10 Best Flooring Colors That Goes With White Cabinets (Showcase Your Sleek Cabinetry)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 28th, 2024

White cabinets are not only a versatile option that stands the test of time, but they also possess the remarkable ability to make your kitchen space appear larger, brighter, and more spacious.

When it comes to white kitchen cabinets, flooring choices play an important role. The color of your kitchen flooring can either elevate the prominence of your white cabinetry or render it lackluster and uninviting.

Drawing from our extensive journey in the world of interior design, we can confidently say that cream marble, gray tile, and black are the best flooring colors for white cabinets. Those flooring options will boost the purity and sleek aesthetic of the cabinets, making them shine and stand out as the main foundation of the entire kitchen space.

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1. Light Wood

Light wood kitchen floors with white cabinets

Create a kitchen with a soft, minimalist, and clean look by combining light wood flooring with white cabinets. The gentle, natural tones of light-toned wood like birch, white oak, maple, or pine will infuse the space with a welcoming warmth, transforming it into a haven where you can not only prepare meals but also connect with your loved ones. It’s a place where culinary creativity meets comfort, and every moment shared becomes even more cherished.

Furthermore, with the neutral canvas of light wood and white as your foundation, you can let your creativity run wild. You can experiment with bold and eye-catching countertops that make a statement, introduce a vibrant backsplash that adds a pop of personality, or even opt for glamorous gold appliances that bring a touch of luxury to the heart of your home.

2. Cream Marble Tile

Cream marble tile floors

Cream marble possesses the remarkable capability to introduce an essence of opulence into any space. Furthermore, this option will serve as a welcoming canvas, providing a backdrop that allows white kitchen cabinets to radiate with purity and brightness.

The natural veining and patterns in the cream marble further enhance the visual interest, adding depth and character to the overall design.

Overall, this stunning pair creates a captivating and dynamic contrast, transforming your kitchen into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

3. Gray

Gray floors

Gray flooring, whether it’s gray ceramic tile, gray vinyl plank, gray concrete, gray natural stone, or gray marble tile, can bring a touch of elegance to modernize and enhance the overall kitchen design. It also serves as a neutral backdrop, unleashing the full potential of the white cabinets.

The subtle sophistication of the gray flooring lends a sense of timelessness to the space, making it an excellent choice for contemporary kitchens that seek a balance between style and functionality.

4. Brown

Brown tile flooring

Comes with rich, earthy tones, brown flooring materials can create a grounding effect, anchoring the space and providing a comforting contrast to the pristine white cabinetry.

This combination infuses the kitchen with a sense of coziness and familiarity, making it a welcoming hub for both family and guests.

Additionally, this stunning option offers versatility, allowing for a range of design choices, from rustic vintage to modern contemporary, making it a perfect canvas to express your personal style.

5. Dark Wood

Dark wood floors

If you’re in search of a flooring option that can infuse a classical, rustic touch into your kitchen, then dark wood is undoubtedly the best choice.

When paired with white-painted cabinets, dark hardwood floors have the ability to shine, effortlessly introducing a fresh rustic allure that elevates the entire kitchen to a new level of sophistication.

The rich, deep tones of dark hardwood flooring create a captivating contrast with the bright white cabinets, emphasizing the beauty of both elements and transforming your kitchen into a welcoming space for culinary creations and cherished gatherings.

6. Black

Black floors

Black and white is a classic color palette that never loses its elegant sophistication. Whether you choose black porcelain tiles, exquisite black marble tiles, or black luxury vinyl flooring, these options serve as a bold and striking backdrop that enhances the sleekness of white cabinetry.

The stark contrast between the deep, dark tones and the crisp purity of white creates a captivating visual dynamic that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

The synergy of black and white in your kitchen design ensures that it remains a tasteful and inviting space for years to come, a true testament to the enduring allure of this classic palette.

7. Dark Blue

Dark blue ceramic tile

Another bold choice that you need to consider is dark blue. Dark blue ceramic tile flooring not only brings a dramatic touch to the white-kitchen environment but also imbues the space with bold tranquility and sophistication.

The deep, rich hue of dark blue grounds the space, providing a beautiful backdrop that makes sleek white kitchen cabinets pop and appear even more luminous.

Additionally, integrating dark blue tile can pave the way for incorporating complementary accents, such as metallic fixtures or vibrant textiles, further enriching the kitchen’s design with layers of texture and color.

8. Whitewashed Wood

Whitewashed wood

If you want to maintain white as the main theme of your kitchen while simultaneously adding a layer of natural beauty and warmth, then you can opt for whitewashed wood or white laminate flooring.

This option brings a light, airy feel to the space, complementing the clean lines and simplicity of white cabinetry. It’s a perfect choice for creating a simple, minimalist style kitchen design.

Overall, the soft, muted tones of whitewashed wood create a serene backdrop that encourages a relaxed and inviting ambiance, ideal for both cooking and entertaining.

9. Red Wood

Red wood

Red-toned wood like red oak, cherry, or mahogany, offers a stunning and luxurious flooring option that has the power to infuse your white kitchen with an abundance of warmth and character.

The deep and rich wood tones create an inviting contrast with the pristine white surroundings, adding depth and a sense of coziness to the space.

The warm undertones of these kinds of wood evoke a feeling of timeless elegance, making your kitchen a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing area for both cooking and gathering with family and friends.

10. Terracotta

Terracotta tile

Terracotta presents an excellent floor color choice to complement white kitchen cabinets due to its warm, earthy tones and timeless appeal.

Its natural hue adds depth and character to the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that contrasts beautifully with the crispness of white cabinetry.

Additionally, terracotta tiles are durable and easy to clean, making them practical for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. This versatile option effortlessly bridges modern and traditional styles, infusing the space with warmth and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are patterned floors a good idea for kitchens with white cabinets, and how do I choose the right pattern?

Yes, patterned tiles are indeed a great choice to give your kitchen some dynamic visual appeal that elevates the overall aesthetic. Whether you choose classic patterns or modern geometric designs, they will beautifully complement the sleek cabinetry.

Kitchen with geometric cement tile

Given the white foundation of your kitchen, the tile pattern will effortlessly stand out and draw attention. However, selecting an overly intricate pattern may divert focus solely to the flooring, overshadowing other elements in the kitchen. Therefore, we highly recommend opting for a subtle pattern rather than a complex one.

How can I make a small kitchen with white cabinets feel bigger with the right flooring color?

Selecting the perfect flooring color is pivotal in maximizing the perceived size and spaciousness of a small kitchen. To achieve optimal results, opt for materials that boast bright, light colors and possess a high reflective quality, such as pristine white ceramic tiles or elegant cream glass tiles.

Small white kitchen

Additionally, prioritize large tiles over smaller ones to minimize the amount of grouting needed, thereby creating a visually seamless surface within the limited space.

This strategic approach not only enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a sense of openness and airiness, making the area feel larger and more inviting.

What are the pros and cons of using bold flooring colors in a kitchen with white cabinets?


  • Dark or bold materials will produce striking contrast, making the cabinetry feel brighter and stand out as the centerpiece of the kitchen.
  • Dark flooring will add depth and drama, enhancing the visual aesthetic of the entire space. Its bold presence can lend a sense of sophistication and modernity to the kitchen design.
  • Low maintenance: Dark options tend to conceal dirt, dust, and stains better than lighter alternatives, requiring less frequent cleaning and upkeep.
Kitchen with dark brown hardwood


  • Dark kitchen flooring can make the space feel a bit dim and gloomy, necessitating the addition of extra lighting to brighten up the room. Furthermore, this additional lighting may increase energy consumption and utility costs.
  • The dramatic contrast provided by dark materials may not suit every kitchen style or aesthetic preference. It’s essential to consider the overall design concept and lighting conditions before committing to this bold choice.
  • While dark choices can hide dirt and stains well, it may also show scratches, scuffs, and imperfections more visibly than lighter alternatives, requiring careful maintenance to preserve its appearance over time.

How do I match my kitchen floor with the countertops and white cabinets for a cohesive look?

For a seamless and harmonious design, it’s recommended to select either the same color or, ideally, identical materials for both the countertops and flooring. This consistency ensures a cohesive aesthetic that ties the kitchen elements together effortlessly.

Kitchen with gray countertops and gray floor tile

For instance, if your countertops feature elegant black marble, extending this choice to the flooring with black marble tiles creates a unified and sophisticated appearance. This matching approach not only enhances visual continuity but also adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the overall kitchen ambiance.

Additionally, mirroring materials between countertops and flooring can visually expand the space, creating a sense of cohesion and spaciousness that elevates the kitchen’s design.

What are the best low-maintenance flooring options for a kitchen with white cabinets?

Best low-maintenance flooring

Dark tile options, like black or dark blue tiles, can be considered the best low-maintenance flooring choice for white-themed kitchens.

The tile material’s robust stain resistance ensures durability against spills, splashes, and everyday messes, making it an ideal option for busy households.

Moreover, the dark hue not only camouflages dirt effectively but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

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