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Rose gold style decor is getting more and more popularity everyday. One reason why a lot of homeowner loved this style is because it will bring a glam and gorgeous looks into the home in a more stylish and fashionable ways rather than other similar styles such as typical gold.

Unfortunately, decorating a room with rose gold concept is not an easy task. There are some problem that often found when applying a rose gold decor, such as the wrong selections of the rose gold items or furniture.

Another problem that often found is failed to create a perfect composition between rose gold finished element with another natural elements, where using too much rose gold materials in a room won’t make the room looks better, instead it will make a room looks unattractive.

If you are planning to create a rose gold style decor to your home, here we had some great and useful article that will give you a lot of ideas and inspirations to create a perfect rose gold decor. Those article are varies from our review of best rose gold decor items to a rose gold bedroom ideas. And here they are :

Our Best Rose Gold Decor Ideas and Articles

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10 Gorgeous Rose Gold Vases Planter

10 Gorgeous Rose Gold Vases Planter

Small vases or planter can bring a lot of impact into any spaces, especially when they come in a gorgeous and attractive design such as with rose gold finished. The combination of beautiful vases with green and freshness from the flowers or plants can be a great decorative addition to your home.

Here, we shared our 10 best rose gold finished vases/planter that not only looks beautiful, but also made using high quality materials that make them durable and long lasting to bring a glam vibe into your room for years to come.

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10 Beautiful and Glam Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

10 Beautiful and Glam Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

A great table lamp is not only bringing a light that needed to brighten up a room, but also come with a attractive looks and design as a decorative items. With rose gold table lamp, you can add more touch of personality into your bedroom in a glam ways.

We had used a lot of different rose gold table lamp in our interior design project, and from our experience, we compile the 10 best rose gold table lamp that not only looks gorgeous, but also bringing a beautiful light that can make your room lighting looks amazing.

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20 Chic and Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas

20 Chic and Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating a pink wall is a quite tricky job. Do it in a correct way, you can get a pretty and beautiful wall. On the other side, fail to do it correctly can create an unattractive and flashy wall that can make your entire room decor affected.

To avoid this, we try to help you by creating some pink wall decor example that you can use as an ideas and inspiration, or you can even replicate it completely as we keep those design simple and easy.

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10 Best Rose Gold Nightstand for Glamorous and Beautiful Bedroom in 2021

10 Best Rose Gold Nightstand for Glamorous and Beautiful Bedroom in 2021

Nightstand table is one of the essentials items for any bedroom, not only it can be used to place a table lamp or any items or accessories, but also it can be a great decoration items that will lift up the entire bedroom decor. Furthermore, a bedroom without a nightstand table will look and feel uncompleted.

For such important items, make sure you choose the best one in term of design and functionality. We can help you by created a list of 10 best nightstand table with rose gold finish that we have tried and used in our bedroom design projects.

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5 Best Rose Gold Wallpaper for Bedroom in 2021

5 Best Rose Gold Wallpaper for Bedroom in 2021

Painting any wall with rose gold colors can be a quite difficult task, as you need to hire an expert to perfectly mixing the right colors to get a metallic rose gold tone. A more easy and affordable solution to this is by using a rose gold themed wallpaper.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different pattern and texture of rose gold wallpaper available, but from our experience, it can be a difficult task to get a perfect rose gold colored wallpaper as we have try some wallpaper that claimed had rose gold colors but in reality, they are not. To avoid this, we recommend you this 5 best rose gold wallpaper that is perfect for bringing a rose gold vibe into any bedroom.

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20 Best Rose Gold Bedroom Decor Ideas

20 Best Rose Gold Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you need some ideas and inspiration to create a beautiful and stunning rose gold themed bedroom, than you can check out our recently created rose gold style bedroom ideas.

All of this rose gold bedroom ideas are created by our interior design expert to help anyone get more clear ideas on how to decorate a bedroom using rose gold decor style.

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