Orange Floors What Color Walls? (15 Perfect Combinations)

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : May 12th, 2024

Some woods can develop an orange hue when exposed to sunlight, resulting in a vibrant and exotic appearance for interior floors.

While orange flooring may initially appear unconventional, it offers a unique alternative to the typical neutral colors that can sometimes feel uninspiring. Orange flooring not only imparts warmth and brightness to a space but also benefits rooms lacking ample natural light.

However, the challenge lies in coordinating this exotic look with other elements, especially larger features like walls, as orange tones are less versatile and more challenging to blend with different colors.

So, what wall paint color goes best with orange floors?

Based on our experience, some of the best wall colors that perfectly match the orange flooring are light gray, charcoal, warm white, tan, light blue, and creamy yellow. These options create a visually dynamic and harmonious environment that balances the vibrant orange floors, and provides a more calming ambiance and a well-balanced color palette. These options also add a refreshing touch to the space, and create a sense of openness and tranquility alongside the rich flooring.

In this post, we will delve further into those awesome wall paint options. Keep reading.

If you want to see how your favorite wall paint colors look with orange floors, use our easy tool available at the bottom of the page, or click here to try it now.

15 Best Wall Colors for Orange Floors

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Light Gray Walls

Light gray walls with orange floors

Since most orange floors will spread plenty of warmth vibe, it may be a good idea to balance it out using a cool-toned wall paint color like light gray. Light gray walls effectively counterbalance and temper the intense vibrancy of the orange wood due to their cool tone and neutral characteristics.

This choice maintains the beauty and vibrancy of the flooring while introducing a soothing contrast, ensuring your space remains visually appealing and harmonious.

Recommended Light Gray Paint Color :

Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams

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Charcoal Walls

Charcoal walls

However, if you find that the light gray wall isn’t enough, you have the alternative of choosing darker gray shades such as charcoal or dark gray.

Charcoal or dark gray walls serve as a striking backdrop against the warm flooring, creating a dynamic interplay between the two.

This bolder approach will effectively establish a flawless equilibrium between the warm flooring and the deep, cool-toned wall, enhancing the overall appeal of your interior with perfect balance.

Recommended Charcoal Paint Color :

Stone by Benjamin Moore

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Warm White Walls

Warm white walls with orange floors

This can be a fantastic option for those who want to make the orange floor the central focal point of their home. The warm white walls, serving as a backdrop, play a crucial role in this design approach.

The contrast between the vibrant floor and the soothing warmth of the white walls generates a dynamic visual appeal.

Overall, this combination embodies a balance between boldness and subtlety, making your living space an ideal setting for relaxation, gatherings, and everyday life.

Recommended Warm White Paint Color :

Intimate White by Sherwin Williams

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Tan Walls

Tan walls with orange floors

Using an earthy tone like tan can be a great way to echoing the awesome looks of your orange floors while still keeping the fresh and natural ambiance spread throughout your space.

Moreover, the tan’s ability to resonate with the warm and organic essence of the orange hue creates a seamless connection, ensuring that the overall design remains cohesive and inviting.

Furthermore, the versatility of tan provides a canvas for creative exploration within your interior decor. Whether you wish to introduce brighter accents for a pop of color or incorporate lighter shades to enhance the sense of spaciousness, tan serves as a versatile backdrop that accommodates various design preferences.

Recommended Tan Paint Color :

Coastal For by Benjamin Moore

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Light Blue Walls

Light blue walls

Light blue serves as the perfect complementary color to orange, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing combination. This pairing showcases how both elements enhance each other’s beauty seamlessly.

Furthermore, the calming and serene ambiance of light blue walls effectively balances the vibrant and intense appearance of the orange floors, rendering them less overpowering and more inviting.

Recommended Light Blue Paint Color :

Iceberg by Sherwin Williams

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Muted Blue Walls

Muted blue walls

This is another excellent shade of blue that, based on our experience, complements any type of orange flooring beautifully. Its saturated and neutral characteristics create a captivating blend with the warmth exuded by the floors.

The resulting effect is an interior space that emanates a sense of calm and coziness, making it an inviting haven for your families.

Recommended Muted Blue Paint Color :

Iced Slate by Benjamin Moore

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Creamy Yellow Walls

Creamy yellow walls

If you lean towards an option with a similar warm undertone, consider using creamy yellow paint for your walls. This paint color embodies most of the distinctive qualities of yellow shades while offering a softer and more subtle appearance. As a result, it becomes a more practical choice compared to the typical bright yellow.

This choice enhances the appeal of rooms with orange floors, striking a balance between their vibrancy and a more subdued atmosphere.

Recommended Creamy Yellow Paint Color :

Cotton Tail by Benjamin Moore

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Light Yellow

Light yellow walls

Orange wood floors already bring plenty of vibrancy to your home, but if you desire even more, consider pairing them with light yellow walls.

These walls will create a striking contrast against the bold flooring, infusing the entire space with a sense of fun and cheerfulness.

To neutralize this bold color scheme, you can incorporate neutral elements throughout your space, such as white furniture, a light gray area rug, or beige accessories.

Recommended Light Yellow Paint Color :

Fun Yellow by Sherwin Williams

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Neutral Brown Walls

Brown walls with orange floors

Since most orange wood floors often have subtle brown undertones, it is a great idea to pair them with brown walls for a harmonious and seamless look in your home.

This effect can be further enhanced by selecting a neutral-toned brown paint, which maintains a natural and earthy aesthetic without becoming overly bold or intense.

This color palette can serve as a perfect foundation for those aiming to create a classic, rustic, or vintage-style living room.

Recommended Neutral Brown Paint Color :

Weimaraner by Benjamin Moore

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Moss Green Walls

Moss green walls

Green is another excellent complementary color for orange. However, not all green works when it comes to orange wood flooring. Through extensive experimentation, we’ve discovered that moss green stands out as one of the best options.

This unique green shade strikes a delicate balance between warmth and freshness, allowing it to complement the vibrancy of the floors while enhancing the overall earthy, natural ambiance in your home.

Recommended Moss Green Paint Color :

Willow Tree by Sherwin Williams

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Teal walls

The combination of teal and orange, thanks to their placement on opposite sides of the color wheel, offers an engaging and visually stimulating contrast within your living space. When you bring these two hues together, you create a dynamic interplay of colors that captures attention and injects energy into your home.

The teal walls serve as a captivating backdrop for the vibrant orange floors, allowing them to shine as unique features in your room.

Moreover, the cool, soothing tone of teal plays a crucial role in balancing the boldness of the orange. This harmony between warm and cool tones creates a well-rounded and visually appealing environment.

Recommended Teal Paint Color :

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

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Light Purple Walls

Light purple walls

If you are looking for other unique wall paint colors to accommodate the orange hardwood floors, then you can try using any light purple paint. Purple and orange have been known as interesting color combinations, and they can also work very well in terms of walls and flooring.

However, to get the best result, we highly suggest you go with any light, soft shades of purple, or even better, go with white paint that has a slightly purple tint in it.

Recommended Light Purple Paint Color :

Silver Peony by Sherwin Williams

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Peach walls

Peach is another interesting paint color that pairs well with orange wood floors. Its soft and sweet tones have a calming effect on the bold flooring, lending an overall cozy ambiance to the space.

While peach may not be a neutral color, it is still subtle enough to allow for the incorporation of additional colors into your palette.

Recommended Peach Paint Color :

Fresh Peach by Benjamin Moore

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Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue walls

Here’s another intriguing blue paint color on the list, but this time, we’re opting for a more vibrant and bold appearance. This particular shade of blue generates a significant contrast against the floors, allowing both elements to stand out prominently.

The interplay between the bold blue walls and the vibrant orange flooring creates a sense of energy and liveliness. These two colors engage in a captivating dance, drawing attention and infusing your room with a lively atmosphere.

To further enhance this combination, consider incorporating neutral furnishings or elements into your home decor. Neutral colors provide a balanced backdrop for the boldness of the blue and orange, allowing them to shine as the focal points of the room while maintaining a harmonious overall look.

Recommended Vibrant Blue Paint Color :

Hyper Blue by Sherwin Williams

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Pure White

Pure white walls

Selecting wall paint colors for rooms with orange wood floors is undoubtedly a challenging task. If you’re still uncertain about the right choice, the safest option is to opt for pure white paint. This ultra-neutral color never fails to deliver a harmonious result.

While some may consider this choice a bit on the conservative side, it is far better than creating a room with an awkward and mismatched appearance resulting from the wrong color combination between the walls and the orange floors.

Recommended Pure White Paint Color :

Superwhite by Sherwin Williams

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