Orange Floors what Color Walls? (15 Perfect Combinations)

What color wall goes with orange floors? Find the answer here in this article (based on our experiment) Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : November 14th, 2023

Naturally, it’s only a few kinds of wood that had some orange-ish looks. However, some wood can easily turn to orange when it is exposed to sunlight, creating a vibrant, exotic look that can bring a unique feel when used for interior floors.

For some people, orange flooring may seem a bit odd, but actually, it can create a truly different sense for the entire space compared to any typical, neutral colors that may feel boring or too mainstream.

Using orange elements for flooring alone not only makes the entire home feel warm and inviting but also instantly brightens up the entire space. And this can be very beneficial for any room that doesn’t have a sufficient amount of natural lighting.

But this exotic look comes with one important challenge: matching it with other elements can be very difficult, especially for other large elements inside any room like the walls. This is due to the main character of orange tones that are far from versatile and very difficult to blend with other colors.

Based on our experience, some of the best wall colors that perfectly match the orange flooring are light gray, charcoal, warm white, tan, light blue, and creamy yellow. These options create a visually dynamic and harmonious environment that balances the vibrant orange floors, provides a more calming ambiance and a well-balanced color palette. These options also add a refreshing touch to the space, and create a sense of openness and tranquility alongside the rich flooring.

In this post, we will delve further into those awesome wall paint options. Keep reading.

15 Best Wall Colors for Orange Floors

Light Gray Walls

Light gray walls with orange floors
Light gray walls with orange floors

Since most orange floors will spread plenty of warmth vibe, it may be a good idea to balance it out using the cool-toned wall paint color, and the best choice for this particular job is light gray.

The light gray wall can easily balance out and calm down the intense orange floors, thank’s to its cool tone and neutral characteristic, while still keeping the beauty and vibrant looks of the orange flooring.

Charcoal Walls

Charcoal walls with orange floors
Charcoal walls

However, if you are thinking that the light gray wall isn’t enough, then alternatively you can use the other darker gray shades like charcoal or dark gray.

This bold option will easily create a perfect balance between the warm flooring with the deep, cool-toned wall, making your interior appeal in a perfectly balanced manner.

Warm White Walls

Warm white walls with orange floors
Warm white walls with orange floors

This can be a great option for you who want to make the orange floor stand out and becomes the main focal point for your home.

The warm white walls create enough contrast to enhance the floors, while still keeping the warm vibe flowing between the different elements, creating a very comforting and welcoming ambiance.

Tan Walls

Tan walls with orange floors
Tan walls with orange floors

Using an earthy tone like tan can be a great way to echoing the awesome looks of your orange floors while still keeping the fresh and natural ambiance spread throughout your space.

And thank’s to its versatility, this beautiful, neutral color also provides a lot of room in case you want to incorporate more bright or light shades into your palette.

Light Blue Walls

Light blue walls with orange floors
Light blue walls with orange floors

Light blue is the perfect complementary color for orange, and that’s why this combination works perfectly. As you can see, both elements enhance each other beautifully.

Moreover, the calming and serene vibe of the light blue walls neutralizes the hot and spicy looks of the vibrant orange floors, making them less intimidating.

Muted Blue Walls

Muted blue walls with orange floors
Muted blue walls

This is another great variant of blue that based on our experiences, goes very well alongside any kind of orange flooring.

Its saturated, neutral looks mix perfectly with the warmth of the floors, creating a calming and cozy interior while still making the floors become unique centerpieces for the entire space.

Creamy Yellow Walls

Creamy yellow walls with orange floors
Creamy yellow walls with orange floors

For you who tend to prefer an option that had a similar warm undertone, then you can try using creamy yellow paint for your walls.

This paint color had almost all of the unique characteristics of yellow shades, but comes in a softer and more subtle appearance, making it a more reasonable choice compared to the typical yellow.

Light Yellow

Light yellow walls with orange tile floors
Light yellow walls

Orange wood floors already gives plenty of vibrancy to your home, but in case you need more, then you can combine it with the light yellow walls.

This kind of wall will pop even against the bold flooring, make the entire space feel more fun and cheerful.

Neutral Brown Walls

Brown walls with orange floors
Brown walls with orange floors

Most orange wood floors still had slightly brown undertones in them, and that’s why incorporating the brown walls alongside them can be a great way to create a harmonious, flawless look in your home.

And things can go even further if you are choosing any brown paint that had a neutral look, as it will keep your space looking natural and earthy without being overly bold and intense.

Moss Green Walls

Moss green walls with orange floors
Moss green walls

Green is another great complementary color to orange. However, when it comes to the wall paint for orange floors, things can be a little different, as we had tried so many green shades and most of them don’t seem to work out nicely.

That’s said, we still found some shades of green that still bring quite interesting looks like this moss green. These unique green shades create a beautiful contrast against the hardwood flooring, and at the same time, its warm looks go in the same direction as the orange, resulting in a perfectly harmonious ambiance.


Teal walls with orange floors
Teal walls

Teal and orange are on the opposite side on the color wheel, thus, they are a great complimentary pair.

The walls and floors will have a beautiful contrast, while at the same time the cool tone of the teal walls helps balancing the strong orange, resulting in a more well-balanced overall looks.

Light Purple Walls

Light purple walls with orange floors
Light purple walls

If you are looking for other unique wall paint colors to accommodate the orange floors, then you can try using any light purple paint. Purple and orange had been known as interesting color combinations, and they can also work very well in terms of wall and flooring.

However, to get the best result, we highly suggest you go with any light, soft shades of purple, or even better, go with white paint that had a slightly purple tint in it.


Peach walls with orange wood floors
Peach walls

Peach is another interesting paint color that you can try combine with the orange wood floors. It’s soft and sweet tones makes the bold flooring feel calmer, making the entire space looks cozy.

Even tough peach is not a neutral, but it still subtle enough to gives you plenty of rooms to add another colors to your color palette.

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue walls with orange flooring
Vibrant blue walls

Another interesting blue paint color in this list, but now, we are going with a more vibrant and strong looks. This kind of blue creates a lot of contrast against the floors, help making each others stand out.

Based on our experiences, this combo will works well if you are using plenty of neutral furnishings or elements inside your home.

Pure White

Pure white walls with orange wood floors
Pure white walls

Choosing wall paint colors for orange wood floors surely not an easy tasks. And if you still uncertain, then the best way to do is going with the pure white paint. This ultra neutral never goes wrong.

Even tough some people may thinks this options is a bit boring, it still much better than having a room with awkward looks from combining the wrong colors between the walls and orange floors.

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