20 Best Curtain Colors for White Walls

20 Gorgeous curtain ideas for any room with white walls Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 22nd, 2023

Interior design trends have been shifted from glam, rich, and colorful to a more simple, minimalist, and clean one. And that’s the reason why white walls gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. The white wall can also be a perfect foundation for any decorating style, from luxurious classical looks to a stunning modern farmhouse, literally, any decor style can be created inside any room with white walls.

Another advantage of a white-painted wall is that you can add any color to it, and it would never go wrong. This gives you an unlimited color option that you can easily incorporate into your space to achieve the looks that you dream of.

Today, we will share with you the 20 best curtain colors that based on our experiences, outperform other choices when it comes to white walls. Without further ado, here they are :

What Color Curtain Go with White Walls?

White Curtains

Living room with white walls and white curtains
White walls with white curtains

In most cases, using a curtain that had the same – or at least similar color to the wall can produce the best result. This way, the curtains, and the walls will look perfectly flawless and make the curtains integrated nicely against the wall.

Furthermore, using white curtains on white walls can also keep the clean and sleek appearance of your home, and additionally, gives more space in case you want to add other colors to your room using other elements.

Ivory Curtains

Living room with white walls and ivory curtains
White walls with ivory curtains

Alternatively, you can use the ivory curtains. Actually, ivory will bring a very similar result as pure white curtains, but it comes with a bit warmer look.

Ivory curtains will also provide a bit of contrast against the white wall, making it can be visually distinguishable while still keeping the seamless and flawless connections with the wall.

Beige and White Curtains

White walls with beige and white curtains
White walls with beige and white curtains

Beige is a neutral, versatile option that undoubtedly can fit into any scheme. But you can go even further and makes the curtains looks even better with white walls by using any beige curtains that had some white accents or pattern in them like the one that we used in the image above.

By choosing these kinds of curtains, not only they will provide a warm vibe to make your home feel more welcoming, but also the curtains and the wall will look perfectly seamless.

Light Gray Curtains

Living room with white walls and light gray curtains
White walls with light gray curtains

For any homeowners who need a twist of elegance to their living room with white walls, light gray curtains can be the perfect option.

While these curtains will still have a light and bright appearance – very similar to the walls, they will spread some elegant and modern feels to the overall looks.

Charcoal Curtains

Living room with white walls and charcoal gray curtains
White walls with charcoal gray curtains

Or, if you need an even stronger and more intense option, you can opt for darker gray curtains such as dark gray or charcoal gray.

These kinds of curtains not only will give a lot of bold and elegant looks, but also create a strong contrast against the white walls, adding a serious depth to your space.

Sage and White Curtains

White walls with sage and white curtains
White walls with sage and white curtains

Sage is a trending shade in current interior design trends, that’s why we want to incorporate this beauty into this list. However, even though any plain sage curtains will look quite well with white walls, we prefer to use any sage curtains that had some white pattern in them.

The white elements of sage and white curtains help blend the curtains and the walls, making them go together in harmony, while the sage elements embrace a fresh and natural vibe to make the room feel more alive.

Pale Yellow Curtains

Living room with white walls and pale yellow curtains
White walls with pale yellow curtains

If you need to lift up the mood of your white-themed home, then using any yellow curtains can be a great options for you.

However, to get the best results, we tend to choose any pale yellow shades as they had a much softer and subtle looks compared to any typical yellow shades, avoiding the curtains to overly dominated the looks and become a awkward distractions.

White Curtains with Yellow Accents

Living room with white walls and white curtains with yellow accents
White curtains with yellow accents

Another great ways to add a bit of cheerful and happiness to your space is by using the white and yellow curtains. These kinds of curtains will bring some vibrant splash of yellow, while still looking integrated with the white walls behind them.

To get the best results, we tend to choose any curtains with majority of white pattern, and only had some small hints of yellow in it.

Navy Curtains

Living room with white walls and navy curtains
White walls with navy curtains

If you want to make your white-themed interior have a more serious look, then you can try incorporating the navy curtains. This bold choice will makes an instant impact and boost the elegance to the entire room, while at the same time still providing a bit of airy and calmness vibe as any typical blue.

To avoid it looks awkward, you can mix this navy curtains with some additional navy items, such as navy rug or navy artworks.

Muted Blue Curtains

Living room with white walls and muted blue curtains
White walls with muted blue curtains

However, some of you may prefer a lighter blue rather than navy, and this is one that we highly recommended.

The muted blue combine a light blue hue with a bit of gray undertone, making it looks more neutral compared to any similar blue. And this neutral appearance help it blend nicely against any white elements around it, including the white walls.

White and Blue Curtains

Living room with white and blue curtains
White walls with blue and white curtains

This is another great alternatives for any homeowners who want to incorporate blue to the scheme, but still want to had the perfectly seamless and harmonious looks between the curtains and the walls behind it.

The white and blue curtains work beautifully to bring the tranquil and airy vibe as the main character of any blue shades, and at the same time, the white pattern helps it blend with the white walls.

Gray and White Curtains

White walls with gray and white curtains
White walls with gray and white curtains

This is another great curtain that not only provides some serious depth and contrast but also fits seamlessly inside any white living room or white bedroom.

You can also be using the gray and white curtains to create a trendy monochromatic interior.

Mint Curtains

Living room with white walls and mint curtains
White walls with mint curtains

Actually, most light green shade will works quite well with white walls, however, mint is one of our favorite among them. Unlike any similar light green, mint had a bit of blue-hue in it, creating a beautiful mix between the freshness of green with the calmness of blue.

Incorporating mint items can also helped turned any room into a relaxing and serene spaces.

Teal Curtains

Living room with white walls and teal curtains
White walls with teal curtains

If you want any bolder green shades, then you may try combining teal curtains with white walls. Unlike most green shades, teal will provide a lot of elegance and velvety looks, and that’s why this curtains can be a perfect choice for you who want to create a modern, contemporary or glam luxurious interior.

Taupe Curtains

Living room with white walls and taupe curtains
White walls with taupe curtains

Taupe and white can be a beautiful natural combinations where the warmth of the taupe meets the cool white, creating a classic, well-balanced, and comfy looks to your interior.

These soft combinations will also provide you plenty of rooms to add more colors to your palette, as they will serve as a perfect neutral background that will make any colors or elements to stand out.

Dark Brown Curtains

Living room with white walls and dark brown curtains
White walls with dark brown curtains

This is another classic combination that never goes wrong. Dark brown curtains come with strong, earthy looks that will easily turn any boring and monotonous spaces to become a more welcoming and inviting ones, especially when combined with white elements.

This can also be a great choice for you who want to make your curtains to stand out and becomes one main special feature for your interior.

Brown and White Curtains

Living room with white walls and brown curtains
Brown curtains with white accents

However, the most common problem with the brown curtains is that they purely work against the white walls, this can be good for you who want it to stand out and need a lot of contrast, but for one who looking for some connections, the plain brown curtains may not be a great choice.

But don’t worry, you can still make the brown curtains looks in harmony with white walls by choosing any brown and white curtains. These kind of curtains still had the dominant looks as any typical brown curtains, but it’s white pattern helped to tone-it down and make the curtains blend nicely against white walls.

Canary Yellow Curtains

White and canary yellow living room decor ideas
Canary yellow curtains with white walls

Canary yellow is a beautiful, well-balanced yellow shades that sit on the middle spectrum, making it had enough vibrancy and brightness, but not in overly intense manner such as any dark or bright yellow shades.

And this perfect balance helped these canary yellow curtains to blend nicely inside any white interior scheme, while still doing their typical job to light up the mood of the entire space.

Mustard Curtains

Living room with mustard yellow curtains and white walls
Mustard yellow curtains with white walls

This is another great yellow shade that you can consider to be used inside your white living room. Unlike most yellow shades, mustard comes in a bit elegance and bold looks, and this can really makes a big difference especially for any neutral-themed interior.

Furthermore, the beautiful sunshine-like appearance of the mustard curtains can boost the atmosphere and makes your home feel more alive.

White and Gold Curtains

White and gold curtains
White and gold curtains

No colors that can beat gold when it comes to create a glamorous or luxurious looks. And although curtains is a non common ways to incorporate gold, but you can still resulting a very interesting results.

The white and gold curtains can easily stand out even though they only had some hint of gold elements, so they can be a great options for you who want to make your curtains to be prominent without overly dominating the entire space.

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