What Color Cabinets Go with Gray Countertops? (12 Elegant Pairs)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 19th, 2024

Gray countertops, whether they are crafted from marble, granite, or quartz, offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that radiates a sense of clean and refined elegance, crafting an elegant and sophisticated kitchen space.

However, integrating these dominant countertops into your kitchen requires thoughtful choices, particularly when it comes to key elements like cabinets.

We’ve found that contrasting, neutral shades like white, light brown, light gray, and muted blue are great cabinet color options to complement gray countertops. The soft, calming tones of these colors perfectly go in harmony with the cool tone of the countertops, creating a simple yet elegant visual aesthetic. You can also try bold options like dark brown, dark red, black, or navy cabinets to infuse dramatic sophistication and make a bigger statement to your overall kitchen design.

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12 Best Cabinet Colors for Kitchen with Gray Countertops


White cabinets with gray countertops

This is a fantastic choice for crafting a simple yet stylish kitchen or bathroom. The pristine allure of white-painted cabinetry serves as the perfect canvas, enabling the gray countertops to exude their timeless elegance.

The subtle yet captivating interplay between these elements further enhances the countertops, making them the focal point of your space. Additionally, white cabinets prove to be an excellent choice for small spaces, as they have the unique capacity to reflect light and create a luminous, open atmosphere.

Moreover, white cabinets complement and accentuate other design elements, whether it be sleek stainless steel appliances, bold black kitchen hardware, or vibrant accessories.

Light Brown

Light brown cabinets

Light brown is a timeless choice for cabinet color and can offer numerous benefits when paired with gray kitchen countertops. The warmth of the light brown shades, whether it’s beige, taupe, or tan, effectively counterbalances the cool undertones of gray, resulting in a harmonious visual harmony.

This combination presents an excellent choice for those seeking to craft a classic, luxurious kitchen design.

To make these charming cabinets truly shine, complement them with glamorous accessories like gold appliances or brass handles and knobs.

Recommended Light Brown Paint Colors:

Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams

Lighter Gray

Light gray cabinets

Achieve an elegant monochromatic aesthetic by pairing light gray cabinets with dark gray countertops. These two components seamlessly harmonize, radiating a sense of refined sophistication throughout your space.

Furthermore, the combination of light and dark grays creates a striking contrast, adding depth and character to your kitchen or bathroom design. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist, contemporary vibe or a more traditional ambiance, this pair provides a stylish foundation for your kitchen design aspirations.

However, it’s essential to introduce some contrast through other elements, such as a white subway tile backsplash or vibrant accessories, to prevent this color scheme from becoming overly monotonous.

Recommended Graytint Paint Colors:

Graytint by Benjamin Moore

Pale Blue

Pale blue cabinets

If you prefer to opt for a blue hue for your cabinets, pale blue or blue-gray shades are undoubtedly the best choices when paired with grey countertops. The subtle gray undertones in these muted blue shades make for a seamless and harmonious integration with the countertops.

By incorporating contrasting elements, you can infuse depth and visual interest into your kitchen or bathroom design.

The combination of soothing blues and cool grays creates a calming and balanced ambiance, offering a refreshing departure from more traditional color schemes.

Recommended Pale Blue Paint Colors:

Meditative by Sherwin Williams


Navy kitchen cabinets

Navy is a highly popular bold cabinet color, particularly for individuals looking to craft a modern contemporary or Scandinavian-style kitchen. Navy cabinets have the ability to make a striking statement while seamlessly integrating with the gray elements, thanks to their robust gray undertones.

This color choice allows you to achieve a captivating visual contrast that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. The deep navy hue adds a sense of depth and richness to your space, fosters an atmosphere of elegance and style.

Recommended Navy Paint Colors:

Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore


Charcoal cabinets

Another bold choice worth considering is charcoal. This deep, rich, dark gray shade effortlessly blends with gray granite countertops, imparting a remarkable level of sophistication to your kitchen. Whether you opt for charcoal with blue or brown undertones, this option will instantly elevate the overall appearance of any kitchen to new heights.

Charcoal cabinets bring a sense of depth and character to your space, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a contemporary or even a more traditional kitchen design.

The versatility of charcoal allows you to pair it with a wide range of complementary colors and materials, allowing you to achieve the desired ambiance, whether it’s a cozy, inviting atmosphere or a sleek, modern look.

Recommended Charcoal Paint Colors:

Armory by Sherwin Williams

Dark Brown

Dark brown cabinets

This rich choice will infuse a strong classical rustic charm into your kitchen. The deep and bold tone of dark brown cabinets has the remarkable effect of making the countertops appear brighter, allowing them to stand out and become the main statement in your kitchen.

Dark brown cabinets exude a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the cool neutrality of gray countertops.

This harmonious contrast creates a visually striking and cozy ambiance, making your kitchen an inviting space for both cooking and gathering.

Recommended Dark Brown Paint Colors:

Chocolate Velvet by Benjamin Moore

Dark Green

Dark green kitchen cabinets

Dark green, particularly shades with strong gray undertones, like emerald green or hunter green, can elegantly complement gray countertops. This bold cabinet color maintains a flawless appearance while simultaneously standing out and infusing your kitchen with a sense of richness and depth.

Pairing dark green with gray creates a striking balance between earthy tones and modern sophistication.

To enhance the elegance of this velvet combination, consider adding gold, metallic, or brass hardware. These metallic accents add a touch of glamour and refinement to the overall design, elevating the aesthetics of your kitchen to a higher level of sophistication.

Recommended Dark Green Paint Colors:

Westhaven by Sherwin Williams

Dark Red

Dark red cabinets

White this isn’t a conventional choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets, but it’s certainly worth considering, especially if you want to infuse life into your gray-themed kitchen.

The inclusion of dark red accents can transform your kitchen, introducing an exciting and unique focal point. Thanks to its vibrant and powerful hues, dark red effortlessly stands out amidst the muted grays, injecting energy and personality into the space.

This unique choice allows you to create a kitchen that defies the norm, showcasing your distinctive style and willingness to experiment with bold colors.

Recommended Dark Red Paint Colors:

Bewitched by Benjamin Moore

Warm Gray

Warm gray cabinets

If you have cool-toned gray countertops, you can achieve a seamlessly balanced aesthetic by opting for warm gray cabinets. This strategic choice allows you to maintain a sense of cohesion in your kitchen or bathroom design while introducing a subtle contrast that adds depth and warmth to the space.

This balanced approach can serve as an excellent foundation for various design styles, whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, or transitional look.

Additionally, the warm gray cabinets allow for flexibility in introducing other elements, such as colorful accents or natural textures, to further personalize and enhance your space.

Recommended Warm Gray Paint Colors:

Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams


Black cabinets with gray countertops

This classic and bold choice is a timeless favorite that never disappoints. Black cabinets instantly command attention, serving as a strong focal point within the kitchen.

Being ultra-neutral in nature, black cabinets effortlessly blend with a wide range of colors and design elements, whether you opt for vibrant choices like a colorful mosaic backsplash or neutral options like gray quartz countertops.

The stark contrast between the black cabinets and lighter elements in the kitchen can create a striking visual dynamic that elevates the overall aesthetics of the space. Additionally, the timeless appeal of black cabinetry ensures that your kitchen maintains its sophistication and style for years to come.

Recommended Black Paint Colors:

Jet Black by Benjamin Moore

Mint Green

Mint kitchen cabinets

Mint green is a subtle and refreshing color that, when paired with a gray marble countertop, creates a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look. This color choice is actually one of the best options, especially for small kitchens.

Mint green cabinets bring a sense of lightness and airiness to your kitchen, making it feel more spacious and inviting. They serve to enhance the overall visual appeal without overpowering the space, allowing the elegant countertop to remain the centerpiece of your kitchen area.

Recommended Mint Paint Colors:

Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams

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