Best Backsplash for Gray Cabinets

7 Stylish backsplash ideas for kitchen with gray cabinets Written by : Editors | Last Updated : October 24th, 2022

Gray kitchen cabinets build a crisp decor aesthetic. They can be either contrasted with colorful kitchen accessories or appreciated in their cool neutral state.

They look good in modern homes and traditional interiors alike, but what is the best backsplash for gray cabinets? It’s important that your backsplash choice complements your chic gray kitchen design rather than overpowers it.

It’s also essential that your kitchen is a practical space that can easily be cleaned.

To help you make your decision, we’ve put together our top 7 suggestions for gray kitchen backsplash colors and materials, plus a few decor tips along the way.

What Color Backsplash Goes with Gray Cabinets?

White Marble Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and white marble backsplash
White marble backsplash with gray cabinets

A white marble backsplash makes a lightly luxurious accompaniment to gray kitchen cabinets. White marble with a light gray vein running through it will subtly complement the shade of the units, creating a cohesive visual.

The organic pattern adds interest to a plain kitchen design without overwhelming the space. Perhaps the biggest benefit of installing a stone backsplash is the lack of grout lines, which means less scrubbing in the long run.

Lighter Gray Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and light gray backsplash
Light gray backsplash with gray cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets with a lighter gray backsplash results in a smooth monotone meld. To prevent your kitchen from morphing into one gray block, choose a light gray backsplash material with texture or light-reflective qualities.

Mosaic tiles work particularly well in this application. Select mosaic tile sheets with an assortment of tones, or with a mixture of glass and metallic finishes that will sparkle in the light.

Cream Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and cream backsplash
Cream backsplash with gray cabinets

A cream backsplash creates a light interlude between upper and lower gray cabinets. This tone works especially well with gray finishes that are on the warmer end of the spectrum.

Square cream ceramic tiles present a traditional aesthetic, geometric tiles speak of contemporary fashion, whilst subway tiles are timeless.

A flat cream finish will show food splashes easily, whilst a tonal stone counterpart is more forgiving.

Sage Green Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and sage green backsplash
Sage green backsplash with gray cabinets

A sage green backsplash hits bang on trend, giving gray kitchen cabinets a fashion-forward aesthetic. The green accent color is being embraced by many because of its connection with nature and the great outdoors.

Team this backsplash color with a kitchen herb garden or a few indoor plants to expand upon its botanical vibe.

Finish off with natural wooden chopping boards and utensils.

Dark Blue Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and dark blue backsplash
Dark blue backsplash with gray cabinets

A dark blue backsplash makes a smart statement alongside gray kitchen cabinets. This rich color gives depth to a flat gray kitchen design, without resorting to basic black.

Team a dark blue backsplash with bright chrome kitchen accessories and small appliances to bring light reflections into the space.

If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t receive much natural light, this might not be the best option for you.

Black and White Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and black and white backsplash
Black and white backsplash with gray cabinets

A bold black and white backsplash design makes an amazing statement with gray cabinets. It is a super simple tile combination that yields striking results every time.

Apply this monochrome combo as a half-height application if you’re unsure about patterning a large stretch.

Alternatively, limit the effect to the area just behind your hob to make one showstopping focal point.

Black Marble Backsplash

Kitchen with gray cabinets and black marble backsplash
Black marble backsplash with gray cabinets

When opting for a black colorway, a black marble backsplash makes a lavish combination with gray cabinets. White vein flows through like a lighting strike to illuminate the look, whilst the natural stone reflects natural sunlight well.

Choose white kitchen canisters and small appliances to lighten the aesthetic further, and a burst of natural greenery to enliven the prep space.


In selecting one of these practical backsplash colors and materials, your kitchen will be a stylish and functional space in which to create new culinary delights.

If choosing seamless stone slabs, clean-up will be a breeze too. Mosaic tiles may present the need for a little more scrubbing if applied with white grouting between, so consider a darker choice such as gray or black grout alternatives.

Whilst perusing your options, imagine your ideal kitchen accessories color too, because details make all the difference. Above all else, create a kitchen that you’ll want to spend time in.

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