What Color Curtains Go with Sage Green Wall? (13 Aesthetic Combinations)

Browse these 13 awesome curtains for sage green walls that everyone's will love! Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 13th, 2023

Using sage green for the interior walls will instantly invite tranquility and serenity to bloom, evoke the swaying leaves of a tranquil forest, where time slows and the world takes a deep breath.

However, to make the sage green wall fully casting its soothing qualities and transform our space into a haven of calm and rejuvenation, it needs to be complemented by the right accessories, including the curtains.

So, what are the best curtain colors for sage green walls?

Drawing from our designer’s experiences, we can conclude that white, cream, navy, terracotta, lavender, and light blue-gray are the best curtain colors for the room with sage green walls. These options offer a delicate charm, that truly harmonizes with the subtle tones of the sage walls. Together, these combinations strike a balance between serenity and richness, creating an atmosphere that is both calming and uplifting.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into all the amazing curtain ideas for sage walls.

13 Best Curtain Colors for Room with Sage Green Walls


White curtains with sage green wall
White curtains with sage wall

White curtains create a whimsically angelic appeal when paired with a sage wall, creating a delightful blend of coastal-inspired shade: think emerald green waters and white sand!

If you want to give your living room or bedroom a beachy appeal, this combination exudes the right tranquility to achieve that look. Any kind of white curtains can work well with sage, whether it’s a sheer white or any white curtains with some pattern.

So if you’re looking to play around with neutral tones and bring in more natural light into the room to make it appear roomier and airy, this combination of sage and white will attract maximum sunlight, hence illuminating the space with an eclectic energy.


Cream curtains with sage green wall
Cream curtains

Here’s the perfect shade to build upon the creamy consistency and pastel charm of sage green: cream. This combination is ideal for homeowners looking to invite more sunlight to illuminate their space and dress up their room in ambient light tones.

We love how this creamy combination exudes an endlessly charming vintage character, transporting us to an 18th-century European salon with iconic chalky pastel wall color and neutral-toned curtains.

This color palette would look pristine with vintage furniture and ornate gold accents.


Navy curtains with sage green wall
Navy curtains

Deep and rich notes of navy blue are the perfect color palette to embolden the balmy and serene effect of the sage walls. The blue curtains will serve as a vibrant and bold pop of color, giving the subtle walls a domineering character.

Navy blue is not a color that is easily overshadowed, and these curtains will stand out and command the profile of the room.

In contrast, sage green serves as the most versatile base that allows its contrasting color to steal the limelight while it blends in beautifully within the backdrop.


Terracotta curtains with sage green wall
Terracotta curtains

This combination mixes the classic color tones of earthly mud and chalky pastels with endlessly charming aplomb. We adore the rich and upbeat textures of this color palette, and the warmth it adds to the interior.

The rich and deep terracotta curtains blend in beautifully well with the sage, giving the creamy and subtle finish a warmly roasted appeal.

Terracotta brings out the best in sage green color without overshadowing its pastel energy or coming across as overdone.


Lavender curtains with sage green wall
Lavender curtains

Pastel on pastel is always a match made in heaven, and this lavender-sage combination is a refreshing sight for sore eyes. It’s an eclectic color palette that will attract the maximum amount of light and create an ambient and peaceful aura.

We believe this combination is ideal for the living room, parlor room, sunroom, patio, or other rooms where you want to enjoy sunlight, airiness, and nature.

This whimsical blend of colors will look pristine with the earthy tones of rustic wooden furniture.

Light Blue-gray

Sage green walls with light blue gray curtains
Light blue-gray curtains

This soft color combination not only creates an aesthetic visual appearances, but comes with a just enough contrast to make the room feel rich and alive.

And since blue-gray is much more neutral compared to most blue shades, it can fit perfectly into any color scheme and almost any interior style.

Warm Tan

Sage green walls with warm tan curtains
Warm tan curtains

Another great options to warm up your sage walls, making the entire walls feel more inviting and welcoming. The warm tan curtains bring a similar earthy looks to the sage, so together, they creates a astonishing natural looks that everyone’s would love.

And if you are using a bohemian home decor style, then without any doubt, this is the best choice for you.

Cedar Brown

Sage green walls with cedar brown curtains
Cedar brown curtains

Any dark brown shades can bring out the bright side of the sage, making it looks sleek and crisp. However, not all dark brown can work well with sage, especially for some brown that had a strong vibrant intensity.

But don’t worry, there are still some great neutral options that you can choose, such as this cedar brown curtains.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with sage green wall
Light gray curtains

Are you looking to create a subtle, neutral and cool interior profile with sage green walls? You cannot make a more versatile and functional choice than light gray curtains.

Light notes of gray will amplify the charming appeal of sage, allowing the walls to stand out and dominate the interior profile of the living space.

Light gray curtains create artful magic against the rich and creamy consistency of sage, drawing in maximum light and creating an airy ambiance. However, keep in mind that light green curtains will need extensive maintenance to maintain their appeal.

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink curtains with sage green wall
Dusty pink curtains

Dusty pink and sage is a delightful combination that strikes all the right chords of classic vintage charm.

This serene and artful color combination creates a peaceful ambiance that invites the onlookers to bask in the glory of tranquility. These two colors will make the room airy and well-lit by reflecting sunlight onto every nook and cranny.

If you want to create a feminine interior profile with chic pastels, this combination will serve you well. You can give the pastel palette a bohemian makeover with rustic wooden accents and bamboo furniture.


Yellow curtains with sage green wall
Yellow curtains

The sunny and zesty energy of pastel yellow is infectious, and when paired with the subtle sage, it exudes an overpowering surge of playfulness.

Pastel yellow and sage green create an eclectic combination that fits pristinely with multiple interior themes, including Boho chic, mid-century, southern pastels, Moroccan accents, and French countryside, amongst others.

It all boils down to how you decide to elevate the interiors with this profile. You can keep it simply and sparsely furnished to enjoy the warmth of the curtains and walls, or you can dress it so to jazz up the energy!


Sage walls with aqua curtains
Aqua curtains

Since both had a similar green hues, aqua and sage can work pretty well together. While at the same time, the vibrancy of the aqua make it pop beautifully against the wall.

The aqua curtains also can brighten and cheer up the calming sage, making the entire space feel more alive.


Sage walls with black curtains
Black curtains

If you want to keep sage becomes the primary shade of your interior, then you can try using black. The black curtains, even though it’s had a strong and bold appearances, won’t interrupt the beauty of sage.

Instead, it can bring out the best of the sage and make it feels richer.

Final Word

The color palette of the curtains is an important decision because it will dominate the room as a centerpiece, transforming the interior profile.

Naturally, you want a color palette that will align perfectly with your intended theme. Ask yourself this: do I want to create an artful bohemian ambiance, or a rustic chic, farmhouse-style appeal? And then decide accordingly!

Luckily, sage is a beautifully versatile shade that retains its energy and character with every single color in the world. So, we recommend deciding upon the color themes and interior profile you want to create before you start shopping for curtains. Happy choosing!

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