What Color Curtains Go with Light Blue Walls? (7 Choices For A Colorful Charm)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 11th, 2024

From a wide spectrum of blues, light blue stands out as a popular choice for interior walls. This subtle, muted hue instantly evokes a serene and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

However, choosing accessories or decoration items alongside the light blue walls can be a bit challenging. You need to find the perfect balance between complementing this soothing color and adding a burst of vibrancy for a more lively ambiance. And this also applies to the curtains.

To solve this, our team did an experiment, trying a lot of different curtains against the light blue backdrop. Finally, we can conclude that white, sage, beige, light gray, ivory, and light brown are some of the best curtain colors for room with light blue walls. These curtains blend seamlessly with the charming allure of the walls, while at the same times adds a hint of richness that elevates the mood and vibes of the entire space.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into all the exciting curtain options.

Wondering how light blue walls would look with your preferred curtain color? Try our interactive tool below, or click here to use it now.

7 Best Curtain Colors For Rooms with Light Blue Walls


White curtains with light blue wall

White is always a great choice because it goes with just about any color. When paired with light blue, it creates a brighter interior without taking away from the clean, refreshing vibe.

It also creates a calm atmosphere, and you cannot help but feel at peace in this room. White trim is a lovely finishing touch to a room with light blue walls and white curtains.


Sage curtains with light blue wall

It is always fun to be a little adventurous with your color scheme, and sage curtains add a bit of excitement without overdoing it.

Sage curtains are not as bold as other shades of green, but it does enhance the color scheme of the room. In addition, shades of both blue and green are known for promoting relaxation, creativity, and wisdom.


Beige curtains with light blue wall

Beige with blue has been an ideal color scheme in homes for many years. After all, these shades complement the warm and cooler tones of one another.

When you pair beige curtains with your light blue walls, you are creating a beach-inspired vibe that makes every day feel like a vacation. Additionally, you can pair these colors with shades of green to create a soothing atmosphere.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with light blue wall

If you want to pair your light blue walls with a neutral shade, light gray curtains are the way to go. Both light blue and light gray add cooler tones to the room, and the lighter shades make the room feel bigger and brighter.

This scheme also creates an elegant but calming vibe. You can even pair both your light blue walls and light gray curtains with warmer tones, such as beige, yellow, or light brown, to create a nice contrast.


Ivory curtains with light blue wall

When pairing cooler and warmer tones, you can never go wrong with light blue walls and ivory curtains. Ivory curtains are perfect for balancing out the cooler tones of your light blue walls.

In addition, each tone brings something special to the room. Ivory adds a touch of warmth that enhances the cozy vibe of the room, while light blue makes the space feel calm and comfortable.

Light Brown

Light brown curtains with light blue wall

If you are focused on creating a warm, cozy feeling in your room, light brown is the perfect option for your light blue walls. In fact, most blue and brown shades look great together, and these two shades are no exception.

The cool and warm tones complement one another, and you can create an open, airy feeling by sticking to lighter shades. In addition, light brown adds a classy feel to the room.


Navy curtains with light blue wall

You can easily create a monochromatic look by pairing your light blue walls with navy blue curtains. The light blue walls stick to the calming atmosphere, while the navy blue curtains add a dramatic but fun vibe to your space.

If you need a break from the blue shades, you can always add white, light gray, or light brown accents. You can even go bold, but not too bold, with sage, blush pink, or mustard yellow accents.

Curtain Color with Light Blue Walls Tester Tool

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, several shades work with light blue walls. For example, you can add in a warmer shade with beige curtains, or you can keep it cool with light gray curtains.

One way to determine which color scheme is right for your space is to experiment with swatches, which you can find in most home improvement aisles.

When you take the time to play with various shades, you are sure to find the right curtain color for your light blue walls.

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