What Color Curtains Go With White Couch? (8 Minimalist Aesthetic Choices)

Awesome curtain ideas that blend perfectly with white couch Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 30th, 2023

Selecting the right curtain colors is a crucial aspect of interior design, as it significantly impacts the overall look and feel of the living space, especially for living rooms with a white couch.

However, choosing curtain colors for a white couch can be a challenging task due to the striking purity and versatility of white as a base. You don’t want to overpower the sleek aesthetic of the white, while at the same time, you may need to enrich and add more contrast to avoid the white couch looking boring and monotonous.

Drawing from our experiences working with projects involving white couches, we can conclude that ivory, blue-gray, sage, light gray, and beige are the best curtain colors to go with white couches. They can still blend effortlessly with the purity of white, keeping simplicity and minimalistic as the main theme of the interior, while at the same time adding gentle hues and contrast to make a lively atmosphere.

Let’s browse all the beautiful curtain ideas below.

8 Best Curtain Colors for Room with a White Couch


Living room with white couch and ivory curtains
White couch with ivory curtains

If you are considering a shade of white as your curtain color to match your white couch, ivory might be your best option. Ivory is a shade of white with some tint of cream or yellow and is ideal for those who want all white but with a bit of variation.

The ultimate purpose of this combo is to create a bold statement with varying shades of white, such as in a religious space.

Since ivory is a shade of white, it evokes the impression of purity.


Living room with white couch and blue-gray curtains
White couch with blue-gray curtains

Since gray is a mix of white and black, you can never go wrong with pairing gray with white. However, different shades of gray work best with different colors. White warm shades of gray blend well with warm-toned colors like yellow, blush pink, burnt orange, and taupe, cool shades of gray (like blue-gray) make a better match with cool-toned colors (like white).

Hence, you will have no issues pairing your white sofa with blue gray curtains.

On the vibe front, blue creates a feeling of serenity and calmness, while gray symbolizes wisdom and dignity, meaning the combo will help evoke these impressions in your room.


Living room with white couch and sage curtains
White couch with sage curtains

Sage curtains are another option to match with white. This is excellently ideal when the aim is to add a calming effect to the warm nature of a white.

Paired with bright white, sage creates a classic look with an aura of freshness and calmness.

Light gray

Living room with white couch and light gray curtains
White couch with light gray curtains

Again, you will never go wrong pairing a shade of gray with white since gray contains some tone of white, and the light shade of gray is no difference. It is also worth mentioning that white and gray are the top natural colors, meaning you will have no issues matching the two colors.

The major effect of this combo is creating an airy, bright space.


Living room with white couch and beige curtains
White couch with beige curtains

When choosing a color to match a natural color, you will never go wrong picking another neutral color. This is why you want to consider beige as your curtain color to match your couch. This combo helps keep the space neutral but adds some warmth.

Plus, beige creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


Living room with white couch and black curtains
Black curtains

The black and white combo is a timeless and elegant design that will never go out of style. The two colors sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, and since opposite colors create the highest level of contrast, expect the two to communicate powerfully.

Though black is linked to some negative feelings, it also carries vibes of power, sophistication, and mystery.

Dark Emerald

Living room with white couch and dark emerald curtains
Dark emerald curtains

Are you looking for a dark-toned color to create a contrasting effect with your white couch? Emerald is an excellent choice to consider. Emerald generally works with white but dark emerald is exceptionally ideal to heighten the level of contrast achieved with your curtain and couch.

You also want to consider dark-emerald curtains for your couch for the emotions emerald evokes. Emerald is linked to wisdom, balance, inspiration, and patience.


Living room with white couch and navy curtains
Navy curtains

If you aim to create a neutral atmosphere but with some contrast, consider navy. The navy and white combo is an accent combination you will never go wrong with when picked as your curtain and couch colors, respectively.

Though blue generally goes well with white, navy blue is a less attention-seeking shade of blue to consider if you are the type that likes it with less attention. Plus, your white couch will help give your navy curtains a lift. Also, the navy represents stability and trust.


You are faced with different options when choosing a curtain color to match your white couch. This makes it difficult to know which color is best to go with.

However, while picking a curtain color is not a piece of cake, following pro tips will put your feet on the right path. This piece has provided you with how to choose curtain color for a white couch and our picks of the best color curtains that go with a white couch. Regardless of your choice, you are never wrong with whatever option you choose from this list.

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