Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchen (8 Stylish Options that Give Splash of Charm to Your Kitchen)

Take your blue and white kitchen to the next level by using one of these stunning backsplashes. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : July 30th, 2023

Blue and white is a popular color combination in interior design. This pair can be used literally everywhere, from bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even for kitchen.

This combo blends the timeless elegance of white with refreshing and serene atmosphere from the blue, evoking a sense of tranquility and cleanliness.

To ensuring harmony with the overall blue and white kitchen design, backsplash plays an important role. It can act as the bridge to blend different kitchen elements, or you can also use it to give the kitchen some pop of color for a more rich and alive appearance.

In this post, we will give you some gorgeous backsplash ideas that can be a perfect addition to any blue and white kitchen. This article will covers everything you need to know to make an incredible and remarkable blue and white kitchen that reflects your personal style and taste.

8 Best Backsplash Options for Blue and White Kitchen

White Marble

Kitchen with white marble backsplash
White marble backsplash

This is an exceptional choice not only for any blue and white kitchen, but almost for any color palette. With its ability to enhance the space’s elegance and visual appeal, the white marble backsplash can boost the entire kitchen design instantly.

The natural veining and texture add some elegant depth to the kitchen, while its sleek white color create a perfect harmony with other white elements inside the kitchen.

White Subway Tile

Kitchen with white subway tile backsplash
White subway tile backsplash

Another great white backsplash that can be a perfect choice to complete any blue and white kitchen is white subway tile. This classic, timeless choice can easily complement any blue kitchen elements, whether its blue cabinets or blue countertops, while keep a stylish harmony with other white elements.

Additionally, the white subway tile reflects plenty of light, enhancing kitchen’s brightness and sense of openness.

Blue Subway Tile

Kitchen with blue subway tile backsplash
Blue subway tile backsplash

If you want to boost more blue to your kitchen, then using blue subway tile can be a perfect option. You can either using the same blue shades, or choose a bit different tone to create some contrast against the other blue elements.

The blue tile adds more elegance and sophistication while maintaining a classic and timeless look. This option can also works as a focal point, creating a new visual interest within the overall kitchen design.

Gray and White Tile

Kitchen with gray and white tile backsplash
Gray and white tile backsplash

Boost more elegance to your kitchen by using gray and white mosaic tile. The gray element of this tile adds modern aesthetic look, while also acts as a bridge between the blue and white elements, tying them harmoniously.

Moreover, you can use this option to achieve a balanced and elegant look, creating an inviting kitchen that exudes both style and comfort.

Blue and White Mosaic Tile

Kitchen with blue and white mosaic tile backsplash
Blue and white mosaic tile backsplash

This is a perfect choice to keep the blue and white consistency and make them a main-theme without any distraction. The blue and white mosaic tile backsplash will bring a unique and eye-catching pattern that infuse the kitchen with a sense of artistry and personality.

This combination instantly elevates the kitchen’s visual appeal, creates a welcoming and stylish environment.

Blue Marble

Kitchen with blue marble backsplash
Blue marble backsplash

Blue marble is a unique kind of marble that exudes vibrant hues and natural luxury. The veining and patterns of this kind of marble bring depth and character, making it a stunning centerpiece in the kitchen.

This will be a great option for you who want to boost a strong blue dominance for a stunning and elegant kitchen.

Blue Vintage Tile

Kitchen with blue vintage tile backsplash
Blue vintage tile backsplash

If you are creating a classic or vintage style kitchen, then this can be an interesting option. With beautiful pattern, the blue vintage tile adds character, nostalgia, and a touch of whimsy to the space.

This vintage option also create a warm and inviting ambiance, making it an eye-catching focal point and delightful feature inside the kitchen.

Blue Hexagon tile

Kitchen with blue hexagon tile backsplash
Blue hexagon tile backsplash

For a perfect modern style blue and white kitchen, you can try using this blue hexagon tile backsplash. The hexagon shape adds a modern contemporary touch, infusing the kitchen with style and elegance.

This option works even better when surrounded by plenty of white elements, such as white countertops, white appliances, or white kitchen cabinets.

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