10 Beautiful and Glamorous Gold Wall Decor Ideas

10 Best gold wall decor ideas to create an elegant, beautiful and glamorous home. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 14th, 2021

Decorating an empty space on your wall using gold decoration concept is one of the best solutions to create a glamorous and elegant ambient into your home. However, creating this kind of decor often becomes a tricky job, a little mistake can ruin the entire home decor style and can make it look flashy and tasteless.

For this reason, our interior specialist team create 10 gorgeous original gold wall decor that we hope can give you some new ideas and inspiration for creating your own glamorous decoration.

In this list, mostly we make a simple gold decor that still provides a luxurious and attractive effect. Thus, our decor concepts can be applied easily in almost all room interior design styles, especially for modern and classic ones.

All decoration items to create all of the decor ideas on this list are very easy to get, you can even buy them online where we provide a direct link to an e-commerce site for each item in case you are interested in buying them. So, you can easily change the look of your boring wall into a much more attractive and classy walls easily and quickly.

Let’s get started, here they are :

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Beautiful luxurious wall decor with gold geometric cross metal wall art
Beautiful luxurious wall using geometric cross wall art

Beautiful Luxuriuos Wall using Gold Wall Decor Metal Art

Change the look of your empty walls to be more artistic and classy with this modern geometric cross wall art. This decoration item is perfect to be a focal point in any room, thanks to its unique shape and shining vibrant color.

One of the perfect locations to place this wall art is on the wall behind the bed inside the bedroom. However, this wall art is also works well when used in another locations, such as in the living room.

Installation process is also quite easy, you can easily do it yourself at home, and, you can change your boring wall to be much more elegant and attractive in just a few minutes.

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Vintage gold wall decor using gold wall decor stickers
Vintage gold wall decor using gold wall decor stickers

Unique Vintage Gold Wall Decor using Metallic Dots Wall Stickers

Changing the appearance of a wall to be more attractive doesn’t always require a lot of money, this wall decor is a good example, which can be made with less than 10 dollar. Yes, just using a simple decorative decal dots sticker that is very affordable, you can change the look of your wall with easy and affordable.

With 200 stickers for each pack, you can use your own creativity to arrange those dots stickers on your wall to create any gold style effect that you want, including a luxurious ones.

Although the main purpose of this wall sticker is for a nursery room, this stickers also works well for any other rooms such as bedroom, living room or dining room.

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Gorgeous wall decor using gold wall hanging picture frame
Stylish decor ideas using gold wall hanging picture frame

Gold Decor using Glam Picture Frame

This wall decor concept has 2 different functions, first, to decorate an empty wall in your room, and second, to save the memories of you and your family.

Consisting of 3 different frames in a set, you can easily adjust the placement those three picture frames to create different effects that you want.

With a classic yet luxurious metal chain hanger, it gives an unique impression to everyone who sees this photo frame. With a beautiful gold color finish, this item is a must-have item for you who have a gold style home decoration.

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Gold sunburst round wall mirror
Gold round wall mirror

Gorgeous Wall using Stylish Sunburst Round Wall Mirror

Today, mirrors are not only used for makeup, but also works as a decoration items, and it can also help make a room look more spacious. If you need all of these functions, then this sunburst style gold round wall mirror is the perfect choice for you.

The combination of gold with unique sunburst design can turn a plain wall into a much more beautiful, attractive and eye-catching wall.

Using modern-mid century style, this round mirror is perfect for a room that using that concept. However, this mirror can also be used quite well in any other room concepts such as classic or art deco style.

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Gold and white floating shelf
Gold and white floating shelf

Display Decor Items using White and Gold Floating Shelf

For those of you who have limited space in your home to display any decoration items, plants, or photos of you and your family, then using a floating shelf is one of the best solutions to get extra space to display those items.

And, if you want to do this while still getting the luxurious and elegant gold effect on your wall, then you can use this stylish floating shelf.

With its simple yet attractive appearance, thanks to it’s gold metal and glossy white finishing, making this floating shelf not only works well as an additional storage area, but also works as a wall decoration that can turn your walls to look much more glamorous and artistic.

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White and gold geometric wall planter
Geometric style wall planter

Glamorous, Fresh and Natural Wall Decor Ideas using Geometric Wall Planter

Adding any plants whether it’s original or artificial is one of the best tricks to make the room feel more fresh and natural. You can get this while still making your walls look luxurious with a touch of gold accents using this geometric shape wall planter.

Even though there isn’t too much gold elements in this item, the combination with white glossy finish still makes gold still stand out from this reasonably priced item. On the other hand, the main function of this item still works well where you can store a variety of plants or flowers to make your room feel more fresh and beautiful.

Its unique geometric shape also makes it look artistic and far more attractive compared to another vases and planters.

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Glamorous wall decor using gold wall picture artwork with gold foil
Gold wall pictures artwork

Artistic Luxurious Wall Decor with Abstract Canvas Wall Art

One of the easiest and simplest ways to turn a boring wall into a more glamorous ones is by installing a gold wall pictures artwork. One of the best wall art recommendations with gold accents that we have ever used for our interior design is this canvas wall art.

With its abstract and unique interlacing circle, this wall art looks very artistic and makes the room look more classy. Also, this wall art is also very suitable to be the main focal point for a room where anyone will instantly look at it when enter the room.

Another advantage of this canvas wall art is this wall art has a 3d effect that depicts light and motion in a way that other art can’t.

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Gold metallic oval wall planter vases
Gold metallic oval vases

Luxurious Industrial Wall using Modern Metallic Gold-Tone Oval Ceramic Oval Wall-Mounted Vases

Using ordinary vases to store plants is boring, isn’t it? That’s why, in the next decor ideas we use a unique wall hanging vase with a very beautiful and artistic metallic gold finish.

This Vase is perfect for various types of plants, both real plants or artificial ones. In addition to its beautiful finishing, its unique oval shape makes this vase looks very attractive when mounted on your wall and works great to add a beautiful look to your room.

There are 3 different sizes of vases for each set, where you can use your own creativity to arrange those vases to create display effects that you desire.

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Elegant gold wall decor using gold wallpaper
Simple Two tone wall using wallpaper

Elegant Wall Decor using Wallpaper

Another ideas to decorate a walls in gold color scheme is to use gold wallpaper to create a luxurious and attractive effect on your wall.

Instead of using the wallpaper to cover the entire wall, you can be creative by using a simple horizontal stripe using these wallpaper to create gold accent on the wall.

Furthermore, you can install any variety of decor items such as wall art, picture frames, or other wall hangings decor above the part of the walls that covered by the wallpaper. And the result, the wall decoration will look very elegant and luxurious.

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gold and white metal shelf
Simple elegant 5-tier wall shelf

Display Decoration Items on Your Walls using White and Gold Metal Shelf

If you want to decorate your walls while getting additional space to store your various items, then this tall gold and white metal shelf might suit you. Consisting of five large sized shelves, you can store lots of items here, ranging from photo frames, flower vases, books, and other items.

In addition, this beautiful shelf also has a simple but attractive appearance that can make your wall look more attractive, thanks to the combination of gold metal with white glossy shelf.

That’s 10 gold wall ideas created by our team, hopefully you can get lots of inspiration and new ideas after reading this article.