8 Nursery Striped Wall Ideas to Enliven Your Baby’s Space

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

The striped-painted wall is one of the most popular trends when it comes to nursery rooms. This approach can add a playful yet sophisticated touch to your nursery, creating a fun and interesting focal point.

At first, this kind of wall painting technique may look pretty straightforward. However, in order to get a visually appealing one, every single detail of it should be planned carefully. Not only you should choose the right color combination, but the kind of stripes can also play a big role in the final outcome.

While having a beautiful striped wall can give a positive mood, behavior, and sleep patterns to your child, an awful one can have a negative effect. And that’s why creating a perfect striped wall design can be essential to create a comfy and soothing environment for your little one

In this post, we will share some gorgeous striped wall ideas that can fit perfectly inside any nursery bedroom. We hope that after finish reading this post, you will get plenty of new ideas and inspiration to create your own beautiful wall. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Simple Horizontal Baby Blue and White Striped Wall

When it comes to the nursery, baby blue is one of the most popular colors. Not only because it has a soft and soothing appearance, but also because it’s a gender-neutral option. In this design, we incorporate this beautiful color in simple horizontal lines.

The baby blue and white stripe looks beautiful as they blend together flawlessly. Here, we chose a large stripe to avoid the space feeling too crowded, but it’s still enough to make the wall look interesting.

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White Wall with Small Pink Stripe

Pink is another gorgeous color choice for any nursery room. However, using too much pink may not be suitable for everyone.

That’s why in this design, we keep everything simple by painting the wall with a white base and adding some thin, pink lines to sweeten things up.

This design can also become a great option for you who have some pink furnishings or accessories and keep the pink flow throughout the room.

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Soothing Green Wall with White Vertical Line

Create a relaxing environment for your babies by creating this charming and soothing wall.

The pale green painted wall will easily turn any room into a calming haven, while the simple white stripe makes the wall look much more interesting without overcomplicating its appearance.

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Colorful Horizontal Striped Accent Wall

Colorful painted wall has been known for their lively and stimulating effects that can encourage the development of your child.

In this design, we combine a soft and subtle color palette in a horizontal pattern, creating a unique yet fun look that will lift up the mood of your nursery room.

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Artistic Purple Nursery Wall

If you want to create a totally different theme for your nursery room compared to any other mainstream design, then you can try using purple as the main color theme. Purple is a unique color that can promote a sense of relaxation and peacefulness, while at the same time can bring some fun and joyful looks to your child’s room.

In this design, we created an accent wall combining different purple hues in random, artistic horizontal lines. Making the wall look much more interesting rather than a plain purple.

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White Yellow and Gray Horizontal Striped Wall

Yellow is another great color choice that can make any nursery bedroom feel fun and alive. However, painting the entire wall with yellow is surely not a good ideas. Thus, one of the best ways to incorporate yellow into your wall is by creating this horizontal yellow and white stripe.

To neutralize the vibrant yellow, we add some thin gray line that work really well to balance it out and add some modern twist to the wall’s appearance.

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Nursery Bedroom with Small Vertical White and Pink Wall

Pink is one of the most popular nursery colors, especially if you have a baby girl. That’s why we created another beautiful pink wall, but this time, we used a vertical pattern and combined it with white.

The white stripe helps neutralize the pink and make the wall look clean and sleek, while the pink line is quiet enough to bring plenty of sweet and soothing ambiance to the entire room.

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Colorful Vertical Striped Wall

Another colorful wall design, but this time, we use the small vertical stripe. Using vertical lines can help make the nursery room feel high and more open. The soft colorful color are chosen in order to keep the room looks simple without overly vibrant looks.

To make the entire visual look even better, you can decorate the bedroom with colorful elements or decoration items. This can help make the wall blend harmoniously with the rest of the room.

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