What Color Tile Makes A Room Look Bigger? (8 Best Choices for Small Spaces)

Expand the visual of your small spaces using these big impact tile colors. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 25th, 2023

As one of the largest element inside any room, flooring color can becomes your secret weapon to help make your space feel larger and more spacious. Moreover, the reflective effects that tile color have can bring a big impact on a room’s perceived size and ambiance.

In this article, we’ll give you some awesome tile color ideas that not only will help makes your room feels bigger, but also will be a great foundation for you to create a stunning interior spaces.

8 Best Tile Colors to Make Room Look Bigger


Small room with white tile
White tile

If you doesn’t want to overcomplicate things and go with the most straightforward option, then the obvious answer is white. The white tile can gives the most lightness, brightness, and reflective effect to helps makes any space feel much more open and spacious.

With clean and minimalist appeal, white tile can also making the room feel less cluttered. Lastly, white can be a very versatile base to give you unlimited possibility for your interior design style.


Small room with cream tile
Cream tile

Cream is a great alternative to white, especially if you want a hint of warmth to spread all across your room.

The soft and warm hues of cream tile also creates a sense of airiness and spaciousness, help visually expanding your spaces. And since it’s still a neutral, you can had wide-range of color options that you can add to your color palette.


Small room with cool-blue tile
Cool-blue tile

If you want to makes your home feel larger while also looks rich and alive, then you can try using cool-blue tile for your flooring.

The cool tones of this kind of tile have a receding effect, visually expanding the perceived dimensions of the room. Moreover, the serene and calming nature of cool-blue tiles creates a sense of openness and depth.

Light Yellow

Small room with light yellow tile
Light yellow tile

Bring sunny tones to your home by using light yellow tile. This kind of tile can evoke a sense of openness and brightness, reflects plenty of natural and artificial light.

The warm tones of light yellow can also giving a cheerful and uplifting feel to the interior.


Small room with beige tile
Beige tile

Beige is a neutral choice that will also becomes a great options to creates the illusion of a larger and bigger space inside any room.

Another reason why you should use beige is that it can works with literally any interior style, from classic traditional to modern.

Mint Green

Small room with mint green tile
Mint green tile

Bring subtle hint of fresh and natural to your home by using mint-green tile. This beautiful option will evoke fresh and calming effect that make any room feel more serene and spacious.

For an even better result, you can combining mint-green floors with white or cream walls.

Pale Blue

Small room with light pale blue tile
Pale blue tile

Pale blue may not have as much reflective effects as other options in this list, but it still a great options for any small spaces.

Thank’s to its serene and calming character, the pale blue tile will makes any room feel refreshing and airy, thus make the room feel more expansive and inviting.

Light Gray

Small room with light gray tile
Light gray tile

With neutral and understated tones, light gray tile can visually expand any room, giving a sense of openness and spaciousness. The lighter tone of the gray, the better.

With elegant and timeless aesthetic, light gray tile will allow you to blend in any kind of design styles, from classic to contemporary.