What Color Cabinets Go with White Tile Floors? (7 Options That Redefine Kitchen Elegance!)

Goes beyond aesthetic by combining these stunning kitchen cabinet colors with white tile flooring. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : August 16th, 2023

White tile kitchen flooring becomes the first choice for many homeowners since this option can provide a clean and sleek appeal, and those are very essential when it comes to the culinary space. The white tile flooring also becomes a versatile backdrop that easily adapt to any design style, from traditional to a modern one.

With it’s neutral qualities, it’s relatively easy to blend white tile flooring with almost any color schemes. However, too much options can make this task a bit challenging, and overwhelmed so many people.

If you are one of them, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here, we will guide you through the labyrinth of hues, help you finding the perfect cabinet color that not only blend harmoniously with white tile flooring, but also crafting a kitchen that reflects your taste and personality.

7 Best Cabinet Colors for Kitchen with White Tile Flooring


Kitchen with white cabinets and white tile flooring
White cabinets

For you who want to keep simplicity and cleanliness becomes the base foundation of your kitchen, then using white cabinetry is the right choice for you. This sleek combination fosters a sense of spaciousness, making the entire kitchen feel open and inviting.

The white-on-white combination also enhances and boost the natural light, creating a kitchen space that feel fresh and vibrant. You can try many different white shades to easily avoid a boring monotonous looks, such as off-white, white-gray or cream.


Kitchen with black cabinets and white tile flooring
Black cabinets

Black and white never goes old. In fact, this dramatic tone regain a lot of popularity in recent years, thank’s to the high-contrast and visually dynamic look that fit in perfectly inside any modern decor style, such as contemporary or minimalistic.

The black and white combo offers plenty of room to bring more colors to accentuate your kitchen, help making a more lively ambiance.

Dark Blue

Kitchen with dark blue cabinets and white tile flooring
Dark blue cabinets

Using dark blue cabinets alongside white tile flooring can create a captivating effects. The deep and bold hues of the dark blue contrast elegantly with the clean, white tile backdrop, achieving a stunning visual.

This pair evokes a sense of modern sophistication, while still keep a clean and crisp appeal for a fresh and airy kitchen’s ambiance.

Warm Gray

Kitchen with warm gray cabinets and white tile flooring
Warm gray cabinets

Add a hint of warmth without overwhelming your kitchen by using warm gray. The gentle warmth of warm gray cabinetry add subtle richness to the kitchen, resulting in a serene and sophisticated kitchen that marries minimalist elegance with a touch of comfort.

Light Gray

Kitchen with light gray cabinets and white tile flooring
Light gray cabinets

Give your kitchen a hint of elegance by using light gray cabinets. The cool-tone of the light gray complement the clean background of the white tiles, creating a monochromatic beauty that evokes sophistication and tranquility.

This neutral combination allows you to choose any kind of decor style, whether it’s classic or modern style kitchen decor.

Light Brown

Kitchen with light brown cabinets and white tile flooring
Light brown cabinets

With gentle earthy tones, light brown cabinets can lift up the ambiance of your kitchen, providing a neutral comfort and understated elegance.

When combined with white flooring, the light brown cabinets evoking a clean and cozy atmosphere, crafting a beautiful kitchen that combines rustic charm with a bright and airy feel.

Muted Yellow

Kitchen with muted yellow cabinets and white tile flooring
Muted yellow cabinets

Cheer up the mood of your kitchen by using muted yellow cabinets. Unlike most yellow shades, muted yellow will ensure you avoid an overly vibrant and striking appeal that can overwhelmed your kitchen, thank’s to it’s soft and subtle hues.

The interplay between the muted yellow cabinetry with white tile flooring adds depth and visual interest, boost overall charm of your entire kitchen.

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