10 Interior Wall Paint Colors that Complement Red Brick Walls (Unleash The Beauty of Your Red Brick)

Discover the 10 awesome wall paint colors that will unleash the natural beauty of your red bricks wall. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 11th, 2023

Using red brick can be a energetic and fun way to bring rustic classical touch to your interior. These beautiful, unfinished wall will capture anyone attention easily, while bring a huge amount of earthy natural beauty.

However, it’s strong character can makes everyone struggle to set up the environment around it, including choosing the paint colors for another wall beside it. Choose the wrong colors and your red brick wall won’t unleash all of it’s potential, and worse, can make your entire spaces feel awkward.

In this article, we will gives you some guide on choosing the right interior paint colors that will complement your red brick accent wall beautifully.

By the end of this post, you’ll get enough inspiration you need to creates a cozy and inviting haven.

10 Best Paint Colors to Complement Red Brick


Tan walls with red brick accents
Tan walls

When combined with red brick, this warm and subtle shade will creates a cozy yet energetic atmosphere. With strong neutral and earthy looks, it will be easy for tan to blend with the red brick wall.

Both elements will going together naturally while still had enough contrast to differentiate them easily.

Tan can also becomes a very versatile option, you can use it for both contemporary modern or classic traditional interior style.

Terracotta Red

Terracotta and red bricks living room
Terracotta red walls

If you are looking for a perfect harmonious choice, then without any doubt, this is the best option. This warm and earthy colors will emphasize the red tones of the bricks, making it looks even stronger and bolder.

To avoid the terracotta wall overpowering the red brick, you may need to choose any light or pale terracotta paint so you will still get some contrasting effects between them.


Teal and red bricks living room
Teal walls

Teal is a mix of blue and green, and since green is a complementary colors to red, it can paired beautifully with the red brick. On the other side, its blue hues provide a calming and airy vibes, making the entire space fee more relaxing.

Moreover, the cool tones of teal can provide a nice balance to the warmth of the brick, making a visually pleasing contrast.


Living room with red brick fireplace
Off-white walls

This classic color will complement the red brick using its warm neutral hues, creating a clean and crisp look to your room while let the red brick stand out uniquely as the main focal point.

Moreover, this bright choices will let any other elements inside your room to pop, so the rustic style elements such as dark wooden furniture will looks so much better.

Light Gray

Red brick with light gray walls
Light gray walls

This option will tone down the strong red brick using it’s neutrality, so it can be a great choice to calm it down and let it blend with any other elements inside your room.

The light gray wall will bring an elegant twist to your rustic living room, making it looks much more interesting.

Dark Neutral Blue

Dark blue and red brick living room
Dark neutral blue walls

This bold color will creates a strong contrast against the red bricks, making both of them stand out together creating an awesome dramatic looks.

Adding blue can also makes your interior looks rich and elegant, and that’s why this color can be a great choice for you who want to upgrade your boring old interior into a more lively ones.


Charcoal and red brick living room
Charcoal walls

Another bold color that can be a great complementary choice to the unfinished red brick wall, but this time, it comes with an ultra-neutral character.

So, your red brick accent wall will be kept as the main focal point, while the charcoal or dark gray wall support it elegantly. The charcoal paint will add a twist of modern flair to the rustic-themed interior.


Mint living room with red brick accents
Mint walls

Add depth and character to your room by combining mint green walls with red brick accent walls. This pastel green shade creates a refreshing and calming feels, while the red brick does its job to stand out and capture everyone’s attention.

This combination will creates a string visual effects while still keep the inviting and relaxing ambiance.


Apricot and red brick living room
Apricot walls

Apricot is a unique color with the perfect combination of warmth and vibrancy, so it can go well alongside red brick to make your entire space pop.

With strong orange hues, this wall paint color will blend beautifully with the red tones of the brick, exudes plenty of warmth and comfort. As a vibrant color, apricot can also becomes a great choice to brighten up any dark spaces.

Pinkish White

Pinkish white and red brick living room
Pinkish-white walls

Creates a monochromatic red interior using this option. Even tough the pinkish-white wall only had a hint of red hues, it’s still enough to make it blend flawlessly with the bricks.

On the other side, it’s bright and light appearance helps provide a nice contrast to let all of the natural beauty of the red bricks to shine.

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