Best Floor Lamp for Scandinavian Living Room

Complete the Scandinavian aesthetic looks of your living room using these gorgeous table lamps. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 27th, 2021

If you want to create aesthetic, stylish, simple, and fully functional spaces, then Scandinavian decor is the best choice that can easily fulfill all of those goals.

Another reason why this nordic-based style is getting more and more popular is its versatility to adapt even with the newest and up-to-date decor trends. Whether you want to achieve a more trendy and modern look, or keep it in a bit vintage feels, Scandinavian style can works nicely in any direction that you want.

Based on our experiences, there are 3 main focuses that you should spend more attention to achieve the perfect Scandinavian looks.

First, bring a lot of natural and earthy elements, especially wood. Secondly, choose soft shades as the main palette with a similar or harmonious tone, but don’t forget to also add a bit of contrast using black or dark gray.

Lastly, play with unique and creative textures and shapes for the decoration items and furnishings. Thus, every single item inside your Scandinavian room should be chosen carefully as it can make a big difference in the final looks, even the small decoration pieces.

And floor lamp is one item that is often overlooked. Most people choose it only based on the functionality, but the truth is, it can bring unique and creative shapes and designs to enhance the Scandinavian looks for your home.

With years of experience designing a lot of different Scandinavian living rooms, we had tested and tried many different floor lamps. And here we will share some of our favorites :

5 Best Floor Lamp for Scandinavian Decor

Natural Wood Floor Lamp by Adesso Home

Wooden scandinavian floor lamp
Wooden floor lamp

Without a doubt, wooden elements are the best choices when it comes to Scandinavian decor. Things can look even better if you can bring it in a surprising way, such as using a wooden floor lamp.

Yes, the wooden floor lamp is a bit unusual, but that’s become the strong point for Scandinavian living room. This lamp can become an additional wooden element to enhance the natural looks of your space.

Furthermore, we love the simplicity of its design that makes this amazing lamp can blend easily in any kind of Scandinavian home.

Tripod Floor Lamp by Light Society

Wooden tripod Scandinavian floor lamp
Tripod floor lamp

This is another great wooden floor lamp that surely will fit nicely inside any Scandinavian room. The unique feature of this lamp is its tripod leg style that is perfectly designed to draw everyone’s attention in stylish looks.

Moreover, its modern drum shade spread a soft illumination in beautiful modern ways.

Multi-Functional Floor Lamp with Storage by Simple Designs

White floor lamp with shelves in scandinavian living room
White floor lamp with shelves

This item checks all of the boxes for perfect Scandinavian items: simple finishes, multi-functional, and sleek design.

Usually, we use this floor lamp for any small spaces to give more additional storage, but actually, you can use it for literally any room, as you can use the open shelves to showcase your favorite accessories.

There are a lot of different colors available for this item, but based on our experiences, white is the best choice when it comes to Scandinavian decor.

Modern Floor Lamp by Kenroy Home

Modern floor lamp in scandinavian living room
Modern floor lamp

If you want to bring some modern touch to your home, then this Scandinavian floor lamp can be the best option.

With sleek, minimalist, and modern design, this table lamp combines clean lines in a stylish black and white contrast, creating an amazing look that is perfect to become a wonderful focal point for any space.

Frosted Glass Globe Floor Lamp by VerRon Store

Scandinavian living room with gold floor lamp
Gold globe floor lamp

Gold accents inside a Scandinavian decor may seem a bit uncommon, but why not? Actually, the gold items can still work nicely inside the Scandinavian environment, especially to spark few glam senses to lift any boring spaces.

This unique floor lamp had a super eye-catching design that will be the center of attention of the entire room, and at the same time bring some artistic touch that is very essential for any Scandinavian decor.