10 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Revamp Your Kitchen in Style

Stunning modern kitchen cabinet color ideas for a show-stopping kitchen.

A cabinet is one of the biggest elements inside a kitchen, and that’s why choosing the right cabinet color can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and make or break the entire kitchen appearance.

With an endless array of color options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Based on our experiences, one of the best approaches to make this job easier is to choose kitchen cabinet colors that will fit in with your kitchen design style.

For you who are looking for a modern color for your kitchen cabinets, our expert designers highly recommend white, black, charcoal blue, greige, blue-gray, light gray, gray-green, navy, and teal. These options bring a contemporary modern flair to the cabinetry and easily stand out by adding a touch of character and dramatic visuals to the kitchen. They can also add a touch of elegance, making these cabinet colors a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and functional kitchen aesthetic.

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Read on as we will help you create a modern kitchen that not only reflects your unique style but also helps unlock your kitchen’s full potential. Here are 10 best cabinet colors for modern kitchen :

1. White

Modern white kitchen cabinets

Its clean, minimalist, and sleek appeal makes white an ideal cabinet color for any modern-style kitchen. With crisp and bright attributes, white cabinets can also help make any kitchen feel larger and more open.

Furthermore, white cabinets can become a great backdrop to let any other kitchen elements shine, like the countertops or backsplashes.

2. Black

Modern black kitchen cabinets

Black is another fantastic choice for a kitchen with modern style. This bold aesthetic creates dramatic contrast, especially when combined with light elements such as white countertops or white backsplash.

For a more enhancing modern appeal, combine the black cabinets with sleek aluminum or chrome hardware.

3. Charcoal Blue

Modern charcoal blue kitchen cabinets

If you are looking for a modern cabinet color that looks bold and dramatic, while still bringing some gorgeous hues to enrich your entire kitchen, then you should try charcoal blue.

This choice will maintain a sleek and modern aesthetic, but at the same time spread elegant blue hues to boost the stylish appeal of your kitchen.

4. White with Gray Undertones

Modern white-gray kitchen cabinets

For those who are a bit bored with plain white, then you should try any white with a hint of gray undertones. This option still gives you all the benefits of white but comes with an elegant gray twist that is perfect for any modern or contemporary kitchen.

This color also becomes a brighter and lighter alternative to the typical light gray, giving you a more sleek and crisp appearance.

5. Greige

Modern greige kitchen cabinets

Beige is surely not the best idea when it comes to any modern-style interior. However, if you still need the warmth and aesthetic that it brings, then you can try using greige.

Greige is a beautiful mix of beige and gray, where it combines the warm touch of beige with the elegant and stylish appeal of gray, creating a warm natural color that still maintains a clean and contemporary look.

6. Blue-gray

Modern blue-gray kitchen cabinets

Blue-gray is one of the most popular blue shades for a modern farmhouse kitchen, but actually, it can also be used for any variant of modern decor style. Combining a cool and calming vibe with a modern aesthetic, blue-gray cabinets will give your kitchen a new visual interest without an overwhelming look.

Based on our experience, blue-gray can work well when combined with plenty of white elements around it, so you can try using white marble countertops or white subway tile to unleash the full potential of your blue-gray cabinets.

7. Light Gray

Modern light-gray kitchen cabinets

Although some people may be bored with light gray cabinets, it can still look pretty good especially if you are looking for a clean and minimalist aesthetic. The light gray cabinets can be a versatile backdrop to let any other design elements shine.

To make the light gray kitchen feel more alive, you may need to combine the light gray cabinets with colorful accents, such as yellow, vibrant blue, or fresh green.

8. Gray-Green

Modern gray-green kitchen cabinets

While most green can fit perfectly inside a modern-style kitchen, things are a bit different for this particular shade. The gray-green had strong gray undertones that gave the cabinets a sleek and elegant look, while still maintaining the freshness and tranquility like any other green shades.

Furthermore, as with any typical green, gray-green evokes a relaxing ambiance that will be very beneficial to help you enjoy your cooking time.

9. Navy

Modern navy kitchen cabinets

Another great blue shade for modern kitchen cabinets is navy. With deep blue hue, the navy will create a dramatic contrast with an elegant twist that really takes your kitchen appearance to the next level.

To unleash all the potential of your navy kitchen cabinet, combine it with plain white countertops.

10. Teal

Modern teal kitchen cabinets

Teal is one of the most popular colors for any modern-style interior, and that’s why this option will work nicely as a paint color for your modern kitchen cabinets. Bringing a vibrant and energetic touch, the teal cabinets can instantly catch everyone’s eye.

Furthermore, the teal cabinets will infuse your kitchen with a fresh yet modern vibe, making it a big statement inside your modern-style kitchen.

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