What Color Wood Floors Go with Dark Cabinets?

Warm and charming wood flooring ideas for kitchen with dark cabinets. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2022

Wood is one of the most popular flooring choices in kitchens, and with good reason! It adds a beautiful warm look to the kitchen and is softer on the foot than stone flooring.

This means long hours spent cooking in the kitchen add less strain to your body. Hardwood flooring is also the go-to choice for renovators, as it is both durable and stays stylish with changing interior trends.

Wood flooring is the perfect companion to dark cabinets in the kitchen. When paired well, they create a cozy atmosphere in the space that few other materials can match.

Key points to consider when combining dark cabinets and wooden flooring is how the area will be used and ensuring that the kitchen is well-lit. Make sure to consider the finishes of the cabinet as well when seeing how it works with wooden flooring.

5 Best Wood Flooring Colors for Kitchens with Dark Cabinets


Kitchen with dark cabinets and white wood floors
Dark kitchen cabinets with white wood flooring

Perfectly contrasting but not devoid of personality, white wood flooring is a great choice for kitchens with dark cabinets. Use it to create a country-style or Hamptons-style kitchen.

For a modern look, combine dark cabinets with dark backsplashes and white wood flooring for a monochrome effect that emphasizes the kitchen workspace.

Warm White

Kitchen with dark cabinets and warm white wood floors
Dark kitchen cabinets with warm white wood flooring

Soft and neutral, warm white wood flooring is a great combination for dark cabinets. The flooring makes the space open to a range of colors, from dark blue kitchen cabinets to deep red decor.

Warm white wood creates a delicate balance against the dark cabinets, and even works well with a colorful kitchen rug.

Use this material to your advantage by combining it with wooden and vintage furniture to create a truly unique kitchen.

Light Natural Wood

Kitchen with dark cabinets and light wood floors
Dark kitchen cabinets with light wood flooring

Light natural wood is a neutral flooring that can elevate the look of a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. In a kitchen with dark cabinets, light wood brings in a sense of balance without too much contrast. It lends a natural feel while blending in with the surroundings.

This means that a light natural wood flooring would look equally at place in a modern apartment kitchen with sleek black cabinets as it would in a country-style kitchen with dark wood cabinets.

Keep the colors in the kitchen to 2 or 3 to use the flooring to the best effect here.

Dark Brown

Kitchen with dark cabinets and dark brown wood floors
Dark kitchen cabinets with dark brown wood flooring

On the other end of the spectrum of kitchen color combinations lie dark brown wood flooring, blending in with dark cabinets to create an uninterrupted look.

This combo relies on creating a heavier look towards the bottom of the kitchen and looks stunning when contrasted against soft white walls.

The resulting look is almost artistic and looks beautiful when the kitchen wall is decorated with artwork.


Kitchen with dark cabinets and black wood floors
Dark kitchen cabinets with black wood flooring

Black wood flooring makes a great match with dark wood cabinets in the kitchen. When used with wood or white marble countertops, the pairing is almost magazine-worthy!

It adds texture to a dark kitchen, making the dark color scheme more effective. Use it with sleek black kitchen cabinets to see this effect in action.

Wooden flooring adds a beautiful quality to any kitchen and makes the perfect backdrop to most style choices. Use one of these 5 wood color options with dark wood cabinets to make your kitchen a cozy place that you can’t get enough of!  

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