Pink Decor Ideas | Decorating with Pink

Complete guide for decorating with pink to create a wonderful and lovely space.

Sometimes, even a women can be afraid to use pink as one of the color pallete for their room, as many will think that using this color can make a space feels too girly. But in facts, it isn't. Pink still can be used to create a quite "neutral" space, while at the same time bring all the beauty and sweetness.

Incorporating pink into a room not only can be achieved by using some small decoration items. You can also use some pink finished furniture, or even repaint your wall with this gorgeous color.

Using pink as one of the color scheme for your interior not only will make the space look pretty. This unique color also can bring a soft and comfy feels, thus will make everyone feels relaxing and comfortable inside the room.

This color also works great if you want to create a more glamorous and stylish room. Combine it with some splash of gold or rose gold accent, and your entire space will looks fantastic.

If you are planning to remodel your room using pink, we had some great article that you can read not only to give you more important knowledge about decorating with pink, but also can be a great inspiration and ideas to design a perfectly delightful space. And here they are :

Our Latest Pink Decor Ideas | Decorating with Pink Article

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8 Best Pink Paint for Bedroom

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What Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls? (8 Lovely Ideas)

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7 Best Rug Color for Pink Couch (Based on Our Experiment)

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12 Best Wall Paint Colors that Goes with Pink Couch

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10 Gorgeous Pink Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

10 Gorgeous Pink Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

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10 Best Rose Gold Wall Mirror for Bedroom

10 Best Rose Gold Wall Mirror for Bedroom

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10 Beautiful and Chic Pink Wall Art

10 Beautiful and Chic Pink Wall Art

Every woman loves pink! And that’s why lot of them want to add this beautiful color into their room, whether as the main palette or as an accent. Moreover, this pretty shade also can be used to bring some sweet and warm looks that can make the space not only looks gorgeous, but also feels calm...

20 Chic and Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas

20 Chic and Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Decor and Decorating with Pink

How to Use Pink in Decor?

There are a lot of different ways to use pink in for your home decor, and it’s really depends on how you want your entire space looks like.

If you want pink to become the major color for your room, than one of the best way is to paint your walls using pink wall paint. But if you think that painting all of your walls with pink is too much, than you can choose just one of them and create a pink accent wall.

Beside wall, you can make pink your main colors by using pink furniture especially for some big and dominant furniture. For example, you can use a pretty pink sofa or a large pink area rug in your living room. For a bedroom, you can choose a pink bed platform or use pink bed sheet and comforter.

However, if you want to add a bit of pink touch, than the best choice is by adding some pink decoration items. Some pink wall art or pink vases can looks gorgeous to add a bit of feminine to your space.

What Color Goes with Pink in a Bedroom?

Compared with others, pink is relatively easy to combine with any other colors, especially a neutral ones. Thus, choosing the colors that you want to go alongside with pink is really depends on the final results and effects that you wanted. And here are some of our color recommendation that goes well with pink :

Pink and White

If you want a more clean, balanced space, than pink and white can be a great combinations.

Pink and Blue

For a more vibrant and stylish space, we prefer pink with blue. This pair will also create a perfect contrasting effects that make each other stand out.

Pink and Green

For a fresh and natural feels, pink and green can work well together. To get the best results, using the same tone for both colors. For example, if your bedroom already using a light dusty pink, than a pale green should be your first choice.

Pink and Brown

For a more flawless spaces, go with pink and brown. This combination also will bring a beautiful earthy and natural looks.

Pink and Gray

If you want your highlight your pink and make it stand out more, than gray can be a perfect choice, especially any light gray tone.

Pink and Gold

To show off your glamorous and elegance personality, you can combining pink with gold inside your bedroom. You don’t need a lot of gold elements, just some touch of gold accent can still bring a quite amazing results.

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Pink Walls?

Pink walls alone can be quite beautiful, attractive, and doesn’t really need a lot of additional decor. However, some light touch maybe necessary to make it looks even better.

One of our favorite ways to decorate a pink bedroom walls is by using some gorgeous wall art. You can go with a more neutral colors to create a perfectly balanced space, or go with a more contrasting colors such as blue or green to make the wall art become the main focal point for your wall.

Another ways that you can use to make your pink wall looks aesthetic is by using bohemian or boho hanging accessories such as Tapestry or Macrame. The combinations of pink wall and bohemian decor is a perfect recipe to create a stunning and wonderful bedroom walls.

Last but not least, we loved to add some fresh greenery to pink walls. Not only it can make the entire space feels fresher and natural, the combinations of green elements with pink background produce a wonderful contrasting effects that make the walls become much more interesting.

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