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While some people may think that gray is one of the most boring color when it come to home interior and decor, lot of others people think the opposite. This color even become one of top choice for neutral colors, and constantly used by many designers.

One of the top reasons why this color so popular is because it's versatility and easy to blend with another colors. Whether you want to go with another neutral pallete, or create some fun with bright or vibrant colors, gray can easily works for both situations.

The unique combinations of chic, cozy and relaxing feels also become another reasons why lots of homeowners love this colors, especially when it's used as the main or primary colors.

However, decorating with gray is not as easy as many people may think. Gray had a wide range of spectrum that resulting different vibe and color temprature, and choosing the wrong ones can make your space doesn't look quite right.

Moreover, although it's quite easy to match gray with other colors, there are also some certain colors that won't look great with gray. And if you accidentally choose this kind of colors with gray, you won't produce a perfectly stunning results.

If you want to learn some basic guidance for interior decorating with gray, our expert had written some great and informative article to help you create a perfect space using gray. And here they are :

Our Latest Gray Decor Ideas | Decorating with Gray Article

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Frequently Asked Question About Gray Decor

What Colors go with Gray?

As a neutral color, gray can works well with almost any other colors, whether it’s the similar neutral shade or even any bright and cheerful colors.

But if we had to choose the best, here are some of the combinations of gray that we really love :

Gray with Other Neutral Shade

Gray + Beige

Gray + Tan

Gray + Ivory White

Gray with Other Colors

Gray + Grayish Blue

Gray + Navy Blue

Gray + Olive Green

Gray + Blush Pink

Gray + Orange

Is Gray Going Out of Style?

While many people may think that gray is outdate, we don’t quite agree. Gray had a lot of different tone that can create a different effects. For example, a medium gray can bring a cold vibe, while light gray can bring a more warm ambient. Thus, this shade is very versatile and can be used in many different decor style, from classic one to a more modern and trendy design.

If you want to incorporate gray in a modern or contemporary decor style, than you can go with a light gray that can create a crisp and clean looks, that surely can be much better than the typical boring white. Or, you can go with a more darker tone such as charcoal to create a bold and stylish looks.

Does Cream and Gray go Together?

Absolutely! But there are some important things you need to consider very carefully before combining gray with another neutral shade such as cream. For example, you need to determine which ones do you want to stand out more. If you choose cream, than go with a more bright or rich shade of cream, and choose a more soft, subtle and light shade of gray, and vice versa.

What is the Best Sherwin Williams Gray?

For a light gray, we really love Sherwin Williams Olympus White that looks very modern and had a bit warmth vibe that can help balanced out the ambience of any rooms.

For a medium gray, our choice goes to Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray that had a perfect middle tone of gray and make it versatile to use in any different style and design.

For a darker gray, we had been using Sherwin Williams Slate Tile in some of our projects, and we think that it’s one of the best dark gray paint colors especially when you want an elegant and stylish vibe.

What is the Best Benjamin Moore Gray?

Benjamin Moore Cascade White is our favorite when it comes to light tone of gray. It has a slightly blue tone that make this color feels a bit more warmer than any typical light gray.

Benjamin Moore Pigeon Gray become our best choice for medium gray for Benjamin Moore. This well balanced color is also a perfect choice if you want to create a stylish yet relaxing and comfy spaces.

Benjamin Moore Ebony Slate is the best options when it comes to dark gray tone. This paint is perfect especially when it used as an accent to make any space feels luxurious and glamorous.