17 Creative Horizontal Striped Wall Paint Ideas

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

There are a lot of different ideas to decorate walls, one of the most popular, easy, and affordable ones is creating striped wall paint using 2 or more paint colors.

This timeless style can turn any boring walls into much more interesting ones. There is no limit here, you can use your own creativity and imagination to create a stunning, beautiful wall that elevates the appearance of your entire home. This concept can work well both for a regular wall or for an accent wall.

There are two main keys to getting the best result using this decorating style. First, you may need to choose the right design or pattern that will fit the overall interior style of your home. Secondly, the color combination plays a big role in distinguishing an awesome wall from a mediocre one.

To help you get fresh ideas, here in this article, we will share with you some of our wall designs using the horizontal striped concept.

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Simple Brown Striped Wall

Brown Stripe Wall Paint Ideas

Our first design is a simple wall using two different brown colors, dark and light. The idea for this one is a bit different from other ideas because we only use the strip right in the middle of the wall, not in the entire wall.

The idea is to create a separator to divide the wall into two different sections, the upper and bottom ones. We also use a lot wider line in the middle so it can be a frame to put any artwork.

Based on our experience, you can use these design ideas behind the sofa for the best result.

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Green Horizontal Wall

Green gradient wall paint design

In this idea, we use green paint and create a gradient effect. You can replicate this idea by using any different colors.

Don’t forget to put a little white line as a separator for each gradient to make the it look more elegant.

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Navy and White Stripe

Navy and white wall

This idea goes beyond the normal, mainstream one because we are using some gradient effects to create an artistic illusion.

The combination of navy blue and white background further elevates the looks with an elegant yet clean and crisp visual appearance. Combine this awesome wall with white furnishing and navy accents to make all of them look flawless.

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Yellow and White Wall with Black Lines

Yellow and white wall with black lines

If you want to use yellow, but are afraid to paint the entire wall as it may look too vibrant, then you can try this awesome design.

This design combines the typical two-tone wall using white and yellow and is finally completed with some small black lines to create an interesting look. This paint design can be a perfect choice for any modern, contemporary style room that uses yellow furnishings or accessories.

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Pink and White Wall

Pink and White Bedroom

This concept can be used for women’s or girl’s bedrooms to create a chic nursery or girly interior design. Here we use 3 different colors: pink, light pink, and white.

A combination of those colors will create a lovely and soft decoration.

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Glam Navy and Gold Geometric Feature Wall

Navy and gold geometric lines

Navy and gold is a combination that everyone would love. This awesome accent wall combines the bold navy paint with some gold geometric-style lines that add a glam, luxurious twist to complete the look.

Without any doubt, this is one of the best choices if you want to create a visually glamorous interior.

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Blue and White Wall

Blue and White Wall Paint Ideas

Our next horizontal stripe wall idea is a blue and white wall. This concept is perfect for a boy’s or teenager’s room.

3 different shades are used here: blue, light blue, and white. You can innovate with different colors but make sure to use the same color scheme to create a more integrated and seamless feel.

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Green and White Wall

Green and White Wall Ideas

In this idea, we use only two paint colors: light green and white. Then we use a wider line to create a frame to put any artwork.

If you noticed, before we created the horizontal line, we created some dividers below and divided the wall into 2 different parts, the upper and bottom. In the bottom area, we don’t create any stripes and leave it with just white paint.

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White Wall with Black and Gold lines

White wall with black and gold lines

This design is quite simple, but since we are using a strong contrasting color between white and black/gold, it looks pretty interesting.

The black lines create a lot of contrast against the white, while also adding some elegant finish, while the gold lines complete the design with a stylish glam touch.

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Grey and White Striped Wall

Grey and White Wall

The next idea is a grey and white wall. Instead of creating the same size, in this idea, we create two different strip sizes, a large and a small one.

Then we combine the stripes to create a stylish modern effect.

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Yellow Wall with Artistic White Lines

Yellow wall with white accents

Painting a wall with yellow may be interesting, but sometimes, the striking looks of the yellow paint make it look too much.

Thus, one of the best ways to neutralize and tone it down is by combining some neutral elements with the yellow. And that’s the approach that we try here, where we add some simple white lines to the striking yellow, making it look a bit softer and calmer.

To further elevate the wall, instead of using typical lines, we randomize it a bit to create some creative and artistic looks.

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Dark Blue, Gray, and White Wall

Dark blue, gray, and white wall

This design is pretty simple, but since we are using strong, high-contrasting colors, it looks amazing. The dark blue stands out elegantly against the white base, while the gray paint ties them up to create a more cohesive look.

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Brown and White Small Striped

Brown and White Wall

This idea is a little bit different from any other ideas in this article. Here, we only create small lines and place them in some parts of the wall.

The function is to create a modern and elegant style. This design is perfectly suited for modern or contemporary interior decoration.

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Black and White Wall

Black and White Wall

Black and white never goes out of style. It’s gained a lot of traction in recent years, especially for those who are creating an ultra-modern, contemporary-style interior.

By using this design, you will show to anyone that you have a stylish, elegant, yet creative personality.

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Retro Colorful Wall

Retro colorful wall

This design may not be as packed as other choices, but it still brings strong creative vibes because of the color selection.

The combination of the beige base with colorful, strong, and bold paint makes the entire room look amazing while still feeling quite calm and neutral. This retro-style aesthetic surely will fit any classical, vintage interior design.

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Glam Brown Shades

Brown Striped Wall

If you are looking for a glam touch to complete the looks of your home, then you can try this option. While you can get an option to create this approach using wallpaper, you can also do it yourself by using three different brown paint shades for a much better outcome.

The choice of strong colors makes this wall stand out easily against other elements around it, making it a beautiful centerpiece of your entire space.

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Black Wall with Gold and Marble Accents

Black wall with gold and white marble

This design may be a bit more tricky than the other choices, but it surely will be worth it. Instead of using stripped paint like the others, here we use a combination of white marble and gold stickers to create a stunning, glamorous wall that will be a perfect choice for any contemporary-style interior.

And since it uses black as a backdrop, the beauty of the gold and marble effects will be fully unleashed as a main focal point for the entire space.

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