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Having a limited spaces in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great and attractive interior decor. It’s true that decorating a small spaces is far more tricky and difficult rather than doing it in a much larger ones, but don’t worry, we will help you by giving some tips, trick, ideas and recommendation to help you maximize your limited spaces.

Today, having a home with limited spaces is became a common thing especially in big metropolitan city. That’s why we got a lot of order for creating an interior design project to be applied in small spaces. Creating a lot of small room interior help us learns a lot of new strategies, tips and tricks on how to optimize them, and we want to share all of this to you.

Furthermore, we also give some recommendation and ideas of furniture and decor items that will perfectly fit into any narrow spaces. Using this kind of furniture items can help make any small spaces much more effective and efficient, while still bringing a decorative addition to make the room looks attractive.

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Our Best Small Spaces Article

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10 Creative Wall Table Ideas for Small Spaces

10 Creative Wall Table Ideas for Small Spaces

A table can take a lot of spaces, that's why a lot of homeowners will limited space avoid using unnecessary table such as dining table or desk table eventhough they know that sometimes they desperately need those table.

Fortunately, there is a great solution to overcome this problem, by using a floating/wall mounted table, especially the ones that can be folded when is not used to give back the spaces that can be used for any other needs.

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15 Best Nightstand for Small Spaces | Best Nightstand for Small Bedroom

15 Best Nightstand for Small Spaces | Best Nightstand for Small Bedroom

One of the most common problem that often found when decorating a small bedroom is there is not enough spaces to put a nightstand table. However, nightstand table is one essential bedroom furniture that not only can be used to place a table lamp, but also give more storage options to keep a bedroom well organized and at the same time can became a decoration items to make a bedroom looks more attractive.

If you facing a similar problem, don't worry, there are some narrow compact size nightstand available on the market that will fit into narrow spaces beside your bed. In this article, we will give our review and recommendation for the best narrow nightstand table that not only can fit into tight spaces, but also still had a great design and looks that will lift up the entire bedroom decor style.

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How to Organize a Small Kitchen

How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Cooking should be a fun, isn't it? But having a small and unorganized kitchen can make this fun thing became a stresfull one. And when it became stresfull, you cannot use your full cooking skills and potentials to create a perfect dish for your family.

To avoid this problem, have a well organized kitchen is a must, especially when you had a small kitchen. With well organized kitchen, not only you can more focus on your dish rather than searching for salt and papper, your cooking time also will became more effective and efficient.

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6 Simple Things to Help Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

6 Simple Things to Help Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

Bedroom is one most important place in the home that need to be cozy and comfortable to make it a perfect place to relax after having a busy day. However, having a small sized bedroom make it difficult to create a such place.

Here in this article, we will show you some simple tricks that when applied, can make any small bedroom feels more larger and spacious. Futhermore, those tips also will help creating a more relaxing and calming ambient into a bedroom that is important key for having a good sleep at night.

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