How to Decorate Around Sofa and Couch (Complete Guide)

The most complete guide to decorate around sofa and couch to get the best results for your living spaces.

As one of the largest furniture in the living space, sofa or couch need a special attention, especially when it's used as a main focal point for the entire space.

When decorating a living room, not only choosing the perfect sofa is important, but how you decore around it is also plays an important role.

While selecting the perfect sofa for your home, there are a lot of important factor that you should consider. Some of them including the right size - too big or too small can make the room feels unbalanced, the right colors, right design and style, and much more factors.

If you had already choosen ones, the next thing you should do is to visualize and prepare how you will decorate the space around the sofa. Every single items that placed near it should match and blend well with the sofa as the main focal point.

To help you will all of the details and guide on sofa/couch and how to decorate around it, our editors had written some exciting articles that not only can expand your knowledge on interior design and decor, but also can be a great source of inspiration for you who currently need some fresh ideas to elevate your current living room decor.

Our Latest How to Decorate Around Sofa and Couch (Complete Guide) Article

What Color Rug with Teal Couch?

What Color Rug with Teal Couch?

Teal couch not only work as a place to sit down and take some time to relax. But it’s also a great decorative furniture that can be a great accent item to make any room looks rich, vibrant and colorful. However, behind all the advantages that teal couch bring, there is one issue that always...

8 Best Wall Paint Color for Yellow Couch

8 Best Wall Paint Color for Yellow Couch

Everybody loves yellow couch. This beautiful and pretty furniture is a perfect choice to bring a touch of yellow accent into any space. Thanks to it’s bright and vibrant color, yellow couch can also used to be a perfect centerpiece for any room. But have you ever see a yellow couch that...

What Color Throw Pillows for Olive Green Couch?

What Color Throw Pillows for Olive Green Couch?

Olive green is a breathtaking color that goes beyond any typical green. With the perfect mixture of green and yellow, this is one of the best shade to create a serene and comfortable feels inside any room. This nature inspired color is a perfect choice to be an accent color that will complement...

Best Rug for Blue Couch

Best Rug for Blue Couch

In most living room settings, couch is set up to became a centerpiece for those room. That’s why a lot of homeowners choosing a couch with vibrant or bold colors. But things will get difficult when it comes to selecting any other decor items to match those kind of couch, especially a rug....

What Color Rug Goes with a Gray Couch? (Experiment with Images)

What Color Rug Goes with a Gray Couch? (Experiment with Images)

A lot of people underestimate the power of rug when doing their home decor. In facts, rug can bring a lot of great effects and help enhance the entire looks of the space. Furthermore, rug can help blend two or more furniture to make them look and feel integrated. But all of those benefits only...

7 Best Color to Paint Walls with Gray Couch (with Images)

7 Best Color to Paint Walls with Gray Couch (with Images)

Gray couch is getting more and more popularity in recent years. It’s bring a fresh natural look that can easily fit into nearly any decoration style or color scheme. Gray couch can be used in traditional interior style or a modern ones. However, choosing the right wall paint that can blend...

Frequently Asked Question About Sofa/Couch

How to Clean a Sofa

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa or Couch

There are several different mixture that can be used to cleaning a upholstered fabric sofa, but one of our favorite since it’s really easy to made is by using the combination of 300ml of warm waters, 100 ml of vinegar (or you can replace it with 2 tablespoon of baking soda), and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Brush the sofa gently with those mixture, than use vacuum to clean and dried it up.

How to Clean a Synthetic Leather Sofa or Couch

For any synthetic sofa, the mixture of 300 ml of warm waters, 50 ml of vinegar, and 1/2 tablespoon of dish soap can works wonder to remove any dirt and stain. Using a microfiber or clean cloth, apply those liquid to the sofa and gently wipe down in circular motion in any are that you want to be cleaned.

How to Choose Throw Pillows Colors for a Sofa

Nowadays, throw pillows are not only used for its functional purpose as a support for neck, back or head. More than that, the throw pillows can be an aesthetic decorative items that will casually make the sofa looks much more colorful, attractive and interesting.

Choosing throw pillows colors for your sofa can be a quite subjective matters, as it really depends on how you want your entire sofa looks like.

Simple Monochromatic Looks

If you want your sofa looks clean and simple, than use throw pillow with the similar shade with your sofa. If you had a blue sofa, than you can use any blue throw pillows. To add a bit of contrast, you can use any lighter or darker ones.

Balanced Neutral Looks

If you are using a sofa with a bold or rich colors, than you can use any throw pillow with neutral colors that will help balanced it out and create a more soft and comfy looks. Any neutral throw pillows colors can works well, but we highly recommend using any soft and soothing ones such as white, tan or cream.

Use Your Throw Pillows for Bringing Pop of Colors

Another great approach that you can try is by using the throw pillows to bring some splash of colors that can make your space feels vibrant and colorful. If you choose to go this way, there is no general guidelines as you can use any colors that you want, even if it’s exact opposite colors compared with the sofa.

How High to Hang Pictures Above Sofa?

The average height for standard sofa is 30 to 34 inch, at the other side, the ideal high to hang any wall pictures or wall art is between 56 to 60 inch. So, the perfect high to hang any pictures is around 26 inch above the sofa.