White Floors What Color Walls?

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 12th, 2024

In recent years, white flooring making a steady comeback and becomes one of the most popular flooring colors.

Whether it’s white wood flooring, white tile flooring, or white marble flooring, all of them are very popular as they can bring a sleek, crisp look to the entire room. Not to mention their bright and light appearance can also become very helpful when it comes to any small spaces.

And since white is an ultra-versatile shade, it’s quite easy to mix and match these gorgeous flooring with any other colors.

However, some colors tend to work better than others when it comes to a room with white floors, especially for any colors that will be used on a large surface inside those rooms such as the wall.

In this post, we will give you some wall paint ideas that go perfectly with white flooring.

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Best Wall Paint Colors for Room with White Flooring

Warm White

White floors with warm white walls

Without any doubt, this is our first choice when it comes to rooms with white floors. The warm white is slightly warmer than the typical pure, plain white, thus can makes the entire space feel comfy and homely.

And since it’s still white, surely the warm white walls will look perfectly flawless against any kind of white flooring.

Best Sherwin Williams Warm White Paint:

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Warm White Paint:

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

Light Gray

White floors with light gray walls

In today’s trend, white flooring is often used in any interior with a modern approach. Thus, combining it with the wall paint color that had a similar vibe is surely a good idea, and for this, we honestly think that the light gray is a perfect choice.

This paint color still had a bright and light appearance similar to the white floors that make them look flawless, while at the same time boosting the elegant looks of the entire space.

Best Sherwin Williams Light Gray Paint:

Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Light Gray Paint:

Sidewalk Gray by Benjamin Moore


White floors with greige walls

This trending color is a perfect mixture of gray and beige, making it have a more earthy look than the typical gray, while at the same time feeling more modern and up-to-date compared to the classic beige.

Combining the greige walls with white flooring can easily become a success recipe for an astonishing and sophisticated interior with plenty of room to add other colors – including the vibrant or bold ones, to your interior color scheme.

Best Sherwin Williams Greige Paint:

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Greige Paint:

Nimbus by Benjamin Moore


White floors with white-blue walls

This paint is actually white, but comes with a hint of blue, making it looks like a very light shade of blue. We love to use this paint color as it still serves like any typical white, but its slightly blue tone adds a beautiful and airy twist to make it richer than any typical white.

When combined with white floors, the white-blue painted wall looks very amazing, as both of them still blend nicely without making monotonous, boring looks thanks to its blue tone.

Best Sherwin Williams White Blue Paint:

Snowdrop by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore White Blue Paint:

Palest Pistachio by Benjamin Moore

Light Cream

White floors with light cream walls

Some people may be suggesting you pair yellow walls with white flooring, and honestly, we are not against this idea. However, based on our experiences, to get better results, we prefer using any very light, pale shade of yellow such as this amazing light cream color.

This color is not as strong as any typical yellow, but still brings a beautiful hint of sunshine to make any room feel more fun and joyful.

Best Sherwin Williams Light Cream Paint:

Queen Anne’s Lace by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Light Cream Paint:

Cotton Tail by Benjamin Moore


White floors with charcoal walls

If you need a paint color that can easily stand out and boost a lot of elegance to a room with white flooring, then you can try using this charcoal color.

Charcoal is actually a very dark shade of gray, and some of them may look very similar to black. Without any doubt, this strong, neutral shade can bring an instant impact to make any room feel stylish and luxurious.

Best Sherwin Williams Charcoal Paint:

Perle Noir by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Charcoal Paint:

Notre Dame by Benjamin Moore

Gray Green

White floors with gray-green walls

Even though almost any green shades can still look pretty well alongside white floors, we highly recommend you to opt for this gorgeous, neutral green.

The gray-green had a much calmer and softer vibe compared to any other greens, thus using it to paint the wall wouldn’t take away the attention from the luxurious white marble floors.

At the same time, it can still provide a touch of freshness to make the entire space feel calm and relaxing.

Best Sherwin Williams Gray Green Paint:

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Gray Green Paint:

Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore


White floors with brown walls

This is a classic combination that never goes wrong. The brown walls and white floors go together in harmony to create a stunning, luxurious appearance.

Furthermore, having this two as a base will also make your next job of decorating the room becomes much easier as they can go literally with any furniture color.

Best Sherwin Williams Brown Paint:

Keystone Gray by Sherwin Williams

Best Benjamin Moore Brown Paint:

Chocolate Velvet by Benjamin Moore

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