15 Stunning Blue Backsplash Tile Design Ideas That Will Take Your Kitchen to The Next Level

Upgrade your kitchen with these bold and beautiful blue kitchen backsplash tile design ideas. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 21st, 2023

When it comes to kitchen backsplash, blue tile is one of the most popular option. Using blue tile can instantly evokes feeling of tranquilty and calmness to your kitchen, while still adds enough hues to make it feel more alive.

Versatility also becomes another reason behind it’s popularity, as the blue tile can be used inside almost any kitchen style and combined with any color palette.

If you had a kitchen with neutral cabinets and countertops, blue backsplash can lift up the tone and make your time on the kitchen feel more fun.

On the other side, when used inside colorful kitchen, the blue backsplash tile can calm things down and helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

However, not all blue tiles are the same. Some may looks better than the others. In this post, we will showcase some beautiful blue tile backsplash ideas and some advice on how you can maximize them to achieve a perfect looks for your kitchen. Let’s dive in.

15 Awesome Backsplash Design Using Blue Tiles

Blue Natural Mosaic Tile

Kitchen with blue natural mosaic tile backsplash
Blue natural mosaic tile backsplash

Another popular blue backsplash choice that never gets out of style. It comes with a simple looks, but offers some interesting twist compared to the typical blue tile.

And since blue mosaic tiles comes with a lot of different variety, you can easily choose the one that perfectly suit your design style and personality.

Blue Agata Tile

Kitchen with blue agata tile backsplash
Blue agata tile backsplash

Agata tile is get an increasing popularity in recent years. This tile had a unique and striking appearance, differentiate it from another typical natural stone.

With beautiful banding and vibrant colors ranging from deep blues to orange, you can use it to add some simple yet rich hues to your kitchen.

Blue and Black Puzzle Glazed Porcelain Tile

Kitchen with blue and black puzzled tile backsplash
Blue and black puzzled tile backsplash

Create a stunning artistic twist to your kitchen by using these kind of porcelain tile. with it’s unique geometric pattern, this tile will easily becomes an interesting focal point when used as kitchen backsplash.

Furthermore, the bold color combinations of dark blue and black bring a strong elegance to lift up the appearance of your kitchen.

Blue and White Striped Tile

Kitchen with blue and white striped tile backsplash
Blue and white striped tile backsplash

This classic tile can be a great choice for you who want to keep the simplicity becomes the main theme of your kitchen, while still had enough hues to avoid a boring, monotonous looks.

Moreover, the blue and white combinations creates a fresh and clean looks that will be helpful to brighten and lighten up any kitchen, especially a small ones.

The simple stripped pattern will still becomes a visual interest, without overwhelming the overall kitchen design.

Blue Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Kitchen with blue arabesque tile backsplash
Blue arabesque tile backsplash

This kind of tile becomes a popular choice for kitchen backsplash thanks to it’s elegant and intricate design.

The interlocking curved shapes of the tile bringing a dynamic visual effects, making it a great options to make the kitchen looks more interesting.

Blue Floral Victorian Tile

Kitchen with blue floral Victorian tile backsplash
Blue floral Victorian tile backsplash

Add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen using this blue floral Victorian tile.

With intricate and delicate floral pattern inspired by the Victorian era, this materials can fit perfectly inside any classical kitchen.

Blue Geometric Cement Tile

Kitchen with blue geometric cement tile backsplash
Blue geometric cement tile backsplash

Combining the modern trend with a twist of industrial looks, this blue geometric cement tile creates a bold and eye-catching visuals to any kitchen.

It’s blue color adds a calming and soothing ambiance, while the geometric pattern complete the looks with artistic touch.

Blue, Gray, and White Multicolor Mosaic Tile

Kitchen with blue, gray, and white mosaic tile backsplash
Blue, gray, and white mosaic tile backsplash

This choice is a great upgrade from a uniform mosaic tile. With different colors, the backsplash will bring a colorful looks to make your kitchen feel alive.

But since it combined blue with neutral, it won’t overwhelm your kitchen and still keeping everything calm and simple.

Blue Patchwork Tile

Kitchen with blue patchwork tile backsplash
Blue patchwork tile backsplash

It’s colorful and eclectic design making blue patchwork tile is a great choice if you want to upgrade an old, boring kitchen.

The patchwork pattern will be a unique visual elements that capture everyone attention and make your kitchen feel stylish with some artistic twist.

This backsplash will works even better when using inside any kitchen with modern contemporary style.

Blue Stone Tile

Kitchen with blue stone tile backsplash
Blue stone tile backsplash

Using stone tile with blue finishes can be a great way to bring natural and organic beauty in style. With strong earthy looks, this backsplash will make a fresh and natural ambiance to your kitchen.

Combine this backsplash with neutral stone countertops such as marble or granite countertops for an even better results.

Blue Hexagon Tile

Kitchen with blue hexagon tile backsplash
Blue hexagon tile backsplash

For you who want to creates a modern kitchen, this can be a great option.

The striking shape of the tile can add a sense of elegance to any kitchen design, while it’s blue color brining a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

White Marble Tile with Blue Accents

Kitchen with white marble tile with navy accent backsplash
White marble tile with navy accent backsplash

White marble tile had been known as a glam and luxurious choice for kitchen backsplash, but when combined with some blue accents, it can looks even better.

The combination of sleek and clean looks of the white marble blend perfect with the bold and elegance of navy, creates a stylish high-end kitchen design that will elevate the entire kitchen.

Pearl Blue Tile

Kitchen with pearl blue tile backsplash
Pearl blue tile backsplash

If you are looking for a marble looks for your kitchen backsplash, then you can try this pearl blue marble tile.

This kind of marble had a unique, blue-green color that combine the airy and charming appearance of blue, with some fresh and natural twist from it’s green.

Too boost it’s luxurious looks, combine this backsplash with elegant stainless steel appliances.

Royal Blue Marble Tile

Kitchen with royal blue marble tile backsplash
Royal blue marble tile backsplash

Another great blue marble tile that you can try is this royal blue marble. It had a strong dark blue colors that will easily stand out against any elements around your kitchen, making it a glam statement to improve your kitchen appearance.

This kind of tile can be used in literally any kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Small Blue Tile

Kitchen with small blue tile backsplash
Small blue tile backsplash

Another simple choice for you who want to keep your backsplash on the ground and let any other elements like countertops or cabinets to stand out.

The small blue tile backsplash is more than enough to bring some blue hues to make a calming and soothing kitchen, without being overly dominated the entire kitchen.