10 Best End Table for Gray Couch in 2021

Are you looking for a perfect end table to accompany your gray couch? In this article, our expert compiles the list of 10 gorgeous tables that will blend nicely with any gray couches. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 8th, 2022

A gray couch is a perfect choice to bring an elegant statement into your living room.

This ultra-versatile item can be used in almost any living room style and can blend easily with any color scheme.

Decorating around it also much easier compared with any other couches.

However, it’s still essential to choose any perfect items or furniture to put around it if you want to get the best of it.

In this article, our designer picks the 10 best end tables that not only will work in harmony with any gray couches but also can add further interest to your seating spaces.

Let’s get started.

10 Best End Table for Gray Couch

1. Best White End Table: Simple Round White Table by Haton

Simple white table with grey couch
Simple white table by Haton

White always be one of the best choices to go with gray furniture. These combinations can blend nicely and also bring a beautiful high-contrast look when placed side-by-side.

And that’s why a white table becomes the number one on our list every time we got any projects that involving a gray couch.

This white modern end table with wooden legs by Haton can be a perfect example of a great white end table that will look beautifully alongside any gray couch.

Its modern design is quite simple yet very tasteful and stylish, and those characters are perfect for any elegant-style couches.

2. Best Modern Contemporary End Table: SoHo End Table by Convenience Concepts

Contemporary modern table with gray sofa
Gray contemporary table by Convenience Store

One of the main reasons why the gray couch is very popular is versatility. Wherever direction that you choose, from traditional to modern, these particular couches can adapt quite easily.

And if you are using the gray sofa in a modern, contemporary environment, then we highly recommend this wonderful end table by Convenience Concept.

Not only its stylish look will bring a similar vibe to the couch, but also its gray wood finish can make it blend flawlessly.

3. Best Gray End Table: Simple French Oak Table by Furinno

Simple gray table with grey couch
Simple gray oak table by Furinno

Using any gray end table is the best choice to bring the lovely connection between the gray sofa and the table beside it. However, we don’t really recommend you to choose any plain gray table as it can make your seating area looks one-dimensional.

Thus, you can break the monotony by choosing any table that using gray wood such as this amazing table by Furinno.

The grain and texture of the gray wood can bring a bit of contrast and make it easy to distinguish from the sofa.

Furthermore, it can add beautiful natural looks to balance up the elegance of the couch. Its simple, innovative design makes this table can be used in practically any kind of interior style.

4. Best Black End Table: Black Glass and Stainless Steel Legs Table by Flash Furniture

Decorating gray couch with black table
Black glass end table by Flash Furniture

Black and gray can go really well together as both had a similar undertone, and that’s why any black accessories become one of the most popular choices to use alongside gray couches.

To add depth and dimension, we love to use a black glass top end table like this elegant table by Flash Furniture.

The beautiful combinations of black glass with shiny metal legs bring a sleek modern vibe that can easily tie up the entire living space and create a modern aesthetic look.

5. Best Modern Mid-Century Table: Black and Gold Table by Convenience Concepts

Black and gold table alongside gray couch
Black and gold mid-century table by Convenience Concepts

When it comes to modern mid-century style, gray sofas are quite popular alongside beige or brown couches. And if you are using this aesthetic style for your interior, then we highly recommend this gorgeous table by Convenience Concepts.

With its black and gold finishes, this table is a perfect choice to add a touch of mid-century accent to your home.

What we like most about this table is its gold accent on its legs that give a bold contrasting and modern look.

6. Best Classic Table: White Accent Table by Winsome

Classic white table with grey couch
White classic accent table by Winsome

If you need an end table that can bring a classic accent to your space, then we highly recommend this table by Winsome Furniture. Its sleek white finishes blend beautifully with the gray couch.

Made using high-quality solid wood that not only ensures its sturdiness but also adds a bit of fresh natural touch.

7. Best Gold End Table: Round Metal End Table by Aojezor

Gold table with grey sofa
Gold round end table by Aojezor

Sometimes, gray can be too boring. An easy way to overcome this problem is by adding some gold accent around it, and that’s why using a gold end table can be a perfect choice for a gray couch.

Moreover, using any metallic finish item like this can add a chic glamour touch to the overall look.

Among many different gold end tables available on the market, the one that we often used in our projects is this round gold accent table.

Its beautiful brushed gold finishes can capture everyone’s attention easily while still work well in terms of functionality with its large top.

8. Best Industrial End Table: White Oak and Metal Table by Ashley Store

Industrial end table with gray couch
Wood and metal industrial table by Ashley Store

Wood, metal, and concrete, there are three main elements that should be the main focus when creating an industrial style decor.

Gray is very similar to concrete or plaster, and that’s why many homeowners choosing the gray sofa for their industrial style interior as it’s arguably the best choice compared with any other couches.

For this particular style, we prefer this beautiful table by Ashley Furniture to accompany our gray couch.

Its wooden round top matches perfectly with the couch to create fresh and natural gray and wood combinations, while its unique leg design brings an artistic, urban industrial taste to warm up your space.

9. Best Rustic End Table: Oakwood and Metal Table by Foluban

Rustic wood table with gray sofa
Rustic wood and metal table by Foluban

Rustic decor is known for its warm vibe, and this can be a perfect match with any grey sofa that tends to be on the cooler side. These combinations surely will create a well-balanced ambient to the overall look.

If you want to bring these beautiful retroes, rustic feel to your couch, then this simple square table by Foluban can be a great option. It had a warm wood tone that can bring a wonderful natural contrast when paired with gray.

Another unique feature of this rustic table is its simple, charming design that’s quite different from any typical rustic item, but still bringing a bold and strong industrial rustic vibe.

10. Best Vintage End Table: Vintage Gray Wash Table by Walker Edison

Vintage end table with gray couch
Vintage end table by Walker Edison

One of the best schemes to produce a lovely yet elegant vintage flair to your home is by combining gray with natural wood accent. Take a look at the image example above where we used this pretty table by Walker Edision.

This table can be a great addition to complete the look for any living room. Another benefit of this table is that it offers plenty of additional storage spaces, such as the open bottom shelf and the drawer.

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