10 Calming Nursery Color Schemes for Your Baby’s Room

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 19th, 2024

Designing a nursery room can be a fun, memorable experience for parents-to-be, but at the same time, it’s a very complicated thing, especially when it comes to choosing colors.

Obviously, you can’t ask your toddler about their favorite colors, but any color you choose should make them feel comfortable.

Moreover, the right shades can stimulate creativity and imagination, and some research even says that colors can affect our child’s mood and behavior.

Thus, you may find the perfect balance between a soothing tone and some mood-stimulating hues.

In this post, we will give you some nursery color ideas that we have tried and proven to work pretty well.

The best color combinations for creating an ideal nursery room are soft pink and gray, sky blue and white, peach and turquoise, or warm gray and yellow. Those colors perfectly combine soft, soothing hues with neutral tones, creating a calming and tranquil space that promotes a peaceful environment that is very important for any baby room.

1. Soft Pink and Gray

Soft pink and gray

This is one of the most popular palettes when it comes to baby rooms. This combination creates a well-balanced serene and calming ambiance.

The simplicity of the gray balances down the femininity of the pink, making the entire room feel more gender-neutral.

If you are looking for a peaceful and restful space for your children, then this is surely the best choice for you.

2. Mint and Coral

Mint and coral

Restful yet playful atmosphere, there are the vibes that you will get when combining mint and coral into one palette.

As with any other green, mint will easily promote a tranquil and relaxing feel, while coral does its job to add a bit of energetic pop. This fresh and lively combination will work well for any gender.

3. Lilac and Yellow

Lilac and yellow

Lilac is a soft, light purple shade that offers a calming and soothing appearance with an elegant twist. Then comes the yellow that uplifts the mood, and makes the lilac feel more fun and cheerful.

Since yellow is quite strong, you may consider limiting its appearance just as an accent, and let the lilac become the main color of your nursery color scheme.

4. Sky Blue and White

Sky blue and white

In most cases, sky blue is just enough to create a serene and tranquil ambiance. That’s why you can leave it alone and combine it with an ultra-neutral white.  

Associated with the sky and the ocean, sky blue will make your nursery room feel peaceful, and can help your child go to sleep so much easier.

5. Peach and Turquoise

Peach and turquoise

Peach and turquoise are unique, fun combinations as both share a similar character, but in a completely different hue. As a warm, gentle shade, peach can promote a sense of comfort but still give enough vibrancy and playful senses to the room.

On the other side, turquoise keeps everything under control and helps relax the entire space.

6. Warm Gray and Yellow

Warm gray and yellow

This is a great choice if you want to create a simple, neutral, but still fun nursery room. Warm gray is an upgrade to a typical gray, and comes with some pleasant and homely effects.

And since it’s still a neutral, warm gray can let the yellow shine and accentuate the entire room.

7. Coral and Gray

Coral and gray

Another color that can pair well with gray inside a nursery room is coral. At first, coral may seem like a typical pink, but comes with a much warmer and brighter hue.

This trendy, chic combination will be a great choice for any parents who are looking for a gender-neutral nursery.

8. Pale Blue and Beige

Pale blue and beige

Pale blue or blue-gray are neutral version of blue that comes with plenty of cool, calming effects. This color is great for creating a modern, contemporary style interior.

But when it comes to nursery, you may need to light it up a bit by incorporating warm tones, and one of the best options is beige. The beige and pale blue pair will create a serene and airy room, with a strong sense of comfort.

9. Soft Purple and Sage

Soft purple and sage

Purple and green and natural combinations that never go wrong. However, for a nursery-themed room, you may need to choose the perfect tones between them.

Based on our experiences, the soft purple and pale green or sage are the right ones.

This soft combo goes together harmoniously to create a perfect ambiance for your little one to rest.

10. Cream and Navy

Cream and navy

Most of the time soft colors tend to work better inside a nursery color palette, but then there is navy. This color can still be a great choice even though it’s a bold and strong color, especially for any boy’s bedroom.

To make it look softer, you need to incorporate a soft, warming color like cream.

As a neutral color, cream will make the navy look more well-balanced, but still keep its stylish and elegant looks.

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