8 Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (To Make Your Dream Rustic Kitchen Come True)

Unleash the charm of your kitchen using these beautiful backsplash ideas. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : July 3rd, 2023

Rustic style kitchen regained a lot of popularity in recent years. The main reason for this is because rustic decor style offers plenty of warmth, charm, and natural aesthetic that difficult to achieve using other kitchen style.

Embrace natural beauty and authenticity of raw materials and earthy texture, rustic kitchen will creates a cozy and inviting kitchen spaces that will makes you enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

However, to achieving a perfect rustic-style kitchen comes with some challenges. And of the most common one is the difficulties to find the right backsplashes that can blend in with the rest of the kitchen.

In this article, we will share with you some inspiring rustic backsplash ideas that will perfectly captures the rustic essence of your kitchen. Here they are.

8 Best Backsplashes for Rustic Kitchen


Rustic kitchen with brick backsplash
Brick backsplash

Without any doubt, this brick backsplash is one of our most favorite choice when it comes to rustic kitchen. The organic, natural appearance of unfinished brick instantly adds warmth, texture, and character to the kitchen, while also evoking a sense of charm and authenticity.

The imperfect surface of brick also boost the rustic appeal, creating a visually intriguing backdrop for the kitchen.


Rustic kitchen with concrete backsplash
Concrete backsplash

Concrete is another common material for rustic-style interior, and that’s why this option can be a great addition to any rustic kitchen.

You can keep the concrete unfinished for a more natural and authentic looks, or paint it for a more clean and vibrant appeal. The neutral tone of the concrete provide a versatile backdrop that blend effortlessly with various elements inside your kitchen, such as wood or metal accents.

Cement Geometric Tile

Rustic kitchen with cement geometric tile backsplash
Cement geometric tile backsplash

If you want to combine rustic charm with some classical beauty, then you can try using cement geometric tiles for your backsplash. The geometric pattern give your kitchen a visually captivating looks, while the cement finishes keeps the rustic authenticity.

Small White Tile

Rustic kitchen with small white tile backsplash
Small white tile backsplash

Use your backsplash as clean and sleek backdrop that unleash all the potential of your rustic materials by using small white tile. The simplicity and neutral looks of white tile not only highlight all of your rustic elements, but it can also blend easily with the rest of the kitchen.

With high-reflective feature, the white tile backsplash can help make the kitchen feel more open and spacious.

Wood Plank

Rustic kitchen with wood plank backsplash
Wood plank backsplash

Since wood is a staple element for a beautiful rustic design, it can be a great backsplash option to boost the rustic charm of your kitchen.

You can use the same type of wood for your backsplash and other wooden elements to keep a cohesive looks, or using a different wood tone for a more rich and depth appeal.

Unfinished Plaster

Rustic kitchen with unfinished plaster backsplash
Unfinished plaster backsplash

Another insteresting backsplash option for rustic kitchen is keep the plaster wall unfinished. This will expose the textural beauty and authetic raw appeal that perfectly complement the rustic design.

Furthermore, the rough and imperfect surface of the plaster gives your kitchen a unique, authentic feels.

Vintage Pattern Tile

Rustic kitchen with vintage pattern tile backsplash
Vintage pattern tile backsplash

Infuse your rustic kitchen with some classical retro beauty by using tile with vintage pattern. The intricate design of this kind of tiles makes your backsplash a captivating focal point, while still complement the rustic aesthetic.

With wide range of pattern and colors available, you can easily choose the one that suit your personal style and character.

Stone Tile

Rustic kitchen with stone tile backsplash
Stone tile backsplash

If you want to boost more natural, earthy materials inside your kitchen, then you can try using stone backsplash.

For a more affordable and simpler option, you can use fake stone tile, but you can also use the real stone for a more organic and authentic appeal.

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