Crown Molding Ideas and Guides

The complete crown molding guide and ideas to create a stylish room.

Crown molding is a very subjective elements. While some homeowner doesn't like it, some others thinks the home feels incomplete without it.

In our opinion, for certain interior decor style, crown molding become essential, while for some other style it isn't. For example, crown molding can be mandatory for design style such as rustic or classic, but it become unnecessary for a minimalist style.

Another condition that really needed a crown molding is when the room already had another trim such as baseboard or chair rail.

Choosing crown molding may seems easy, but in facts, it is not. There are plenty of different style of crown molding that can make it quite difficult to find the perfect ones that will match with your room design style.

Moreover, choosing the perfect color for your molding can also be a tricky job. Wrong color can make the crown molding feels awkward.

To help you with all kind of problem and difficulties when choosing the right crown molding for your space, our team shared some general guidelines and ideas about crown molding. And here they are :

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Molding

What is Crown Molding?

While molding in general refer to any kind of interior trim, crown molding is the trim that separate between walls and ceiling. Crown molding is more as a decorative element rather than functional ones, thus, it’s not mandatory for any interior using this elements.

How to Make Simple Crown Molding?

Crown molding comes with wide range of prices, you can find the ones that’s really expensive, but you can also find a very cheap ones. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you bought a ready to use crown molding rather than creating by your own. But if you still want to build ones, than the most simple and easy ways is by using any wood board. Just cut those board lengthwise around 5 to 6 inch wide, than install it on your walls above the ceiling using nails. Finally, paint those crown molding to make it look finished.

How to Hide Crown Molding Seams

Most of the time, crown molding seams are unnoticeable it’s don’t really necessary to hide it. But if your crown molding seams are visible even from a distance, than you can hide them easily by using some caulk or putty. To avoid repainting, use ones with exact same colors with your crown molding color.

How Much does Crown Molding Cost

The cheapest crown molding priced around 2$ to 10$ per linear foot, with installation cost around 3$ to 6$ per foot. Thus, you need to prepare around 5$ to 16$ for every linear foot of crown molding. So, if you want to install crown molding for your 20 x 30 feet room, you need to prepare at least 500$ to 1.600$.

But keep in mind that this is the minimum cost, as the cost can be much higher depend on the type of crown molding that you choose.

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