Rose Gold Decor for Bedroom (10 Beautiful Ideas)

10 Beautiful and sweet rose gold decor ideas for bedroom. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 17th, 2021

Rose gold is a unique color that can bring glamorous yet warmth feels into any space. It’s much softer than any typical gold, yet much more stylish and captivating than the usual pink. Furthermore, rose gold has an eye-catching glamorous looks with a perfect amount of sweetness that is perfect to create a pretty, soothing room.

Thus, many homeowners – especially woman, love to use this color for their bedroom decoration, either for the main color scheme or for just an accent ones.

If you are one of them, you are on the right page. Here in this article we will share to you 10 beautiful ideas to incorporate rose gold touch to your bedroom to make it look shiny and beautiful. And here they are :

10 Beautiful Rose Gold Decoration for Bedroom

1. Rose Gold Decor Using Wall Art

Rose gold wall art for bedroom
Bedroom with rose gold wall art

One of the most easy and simplest ways to add a touch of rose gold beauty to your bedroom space is by using the rose gold wall art. This kind of wall art usually comes in stylish and charming art design.

If you want to keep it simple, you can choose any inspirational or quote wall art such as the one that we used on the image above. Or, if you want to be more artistic, you can choose any abstract geometric style rose gold art.

To make it even better, wrap those wall art in rose gold frame to produce a stunning result.

2. Rose Gold Wall Clock

Rose gold wall clock to decorate bedroom wall
Unique rose gold wall clock

Another rose gold decor for bedroom ideas is by using a rose gold wall clock. Rose gold wall clock usually comes in unique shape and design, thus it can be a great item to became a main focal point for your bedroom wall.

Beside the design and style, you can also play with the size. If you had a large empty space in your wall, than you can go with a large size wall clock. But for a small bedroom, it’s highly recommended to go with the smaller ones.

One important thing to consider before you are choosing to use any rose gold wall clock is to make sure you had any sufficient contrast between the wall paint color and the rose gold clock to ensure its produce a wonderful effects.

Any light neutral colors such as white or light gray would be the best wall color for a rose gold wall clock. Otherwise, you should avoid using it on any pink wall.

3. Rose Gold Decor for Bedroom Using String Light

Rose gold string light decor ideas for bedroom
Pretty rose gold string light for bedroom decor

If you prefer a more casual and chic style to decorate your bedroom wall with rose gold accent, than you can use rose gold string light.

As you can see in our design above, the string light works great to create a cozy bedroom decor and at the same time bring a warm and romantic ambient at night.

4. Rose Gold Nightstand

Elegant black and rose gold nightstand
Simple elegant black and rose gold nightstand

Nightstand is an essential item for any bedroom. It’s great addition in term of functionality as it can bring additional storage space to your room and also can be a great place to keep any of your nighttime essential within reach.

On top of that, nightstand also can be a great decorative addition to enhance the look of your bedroom, and if you want to bring some luxuriousness of rose gold element into your space, than you can achieve it by using rose gold nightstand.

When choosing the perfect rose gold nightstand to be placed alongside your bed, design and style is one of the most important thing to consider.

You have to make sure that you choose the ones that suit and match with your current bedroom decoration style.

Another important thing is choosing the right finishes and color. In most cases, using a nightstand with all rose gold finishes wouldn’t work well. For example, you can see in our design above where we prefer using black and rose gold nightstand. You can find more info and ideas about rose gold nightstand in this article : best rose gold nightstand.

5. Rose Gold Bedroom Decor using Wall Mirror

Rose gold framed wall mirror
Twin rose gold framed wall mirror in small bedroom

Wall mirror can be a very beneficial items for any bedroom – especially the small ones. This items not only can help make the room feels brighter as it can reflect a lot of lights, but most importantly, it can make the space feels and looks much more spacious.

If you had a small sized bedroom, than we are highly recommend that you add one or two pieces of medium-large size wall mirror.

In addition, you can use this mirror to add some rose gold accent to your space by using rose gold framed mirror.

As you can see in the image above, where we add a pair of full height mirror with pretty rose gold finishes frame that works great not only to help make the small bedroom feel a bit larger, but also it’s beautiful rose gold frame bring some luxurious eye-catching looks that instantly make the entire space much more attractive.

6. Rose Gold Pendant Light

beautiful and elegant rose gold pendant light
Decorate bedroom with rose gold pendant light

If you need additional extra light sources while at the same time you want to add some rose gold touches to your bedroom, than you can use a pair of rose gold pendant light to help you solve both problems at once.

Today, there are a lot of different design and style of rose gold nightstand that is available on the market. You can easily find the ones that you loved that will match and blend flawlessly with your current bedroom decor style.

7. Rose Gold Decoration for Bedroom using Vases/Planter

Rose gold bedroom decor using rose gold vases
Fresh and stylish rose gold vases

If you love greenery and had some plants, flowers or vegetation inside your bedroom, why not change those vases using the ones that had rose gold accent? The combination of natural looks of the plants and the elegance from the rose gold vases create a unique fresh, stylish and glamorous feeling.

This rose gold decor for bedroom approach is one of the most cheap and affordable solution for you who want to add some rose gold accent into your bedroom without breaking your budget.

8. Rose Gold Table Lamp

Rose gold decor ideas using rose gold table lamp
Gorgeous rose gold metallic table lamp

Table lamp not only works to illuminate beautiful ambient lighting into your space, but it also can bring a big visual impact on your bedroom decor, especially when you are using a gorgeous and eye-catching table lamp, such as the rose gold table lamp that we used in the picture above.

A table lamp with rose gold finishes had a unique characteristic that hardly found in any other table lamp.

When the lamp is turned off, the rose gold metal effect will look soft and sweet, but when the lamp is turned on at night, the light shade will make the rose gold element looks more gold and shiny which produce a luxury and glamorous effects, making it the perfect addition for any rose gold bedroom.

9. Rose Gold Bedroom Decor with Wallpaper

Rose gold bedroom wallpaper ideas
Rose gold wallpaper in bedroom

Wall is the largest part of any bedroom, and it can be an ideal part of your bedroom to add the elegance of rose gold accent by using rose gold wallpaper.

Although this rose gold decor approach will be quite costly and need a minor renovation of your room, the result that it produce surely would be worth it.

There are a lot of different rose gold wallpaper that come with different texture, pattern and color combinations. If you want to use this approach, you can read our recommendation on the best rose gold wallpaper here.

10. Rose Gold Decor for Bedroom using Wall Shelf

Rose gold and white wall shelves
Rose gold bedroom decor using wall shelves

This item is one of the most difficult rose gold decor item to find as there aren’t many rose gold wall shelves are available on the market today. But if you are lucky, you can find one with beautiful design and shape such as the one that we used in the decor image above.

Using the rose gold wall shelves alone can bring a lot of impact into your wall appearance as it’s already looks stunning and gorgeous. But if you want to go further, you can do it by add some other rose gold decor items on the shelves such as rose gold vases or rose gold picture frame.