inside your home - from bedroom, living room, entryway, or even a bathroom.

When you see a great farmhouse room, sometimes it seems that it just a combination of some randomly choosen farmhouse furniture and items with a shiplap walls. But the truth is, they aren't. To create a perfect farmhouse decor, every little things and elements inside the room should be keep harmonious and well balanced. With some twist of accent that will pop that can make the space feels more fresh and vibrant.

And to be honest, it's quite challenging to designing a wonderful farmhouse decor. Thus, we will try to help you by giving some ideas, guidelines, tips and tricks for creating your dream farmhouse room.

We also shared some professional reviews on farmhouse accesories, items and furnitures to help you choose the best ones that will perfectly suit your needs.

Without further ado, here they are :

Our Latest Farmhouse Decor Ideas, Guides and Tips Article

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7 Best Wall Colors for Farmhouse Kitchen

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Best Cabinet Colors for Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

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Best Flooring Color for Modern Farmhouse Interior

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Best Wall Color for Farmhouse Decor (7 Inspiring Color Ideas)

Best Wall Color for Farmhouse Decor (7 Inspiring Color Ideas)

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Best Farmhouse Throw Pillow Cover (8 Chic & Stylish Choices)

Best Farmhouse Throw Pillow Cover (8 Chic & Stylish Choices)

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10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves for Bathroom

10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves for Bathroom

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10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves

10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves

Today, floating shelves isn’t only a piece of item to store and organize any of your items, it’s much more beyond it. This small item can be used to decorate any empty walls to make it much more attractive and interesting. This multi-functional feature make this item gain a lot of...

Frequently Asked Questions About Farmhouse Decor

What is Farmhouse Decor?

Farmhouse decor is a decor style that heavily inspired from a farmhouse building that often find in rural countryside area. Some main characteristic for a farmhouse decor style such are shiplap walls, exposed wood beams, barn doors and vintage weathered finishes furniture.

This decor style is very popular not only because of it’s chic natural looks, but also because it can bring warm, comfy and relaxing ambient.

Farmhouse decor has evolved in recent years. Nowadays, you can even combined this style with some modern touch to create a modern farmhouse decor.

What Color goes with a Farmhouse Decor?

When it comes to color selections, farmhouse decor can be much more complicated rather than any decor style. When choosing the perfect shade for your farmhouse room, the best ways is to use any colors that are actually used in a real farmhouse buildings. Another keys to get a perfect colors is by using any soft and subtle palette with warm tones. And here are some of our color recommendations that can work wonders for any farmhouse rooms :

Ivory White

Slightly different with a typical plain white, ivory white had some yellow-ish tone in it that will produce a warm vibe that is essentials to any farmhouse decor – especially when it used as the wall paint color.

Grayish Blue

This color is a perfect choice to create a modern farmhouse room, as it will bring a soft, modern cozy ambience to the space. We loved to use this color as an accent to create a stunning beautiful contrast with any lighter or neutral shade.


Taupe represent a light, neutral wood that often used in a real farmhouse homes. Thus, by using this shade, you can bring those fresh and natural feels of the countryside homes into your spaces.

Light Gray

If you want a more clean, and elegant contemporary looks into your farmhouse room, than light gray can be one of the best options to be included into your color scheme. This shade often found in a real farmhouse buildings in form of stone or unfinished plaster walls.

How to Take Boring out of Farmhouse Decor?

Some people often thinks that farmhouse decor is boring and unexciting, and unfortunately, that’s quite true especially for a farmhouse style rooms that are not designed and decorated properly.

And if you think your farmhouse room is one of them, don’t worry, here are some tips that you can easily applied to make your farmhouse space looks much more attractive and interesting :

Be Colorful

While neutral shade tend to works best for a farmhouse decor, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some splash of colors into your space. If you are not using any accent colors, try to add some in several different places throughout your room. For example, you can add some colorful throw pillows to your bed or couch, or change your rug into a more vibrant ones.

Combine with Other Decor Style

Actually, farmhouse is a versatile decor style that can easily blend with any other style without losing it’s identity and unique characteristics. Thus, to turn a boring farmhouse space into a more fascinating ones, you can add a touch of other decoration style to your room. Some that work really well with farmhouse are modern, contemporary, coastal/beach house, rustic or vintage.

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