10 Gorgeous Pink Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 20th, 2024

Creating an accent wall is a simple and affordable solution to upgrade your room to make look more stylish. The trend of using accent wall was popular decades ago, but today, this style has regained its popularity as many homeowners and interior designers make use of accent wall to create stunning rooms.

An accent wall can be a centerpiece of the room, and that’s why most people go with bold or vibrant colors when creating an accent wall. This kind of color can create a contrasting effect that will make those walls stand out among others.

But if you prefer a more calming color for your accent wall, don’t worry, with the right design, any natural and soft colors can be used as well for creating a beautiful accent wall. Today, we will show you that using soft colors can produce an amazing accent that still looks soothing and calming. And the color that we choose is pink.

Our interior design team created 10 different room designs with a pink accent wall, and here are the results :

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Contemporary Style Bedroom with Pink and Wood Accent Wall

Charming contemporary bedroom

For this project, we designed a contemporary-style bedroom and created an accent wall using pink and wood combinations. This combination works great where pink creates a glamorous yet calming ambient, while the wood will bring more natural and fresh looks. This accent wall looks fantastic even without any additional decoration items.

One key that makes this combination work is arranging the narrow wood board in a vertical position. This helps to create a more modern look in the bedroom.

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Beautifull Small Classic Bedroom

Beautiful classic bedroom

Pink and white are the perfect combinations to create soothing and tranquil spaces, as you can see in this bedroom. While most of the wall is painted using white, we created a simple yet beautiful accent wall behind the bed.

Although the size of the accent wall is quite small, it still stands out and becomes the center of attention for everyone entering the bedroom.

To finish this design, we use one large abstract wall art with some splash of subtle colors to keep it looking flawless with the accent wall.

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Glam Modern Pink Bedroom Accent Wall

Glamorous bedroom

This design brings more evidence that pink can blend very well with wood materials. In this project, we separated the accent wall into 2 different parts, the bottom ones that were covered with laminate wood and the upper part that we painted with pink.

To add some glam effects, we added some glam gold decorative elements to the accent wall.

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Charming Contemporary Minimalist Bedroom

Contemporary minimalist bedroom

Mostly, the wall behind the bed is chosen to become an accent wall in the bedroom. But for this project, we tried a different approach as we used the wall beside the bed with a window to become our accent wall, and the result was quite interesting.

With the help of a light pink color that will blend well with minimalist-style decor, the wall looks beautiful, and calming, and blends very well with the entire bedroom decor. Finally, to infuse more pink into the bedroom, we used gorgeous bedding.

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Gorgeous Art-deco Bedroom with Pink Wall

Art-deco bedroom

Classical art-deco-style bedrooms are famous for their luxurious and glamorous looks, but for this bedroom, we want to slightly reduce those effects and create a softer ambiance.

This is achieved by using a pink bedroom wall. This wall blends perfectly with the classical style while helping balance the vibe inside this bedroom.

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Minimalist Living Room with a Pink Accent Wall

Minimalist living room

The first design that we created is this minimalist-style living space. As you can see, pink can blend very well with minimalist decor especially when it is combined with natural colors such as white or gray. The accent wall in this living room is quite simple but it can become the most interesting part of the entire room.

Combined with some grayscale wall art in a white frame to make the wall more artistic yet still look simple, this accent wall can make everyone in the room feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Rustic Living Room with Pink Accent Wall

Rustic-style living room

If you ever think that pink won’t be matched with rustic decor then you should see this design. Here, we created a dusty pink accent wall in the living room that uses a rustic style, and the result is very interesting.

For the accent wall, we slightly painted an unfinished stucco wall using pink paint to keep the stain and retro looks from the wall. This is the key to keeping the accent wall looking flawless with the entire rustic decor.

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Elegant Living Room with Blush Pink Accent Wall

Elegant and charming living room

A Pink painted wall also can be used to bring a more elegant style into the living room, such as this one. As you can see, this accent wall is quite simple.

The important thing to achieve elegant looks with a simple wall like this is to choose the perfect shade. Another key is to choose the right wall art/wall decor items, they can complement the wall while also adding a more elegant touch to the entire space.

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Pink Accent Wall with Blue Sofa

Living room with blue sofa

If you are using a lot of blue furniture, including a blue sofa, then a hot pink accent wall can be the perfect choice. This kind of accent wall can blend flawlessly with the blue interior and create a soothing yet elegant and stylish effect to the room.

As you can see in this design we created a pink wall behind the blue sofa, and this combination works great and creates some contrast that looks amazing.

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Pink Entertainment Wall with Mounted TV

Charming entertainment wall behind TV

When used in the room, an accent wall can be a perfect place to mount the TV. Usually, dark paint colors are used for this kind of accent wall, but for this project, we created a different approach by painting the accent wall using pink. And we are quite happy with the results as the accent wall looks very beautiful.

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