10 Best Wall Paint Colors for North Facing Room to Brighten Up Your Day

Say goodbye to a gloomy north-facing room - hello to these eye-catching wall paint colors! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 11th, 2023

Changing the sun directions surely is impossible, but changing your wall paint colors to compensate the coolder looks and less amount of sunlight of your north-facing room is surely a much more reasonable, and much easier option.

Not only this approach can makes a significant impact, but you can also make the direction of your room becomes an advantages.

In this article, our interior and paint expert will gives some awesome paint colors ideas that will makes any north-facing rooms looks way better, and some important design tricks that you can use to enhance your spaces’ natural beauty.

10 Best Wall Colors for North Facing Room

Creamy White

North facing room with creamy white walls
Creamy white walls

When it comes to northern exposure, warmer white such as creamy white of off-white are tend to works much better then the pure white.

This wall color can offset the cooler and bluer natural light, making your home feel a bit warmer.

Moreover, creamy white will reflects wall much more effectively than the plain white, making you get the most of the natural light that comes to your home.


North facing room with beige walls
Beige walls

Another good choice for north-facing room. Beige can bring a very similar benefits to the previous options, but in an even stronger warmth.

This popular paint color will easily turn any north-facing room into a more cozy and inviting spaces, even with only a small amount of natural light.

And as a neutral, beige can be used in literally any interior design style, from traditional to a modern ones.

Warm Gray

North facing room with warm gray walls
Warm gray walls

As a versatile color, gray is a color that never goes wrong. However, when it comes to northern exposure, the warm gray may be the better choice compared to the typical gray shade that had a cool-tone.

With subtle hint of warmth, this paint color will add depth and interest while at the same time counterbalance the cooler exposure, creating a well-balanced ambiance.

And since it’s still a gray, it will gives plenty of neutrality that can gives you plenty of room to add any other shades to your interior color palette.

Light Blue Green

North facing room with light blue-green walls
Light blue-green walls

This unique shade bring all of the benefits of blue and green hues, creating a refreshing and calming vibe from the outdoor inside to your home.

When combined with cool exposure, the light blue green walls will create a balanced and inviting space, while also adding some rich hues to make the entire room feel alive.

To boost your space even more, combine this color with some striking accents, such as vibrant yellow or red accents.

Warm Sage

North facing room with warm sage walls
Warm sage walls

It’s soft, muted undertones makes the sage a great natural options that will works well inside any kind of room, including on the north-facing ones.

With some warm undertones, the sage walls will lift up the cool light and make a cozier and comfier spaces.

Another benefits of using this shades as wall paint color is that it can gives plenty of relaxing vibe, and that’s why it can be a perfect option for a bedroom.

Pale Yellow

North facing room with pale yellow walls
Pale yellow walls

When it comes to north-facing interiors, yellow shades may be one of the best choices as it can easily turn up the cool vibes into a much fun and warm ones.

However, too much yellow can often becomes overwhelming, and that’s why pale yellow is a much realistic and reasonable options rather than any other yellow.

This color still looks soft and subtle to keep the entire space well-balanced, while at the same time lift up the mood and bring some joy to your home.


North facing room with tan walls
Tan walls

With warm and inviting atmosphere, than is surely a great choice for north-facing room. This muted brown shade had a strong warm undertones that will easily make a cold and uninviting room becomes much more alive.

Moreover, tan can be a perfect neutral backdrop for literally any other colors, so you can easily mix it up even with strong and bold colors.

Pinkish White

North facing room with pinkish white walls
Pinkish white walls

Another great white variations that will work well in this particular situation. Offering a subtle warm, this paint color will bright up your space with a touch of beauty and sophistication.

However, if you think this color is too childish and lacks of maturity, you can mix it up with some glam gold or brass accessories and spread it throughout your room.

Light Teal

North facing room with light teal walls
Light teal walls

Light teal may be a cool color, but based on our experiences, it will still looks great even inside a room with northern light, creating a refreshing and soothing atmosphere.

This option can also becomes a great choice if you want to creates a modern contemporary style interior.

Avocado Green

North facing room with avocado green walls
Avocado green walls

Unlike most green that comes with cool undertones, avocado green is a bit different. It offers some warm hues that will easily lift up any cool natural lighting and creates a fresh and welcoming ambiance.

However, this color can be a bit tricky and difficult to blend with any other colors, so the best way to use it is by combine it with neutral such as white, beige or gray.

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