What Color Floor Goes with Green Walls? (7 Choices For A Relaxing Harmony)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 24th, 2024

Green may not be the most popular hue for interior walls, but it still has a lot of loyal users, thanks to the calming and soothing quality that it brings. This fresh shade can easily evoke a serene and relaxing ambiance, making it a perfect choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or any other spaces where tranquility and peacefulness are desired.

However, to fully unleash the potential of green interior walls, pairing it with the right flooring will be essential. Flooring will bring a significant impact, working as a backdrop to highlight the natural beauty of the green walls.

For any rooms with green walls, our interior designers recommend choosing white, light gray, light wood, dark brown, or cream as the flooring colors. These options will be a great canvas, producing a gentle contrast that allows the green-painted walls to shine. They can also avoid overtaking the attention from the green walls but still enrich the overall color palette of your interiors.

Read on to explore all the stunning flooring colors for green walls.

7 Best Floor Colors for Green Walls

White Flooring

White marble floors

Using vibrant choice like green already bring a lot of risks, so why added more risks if you can use safer options like white?

And actually, white tile flooring not only works well with the green wall because of its versatility as an ultra-natural choice but also because it can help emphasize and highlight the green wall to make it stand out more. Surely this is very beneficial if you are using green as an accent wall.

White flooring can also spread and reflects a lot of light, which can make the entire room feel brighter, in case you are using the darker tone of green for the wall paint.

White Marble with Green Vein Flooring

White marble with green vein floors

So, you opt to go with white, but still think that it lacks the sense of harmony with the walls, then you can choose any white marble tile with the natural green vein.

Although most of the time the green vein or pattern doesn’t look prominent, it can still bring a bit of green sense that’s more than enough to tie it up with the green walls.

But there comes another challenge, as these kinds of flooring are quite difficult to find. So, you need some extra work to find the perfect ones for you.

Light Natural Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors

To create a perfectly natural and earthy appearance, then surely wooden flooring is the best option. However, based on our experience, not all kind of wooden flooring seems to work well with green wall. That’s said, there are still some that can bring an incredible result, such as light bamboo flooring.

This unique flooring is not only great in terms of being environmentally friendly and sustainable but also can bring an artistic, natural vibe that can warm up and liven up any room that using the green wall.

Gray Flooring

Gray stone tile floors

This is another safe and easy option. As a neutral, gray can easily blend even with the most strong and vibrant colors. You can choose many alternatives for this kind of flooring, such as gray tile, gray concrete, or gray finishes hardwood flooring.

Moreover, using gray as flooring alongside green walls can help to calm down a bit of the vibrancy of the walls, and this will be very beneficial if you are using any green paint that feels too strong.

White and Green Checker Patterned Tile

White and green floors

This is another great choice for you who want a seamless appearance between the floors and the walls. While using all green tile is surely not a good idea, you can mix it up with another neutral tile such as white.

This way, the flooring will still look flawless with the walls while at the same time avoid the monotony thank’s to the combinations with white.

Dark Brown Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors

Almost any hardwood floor comes with brown tone, so we couldn’t exclude these options. However, to get the best output, we highly recommend you to go with the darker side of brown as this kind of flooring tends to be more natural and easy to blend inside any room with green walls.

Using dark brown wood flooring alongside green walls can create a gorgeous, natural atmosphere in classic and elegant ways.

Cream Tile

Cream tile floors

If you are using any green paint that tends to have a cool tone, then you can use warm flooring like cream to help balance out your space.

Additionally, the cream flooring will create an inviting and welcoming ambiance that is essential for any room where you like to invite some guests such as the living room.

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