What Color Goes with Blue Bathroom Tile Flooring? (7 Ideas That’ll Take Your Blue Oasis to The Next Level)

7 Color inspirations that perfectly complement your blue bathroom tile to create your dreamy bathroom.

With its soothing and refreshing qualities, blue tile has become one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring.

The blue tile not only will instantly add a touch of serenity and visual interest, but it can also become a great foundation to create a personalized space that reflects your style and creates a calming ambiance.

However, since blue tile isn’t neutral, it can be tricky to find the right color that can complement and unleash all of its potential. Additionally, you also need to find the right balance between the blue tile flooring and the rest of the bathroom to avoid clashes or overwhelming contrast.

To help you avoid those mistakes, we put together this article and share some of the best wall paint colors that can be a perfect choice to go with blue bathroom tile.

Bottom line: The best colors for blue bathroom tile flooring include beige, canary yellow, teal, emerald green, and light brown. These choices can enhance the calm and refreshing senses of the blue tile, while at the same time going together in perfect harmony, creating a balanced and inviting bathroom environment. These combinations can be an adaptable choice for a range of bathroom design styles, so they ensure your bathroom will remain stylish through the changing trends of interior design.

Keep reading as we dive further into those remarkable colors that blend harmoniously with the blue tile flooring with the wall.

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7 Best Colors to Go with Blue Bathroom Tile Flooring


Beige and blue bathroom

As a versatile and neutral shade, beige can fit perfectly inside any bathroom color palette. When combined with blue tile flooring, beige can lift up the ambiance with its warm hues.

The beige and blue combination will easily create a sense a charming and tranquil space, that is an ideal ambiance for any bathroom.

Canary Yellow

Canary yellow and blue bathroom

Lift up the vibe of your bathroom by combining canary yellow walls with blue flooring. The cheerful tones of canary yellow instantly bring a sense of warmth, while the blue adds a cool and refreshing ambiance, creating a well-balanced atmosphere throughout the entire bathroom.

This pair is a perfect choice for you who want to create a vibrant bathroom that exudes a sense of energy and positivity.


Teal and blue bathroom

Since teal had some blue undertones, it can blend harmoniously with blue tile flooring. This vibrant color can easily enrich and make any bathroom feel more alive.

Moreover, the teal walls can add a hint of modern twist that make it a perfect choice for a stylish contemporary bathroom.


White and blue bathroom

White is always becomes the first priority when it comes to bathroom walls. Its sleek aesthetic help visually make any bathroom feel clean and crisp.

The neutrality of the white walls also becomes a great backdrop that let the blue tile flooring and the other bathroom elements to shine.

Emerald Green

Emerald green and blue bathroom

Give your bathroom a sense of luxury and glam by painting the walls with emerald green. The emerald green walls spread fresh opulence, while the blue tile flooring adds a cool and refreshing element, making them a perfect combination for a rich and lively bathroom space.

Light Brown

Light brown and blue bathroom

With earthy natural tones, the light brown walls provide a sense of comfort and coziness to the bathroom, while complement the cool tone of the blue tile.

This pairing is an ideal choice for those who seek a relaxing and welcoming space to unwind and rejuvenate.

Light Gray

Light gray and blue bathroom

Give your blue-themed bathroom a hint of elegant twist by using light gray. The subtle and neutral tones of light gray provide a sleek backdrop that let the vibrant blue tile flooring to take the center stage of the bathroom.

This is a perfect combo for those who prefer a minimalist and elegant bathroom design that is both timeless and versatile.

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