What Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls? (10 Lovely Ideas)

Take a look at these chic yet elegant curtain choices that will blend beautifully with your pink wall. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 17th, 2023

In today’s interior design trend, pink not only becomes a choice that is limited for girls or nursery bedrooms. In fact, the design has been shifted and many homeowners using pink for more “serious” places such as the master bedroom or living room.

And we’re not only talking about small pink decoration items, but also for a larger, impactful element like walls. Yes, a room with pink walls isn’t as unusual as it was years ago.

This hot, beautiful color can create a unique glam feels inside the room while at the same time its soft, subtle and lovely looks create a sense of tranquility with a bit of sweetness.

However, one of the most common reasons why homeowners are still afraid to paint their walls with pink is that this color is quite tricky and complicated to combine with other shades. While actually, this is one of the most very important parts to avoid the nursery or childish looks.

Using the right colors to accompany pink is essential to help make the spaces look and feel more “mature”. Additionally, pair pink with the right shades can help make the spaces much more gender-neutral, so everyone can still enjoy their time inside those particular rooms. And this becomes much more important for any elements that will go side-by-side with the pink walls, like the curtains.

For pink walls, some of the best curtain colors are white, cream, baby blue, azure blue, mint green, lilac, and sage. These curtains bring a delicate hues that harmonize effortlessly with the gentle warmth of the pink, creating a balanced and calming atmosphere. These combination will exudes a sense of tranquility, resulting in a room that feel soft, inviting, and stylish.

Read on to see all of our recommended curtain colors for room with pink walls. Hope you can enjoy and get a lot of new ideas and inspirations to help you create a perfect space with pink walls as the main feature. Let’s get started.

10 Best Curtain Colors for Pink Walls


White curtains with pink walls
White curtains

Before going too far into the much more complicated options, let’s start with the easiest ones: white. As a super-neutral with the ultra-versatile feature, white can blend easily with any colors, including the most tricky ones such as pink.

White curtains can make the entire room look simple and crisp, and keep the pink stand out as the primary palette.

Using some white elements can also be very beneficial to give you more space and the opportunity to bring other vibrant colors to the scheme without making the entire space looks too cramped.


Cream curtains with pink walls
Cream curtains

Another great complimentary choice for pink is cream. Had a similar warm tone, pink walls and cream curtains look wonderful when used together, creating a welcoming and comfy ambiance and still looks pretty flawless.

While cream curtain can work with any pink shades, but we think it will work best when paired with any lighter shade of pink, as they will bring a lot of brightness to the entire space and make the room psychologically feels larger.

Baby Blue

Baby blue curtains with pink walls
Baby blue curtains

Let’s go into a more contrasting option. For this, our favorite choice is this baby blue.

This unique, light shade of blue looks aesthetically pleasing when combined with pink, especially for similar light pink shades.

Its blue hue, even though doesn’t as much as any typical blue, still brings enough contrast against the pink, while its lightness help it visually looks seamless with the walls.

Azure Blue

Azure blue curtains with pink walls
Azure blue curtains

This is another great shade of blue that can work well with pink walls. The azure blue curtains will bring a beautiful strong and bold contrast against the soft walls.

Surely this will be a great choice if you need some accent colors to stand out elegantly and bring a bit of masculinity to the pink environment to create a more balanced look.

Mint Green

Mint green curtains with pink walls
Mint curtains

From our experiences, almost any green shade doesn’t work really well with pink, except this one: mint.

This very light, subtle shade of green can bring similar effects such as baby blue, but in a green hue. Thus, like any typical green, it can spread a sense of fresh and natural air to your spaces and help enrichen the visual looks in aesthetic ways.

The mint curtains can also be a great option for any pink room that lacks greenery or plants.


Blush curtains with pink walls
Blush curtains

For you who prefer a more seamless and flawless look, then blush may be the best option.

This unique shade combines pink with a bit of yellow/orange hue. Thus, it can look very similar to the pink walls, but still had a bit of noticeable difference to avoid the boring, monotonous looks that will occur if you are using the same pink.

Lilac Purple

Lilac curtains with pink walls
Lilac curtains

This is another awesome curtain color for pink wall that can keep the pink tone flows without overly using it. Same as blush, lilac had a significant amount of pink combined with some purple hue, producing a wonderful, unique color that looks soft and elegant.

As you can see in the image example above, the combination of lilac curtains with pink walls is surely a dreamy pair especially for any woman who wants to create Instagram-worthy spaces.


Sage curtains with pink walls
Sage curtains

This is another great green shade that not only can enrich the looks of your wall, but also warm up the pink in a fresh, natural ways.

On the other side, the sage green curtains will feel smoother and softer when paired with pink, emphasize it’s beauty and aesthetic appearance.


Gray curtains with pink walls
Gray curtains

When it comes to pink walls, gray isn’t one of the best options, but we still include it on our list in case you need an option that can break the dominance of pink to create more balanced spaces.

Moreover, the elegance of any gray curtains will lift the softness of the pink walls and help makes a more neutral look.

Light Brown

Light brown curtains with pink walls
Light brown curtains

If you want to make your pink-themed interior looks more serious, then light brown maybe the best choice.

With it’s mature looks, the light brown curtains will easily lift up the entire space, while still keeping the soft, pastel hues becomes the main theme of your interior. Using these neutral color also gives you plenty of spaces to add another vibrant, colorful hues.

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