9 Best Horizontal Striped Wall Paint Ideas

9 Best horizontal striped wall paint ideas to decorate your bedroom's wall, living room's wall, or any wall in your home. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 14th, 2020

There is lot of different ideas to decorate wall in your home, one of the most popular, easy and affordable ones is by creating striped wall paint using 2 or more paint colors combination.

In this article we will share to your our ideas to decorate your wall, using horizontal striped wall paint concept.

1. Brown Horizontal Striped

Our first design is creating simple horizontal striped using two different brown colors, the dark and light ones. The ideas for this one is bit different with another horizontal striped ideas because we only use the strip right in the middle of the wall, not in the entire wall.

The ideas is to create separator to divide the wall into two different section, upper and bottom ones.

We also use a lot wider strip in the middle so it can be a frame to put any wall art.

Brown horizontal wall striped paint ideas
Brown Horizontal Striped Wall Paint Ideas

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2. Green Horizontal Striped Paint

In this idea, we use green paint and create some gradient effect to the wall. You can replicate this ideas by using any different colors.

Don’t forget to put little white striped as separator for each gradient striped to make the wall looks more elegant.

green striped horizontal wall paint ideas
Green Striped Horizontal Wall Paint

3. Pink and White Striped Wall

This concept can be used for women or girls bedroom to create cute and girly interior design. Here we using 3 different colors for the wall paint : pink, light pink and white.

Combination of those colors will create a lovely and soft wall decoration.

pink white wall horizontal striped ideas
Pink and White Wall Paint Ideas

4. Blue and White Horizontal Wall

Our next horizontal striped wall ideas is blue and white wall. This wall concept is perfect for boy or teenager room.

3 different wall paint is used here : blue, light blue and white. You can innovate with different colors but make sure to use the same color scheme to create a more integrated and seamless feels.

blue shades wall paint ideas
Blue and White Striped Wall Paint Ideas

5. Green and White Striped Wall

In this ideas, we use only two paint colors : light green and white, and use a wider striped so the striped can also be a frame to put any wall art.

If you noticed, before we create horizontal striped in this wall, firstly we create some dividers below and divide the wall into 2 different parts, upper and bottom. In the bottom area, we don’t create any horizontal striped and leave it with just white paint. The horizontal striped only created in the upper area.

This method will help create a more elegant look to the wall.

green horizontal striped wall paint ideas
Green and White Horizontal Wall Ideas

6. Grey and White Striped Wall

The next idea is grey and white striped wall. Instead of creating the same size for each strip, in this ideas we create two different strip size, a large and small one.

Then we combine the striped to create modern effect to the wall.

grey and white horizontal wall paint ideas
Grey and White Horizontal Striped Wall

7. Brown and White Small Horizontal Striped

This idea is a little bit different with any other ideas in this article. Here, we only create small striped and only placed in some parts of the wall, not in the entire wall.

The function is to create modern and elegant style to the wall. This wall design is perfectly suited for modern or contemporary interior decoration.

brown and white horizontal striped wall paint
Brown and White Horizontal Wall

8. Black and White Wall

black and white horizontal wall paint ideas
Black and White Horizontal Wall Paint

9. Brown Elegant Horizontal Wall

brown and gold horizontal wall paint ideas
Brown Striped Horizontal Wall

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