Basement Ideas, Guides, Tips and Tricks

Want to remodel your basement? Here we shared a lot of basement design ideas, decor ideas, and also helpful guidelines to improve your basement.

Basement often be the last room on the priority list when doing home remodeling or decorations. That's why a lot of basement just become a storage space for any unwanted items. And this is definitely a costful waste as you can make use of those square footage to be more beneficial and functionals.

By turning an unused, dusty basement into a more functional, or just re-organize it to make it looks better, not only you can get more extra additional room, but also it can help increase your home value.

If you are planning to remodel your basement, you are on the right page. Our team of interior design expert with years of experiences shared some design and decor ideas for basement that can make any unappealing basement looks and feels much more attractive.

Moreover, we also shared some tips, tricks and guidelines specifically for basement that you can use not only to improve your basement, but also how to keep it great for years to come.

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Best Wall Color for Concrete Basement Floor (With Image Examples)

Best Wall Color for Concrete Basement Floor (With Image Examples)

Using concrete flooring for a basement is not just a seasonal trend. In fact, this kind of flooring can bring a lot of benefits, such as easy to maintain, long-lasting (up to 50+ years), and pet friendly. However, from the visual perspective, a concrete floor can be very difficult to combine with...

Best Floor Color for Dark Basement

Best Floor Color for Dark Basement

Most of the time, basement is the darkest room inside any house, as this particular room usually doesn’t get enough natural lighting as any other room. And that’s why we often associated the basement as a dark and drab space. Thus, it’s essential to tweak your basement and make...

5 Basement Half Wall Ledge Ideas

5 Basement Half Wall Ledge Ideas

Some homeowners may be thinking that the half wall ledge is outdated. But the truth is, half wall ledge can make a wall looks more interesting, add more depth to the wall, and also bring more additional function to your spaces. A lot of people often misunderstanding ledge with shelf. Indeed, they...

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Basement (14 Proven Ways)

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Basement (14 Proven Ways)

Spiders are creepy insects and having them in the confines of your home can be disturbing. Spiders can be dangerous, especially if you happen to live in an area that inhabits dangerous spiders like the black widow or the brown recluse spiders. These spiders are very common in the United States, and...

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement

How to Heat a Basement in Winter

Today, more and more homeowners change the functions of their basement from a storage place into a livable spaces. However, basement usually had a more cold temperature compared with other room inside the house, thus, it’s necessary to make it warmer, especially in the middle of the cold winter season. And here are some tricks and guides that you can follow easily to keep your basement warm in the winter :

Insulate and Seal Open Gaps

This one is the basic yet most crucial part if you want to keep your basement warm. Most of the time, the cold air from outside comes to the basement through any holes, gaps or crack in the walls, windows, door or ceiling. By sealing and insulate them, you can prevent the cold air come through and will bring a significant improvement especially when it done properly.

Add Rugs or Carpet

If your basement using tile, cement or concrete floors, not only those kind of flooring can make your feet feels really cold, those floors also can cause a significant heat lost inside your basement. To solve this problem, rugs or carpet can be a great solutions, especially a thicker ones. Not only it can make your basement floors feel warmer, using carpet or rug can also great for decorative purposes as it can make your basement spaces looks more cozy and comfy.

Use Heater

If you already done above of those tricks above yet your basement still feels very cold, than maybe final solution for your space is by adding extra heater. Fireplace can be a great options, but it’s require a lot of additional works and minor renovating that surely would be costly. A cheaper, affordable and effortless alternative is by using electric portable heater.

How to Make an Unfinished Basement Livable

Instead of using a basement as a storage space, you can make it more useful by turning it into a more functional and livable spaces such as bedroom, living room or a home office spaces. However, finishing an unfinished basement to make it livable can be quite costly and require a lot of works. Thus, you can keep your unfinished basement that ways but still make it cozy and comfy enough as a living spaces, and here’s how you can do that :

Add more Lights

A dark and gloomy basement surely won’t be an ideal place to spend a lot of your time, thus, one of the first and important things you can do when turning it to a living spaces is by adding more lights – both artificial and natural ones. You can do this by adding more windows, or install some additional lighting.

Make Unfinished Walls look Finished

Whether you are using an unfinished concrete, brick or masonry as your basement walls, you can make them feel “finished” just by painting them. To get a best results, using any light neutral paint such as white or very light gray. Rather than installing any additional drywall or finishing those walls, this tricks is surely much cheaper and affordable solutions.

Install Carpet

If your basement already using a completely finished floors such as tile or wood flooring, than you can skip this one. But, if your basement floors is still an unfinished concrete or plaster, than you can installing a wall to wall carpet. By covering the entire basement floors using carpet, not only you can make your basement floors look finished, it also can make you feel comfortable when walking around.

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