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Get a lot of door decorating ideas, guides, tips and tricks from our interior design expert to create a perfect beautiful door for your home.

Door is one of the most important element when creating a perfect interior, because it's the first object that we saw when entering a room, and also the last one when we leave. And that's why having a great door design can make a big impact especially to create a good impression for your visitor.

To have a great door that not only eye-catching, but also look flawless with the entire room decor, you don't always had to change your entire door. Instead, just some small touch often can work wonders to make it looks way better, especially when it's done correctly.

There are a lot of different aspect that should be considered before decorating any doors. Some important ones is choosing the right colors that will blend perfectly with other colors inside the room. Another important things is to keep the door design inline with entire room decor style. For example, in a room with farmhouse decor, it's much better to use a wooden barn style wood rather than white plain ones.

Furthermore, when decorating a door using some decoration items, you should really consider the structural and withstand capacity of your door. Avoid using any heavy objects, such as mirror, when you think that your door can't withstand it. And that's why we highly recommend decorating a door only using any light items, such as stickers or wall arts.

To get more detailed guidelines, tips, tricks and ideas about decorating a door, our team had created some helpful article about door decoration that you can find below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating a Door

How to Repaint a Door

Repainting a door can be a more cheap and affordable solution rather than replacing your old, boring door. It’s still can bring a fresh look and feel as well as replacing with the new ones. While many people may think it’s difficult to repaint a door, actually it doesn’t, especially if you know the right steps and do it properly.

Before painting your door, it’s highly recommend that you remove it from the hinge so you can repaint all of the edges easily.

Another important steps before repaint your door is to make sure you are choosing the right kind of paint for your door materials. And here are the paint type that you need for every different kind of doors :

Best Paint Wooden Door

Latex Paint

Latex paint is the best options if you want to create a smooth and flat finish. It’s also works well if you want to make your wooden door looks more modern, as it will minimize any surface imperfection and add some glossy touch and effects to your door. However, this kind of paint will eliminate any of your wood texture and grain.

Chalked Paint

If you want a more soft, matte finish, than chalked paint is the perfect choice for your wooden door. You can also use this paint to create a distressed looks that is perfect to create a vintage or farmhouse style door.

Best Paint for Aluminum Door

Aluminum Spray Paint

For an aluminum door, spray paint (especially an exterior-grade) can works better than latex. Not only it will dry faster, it also can produce a smooth and even finish without any brushstrokes.

How to Soundproof a Door

A quiet, tranquil space is everyone’s dream especially when it comes to the room that we want to rest and relax after having a busy stressful days. There are a lot of different ways that you can do to minimize the sound from outside entering your space, but in most cases, door and windows become the primary cause of any disturbing noise.

To soundproof your door, here are some simple and easy steps that you can follow to get a more serene and peaceful home :

Seal the Gap Between Door and Frame

One of the main cause that the sound from outside entering your space from the door is because there are a lot of gap between the door and doorframe. The easiest way to check for any gap is by using a flashlight at night. To do this, make sure both room beside the door is dark, close the door, and direct the flashlight around the edge of the door. If the light pass thru to the other side, than that’s the area that you should concerned of.

After found where the gaps are, you can seal them using various different ways. One of our favorite is by using a weather proofing strips. The next approach is by using a caulk. Apply the caulk on the gaps that you are found before, and flatten it up using a putty knife.

Use Sound Absorbing Paint

If you had already seal all the gaps on your door but the noise still come inside, than it maybe caused by your door panel materials doesn’t absorbing or blocking the sound quite well. To improve this, you can use the sound absorbing paint to repaint your entire door to help them absorb sound better.

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