What Color Countertops Go with Gray Cabinet? (15 Elegant Combinations)

15 Best countertops ideas for kitchen with gray cabinets. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 19th, 2023

Cabinets and countertops are two of the most essential part of any kitchen, especially from the design perspective. Those two elements take a huge part of the kitchen, making their appearance easily noticeable. Thus, having the wrong combinations can lead to a bad, non-attractive look that will impact the entire kitchen design.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, gray is one of the most trending, popular shades. Its neutrality and versatility become one of the main reasons for this. Another reason why a lot of homeowners painted their cabinets using gray shades is because of the elegant and stylish looks that it brings.

However, although it’s versatile, choosing the color of the right countertop for the gray kitchen cabinets can be very tricky. Indeed, on the paper, all colors can still look quite good alongside gray cabinets, but some options tend to create much better results – at least based on our experiences designing a dozen of different kitchens with gray cabinets in recent years.

In this post, we will share with you these best countertops colors that will be a perfect pair for gray kitchen cabinets. Let’s get started:

15 Best Countertops Colors for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Plain White Quartz

Plain white quartz countertops with gray cabinets
Plain white countertops

Without any doubt, this is our first choice when it comes to gray cabinets. The simple, sleek, and clean looks of the white quartz match beautifully with the gray cabinets, creating flawless looks while still giving a bit of beautiful contrast to make them easily distinguishable.

You can use the white countertop with any gray shades, from light gray to the dark gray cabinets.

This color combination will work well in almost any kitchen decorating style, but based on our experience, using this pair in the minimalist or modern contemporary style is gonna gives you the best result.

White Marble

White marble countertops with gray cabinets
White marble countertops

For you who are thinking that the plain white quartz may look a bit boring and monotonous, then you can try this stunning alternative. The white marble can bring a relatively similar outcome compared to white quartz, but it comes with some richness thanks to its earthy texture and grain.

Moreover, the white marble countertops can also be a better choice for you who are looking for a glam and luxurious twist to further elevate your kitchen with gray cabinets.

White Granite

White granite countertops with gray cabinets
White granite countertops

For any classical kitchen, white granite may be the best option compared to any white alternative.

The white granite countertops bring a lot of depth and richness, and most importantly, if you are choosing the perfect kind of granite, it can spread some warmth that lifts up the cool-toned gray cabinets, creating a more well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing look to your kitchen.

Cream Marble

Cream marble countertops with gray cabinets
Cream marble countertops

This is another great countertops option that works nicely to create a perfect balance with gray cabinets. With plenty of warm vibes, the cream marble neutralize any cool gray cabinets, thus making the entire kitchen feel comfier and inviting.

Furthermore, the luxurious and glam looks of any typical marble countertops will further enhance and lift the elegance of the entire kitchen area.

Plain Black Quartz

Black quartz countertops with gray cabinets
Black countertops

For you who prefer any countertop that is darker than the gray cabinets, obviously, plain black quartz will be the best option. Since both the cabinets and countertops are neutral color, they will stand together harmoniously in a stylish and trendy visual appearance.

Finally, the bold and intense looks of the black countertop make it stand out elegantly as a sleek focal point for the entire kitchen.

Black Marble

Black marble countertops with gray cabinets
Black marble countertops

Alternatively, you can go with black marble. This option brings a bit more artistic, natural touch compared to plain quartz, while at the same time still standing out elegantly as a main centerpiece for the entire kitchen.

To get the best result, we highly suggest you choose any black marble with high glossy looks and white vein or texture.

Brown Marble

Brown marble countertops with gray cabinets
Brown marble countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, brown marble is one of the most popular options. And thank’s to the versatility of the gray cabinets, these rich and bold options can still look pretty good when used alongside the gray cabinets.

Moreover, these brown marble countertops can provide plenty of earthy and natural looks, and at the same time add more colors to enrich your kitchen to avoid it looking boring and monotonous.

Beige Marble

Beige marble countertops with gray cabinets
Beige marble countertops

Beige and gray are timeless combination that never goes out of style. Both colors complement each others perfectly, as the beige bring some warmth to the cool-toned gray, and vice versa.

The beige marble also will bring some charming twist to the elegant gray, resulting in a more welcoming and inviting kitchen.

Silver Travertine

Silver travertine countertops with gray cabinets
Silver travertine countertops

If you are looking for another kind of countertops rather than the typical marble to create a distinctive and unique look compared to any mainstream kitchen with grey cabinets, then you can try using travertine for your countertops.

This awesome stone had a bold earthy, natural look with a glamorous vibe, making it easily turn any standard kitchen to the next level.

Actually, any kind of travertine will look awesome alongside gray cabinets, but for you who are looking for perfectly flawless looks, we highly recommend you go with any travertine with a natural, silvery texture.

Neutral Blue Marble

Neutral blue marble countertops and gray kitchen cabinets
Neutral blue marble countertops

Blue shades can be a perfect color to add some richness to gray-themed kitchen, but without being overly vibrant. Especially if you are using any blue elements that had some gray undertones, such as this gorgeous neutral blue marble.

Dark Green Marble

Dark green marble countertops and gray kitchen cabinets
Dark green marble countertops

Another great colorful alternatives is this dark green marble. This marble will easily spark some fresh colors, making your entire kitchen feel more alive.

Additionally, these kinds of marble can bring some beautiful rich velvet twist that looks even more interesting if you are using some metallic, gold, or brass accessories in your kitchen.

Light Wood

Wood countertops with gray cabinets
Wood countertops

The light wood countertop is regained its popularity, mostly because the modern farmhouse decor is going viral. Thus, if you want to apply this sophisticated decor style to your kitchen, then undoubtedly the wood countertop is the best option.

And no, you don’t always need real wood to get the perfect natural feel, instead, you can also use any laminate or vinyl sheet and get very similar outcomes.

Dark Wood

Dark wooden countertops and gray cabinets
Dark wooden countertops

Give your kitchen some rustic feels by using the dark wood. The dark wood not only comes with strong earthy looks, but also can adding an artistic touch to make your kitchen looks beautiful.

This classical rustic kitchen style combo will make any boring gray kitchen looks so much better.

Dark Concrete

Dark concrete countertops and gray cabinets
Dark concrete countertops

If you want to keep all of the elements of your kitchen in harmony, you can try this dark concrete countertops. This kind of concrete had a bold, dark hues that will match with your cabinets, especially if you are painting your cabinets with light shade of gray.

This can also be a great option if you are planning to create an industrial style kitchen.

Dark Gray Granite

Dark gray granite countertops and gray kitchen cabinets
Dark gray granite countertops

Alternatively, you can try this dark gray granite. However, to avoid the entire kitchen looks boring, you may need to choose any granite that had a strong color and texture, so it can still stand out against the other gray elements around it.

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