What Color Curtains Go with Teal Walls? (8 Best Options for a Captivating Ambiance)

Best curtain color suggestions for teal walls that will leave your guests envious! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : July 16th, 2023

As a blend of blue and green, teal perfectly absorb all the positive character of both shades. It has the airy and serene looks from the blue, while also evoke fresh and calming senses from the green.

Teal can also be a great alternatives for any homeowners that want to enrich their space while at the same time bring a stunning modern twist.

However, pairing teal walls with the right accessories can be challengging. The rich hues of teal may not as versatile as the typical blue or yellow shade, thus not all colors can work well with the teal walls.

If you are facing the similar problem, don’t worry. In this article, we will share with you some great curtain colors that can beautifully complement the teal walls. So, if you’re seeking to elevate your teal-walled room with the perfect curtains, keep reading.

8 Best Curtain Colors for Room with Teal Walls


White curtains with teal walls
White curtains

If you really want the teal wall becomes the centerpiece of your space without letting any accessories steal the show, then going with white is obviously the best choice.

In addition, the clean and minimalistic looks of white curtains can highlight and boost the rich hues of the teal wall, making it feel brighter and more vibrant.


Black curtains with teal walls
Black curtains

Alternatively, you can also try using black. The black curtains and teal wall combination creates a visually captivating effect.

Even tough black is a dark and bold color, its neutrality help keeping the teal wall becomes the main attention. This option works really well inside a contemporary of minimalist interior.


Blue-gray curtains with teal walls
Blue-gray curtains

Since teal had some blue-tone in it, then using any blue shades for the curtains can be a great way to achieve a harmonious visual.

Among all kind of blue, we find out that blue-gray is one of the best option. It’s neutrality keep everything looks calm and simple, thus the blue-gray curtains can safely enrich the space without making an overcomplicated visual.


Cream curtains with teal walls
Cream curtains

Most teal shades comes with cool-tone, and sometimes, you may need to uplift them for a more warm ambiance. For this particular reason, cream is obviously the best option.

The simple yet warm appeal of the cream curtains perfectly lift up the mood of your teal walls, making it looks more inviting and charming without taking away it’s elegance.


Mustard yellow curtains with teal walls
Mustard yellow curtains

If you need to add a bit of surprising pop to the teal walls, then mustard can do this job perfectly. This bold yellow shade add strong hues that instantly impact the vibe of your space, but still keep a modern and elegant connection with the teal walls.

To avoid it looks awkward, you may need to add some other mustard yellow items throughout your room, such as mustard throw pillow or mustard artwork.


Purple curtains with teal walls
Purple curtains

Creates a bold and eye-catching visual by combining teal with purple. While teal bring a calming and serene visual, the purple curtains infuse energy and sophistication, resulting in an interesting ambiance.

Furthermore, you can use purple curtains to give your space a hint of intimate vibe, that’s why this option fit perfectly inside a bedroom.


Burgundy curtains with teal walls
Burgundy curtains

Give your elegant teal walls a boost in energy by using burgundy curtains. This dark red shade also lift up the teal wall with a sense of glam and luxury, especially when combined with some gold accessories.

The beautiful dramatic contrast between the walls and curtains makes an interesting vibes that will easily capture everyone’s attention.


Navy curtains with teal walls
Navy curtains

Another great blue shades that works really well with teal is navy. The boldness of navy curtains will stand out strongly against the teal wall, creating a depth and elegant drama while still blend harmoniously.

You can also use navy and teal to create a stunning monochromatic style interior that showcasing the beauty of different blue shades.

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