What Color Curtains Go with Dark Brown Furniture? (15 Glam Choices)

15 Gorgeous curtain ideas that goes with dark brown furniture. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 7th, 2023

Dark brown furniture is a versatile addition to any living area, as it creates a relaxed and elegant environment. Your vibrantly colored dark brown couches, sofas, accent chair, or table will complement many home decor styles.

However,  to achieve a perfect setting for any living room with brown furnishings, you may need to pair those dark brown furniture with the right accessories colors.

Even simple accessories like curtains can make a big difference to the final outlook of your entire space.

In this post, we will give you some curtain color ideas that will look amazing alongside dark brown furniture.

15 Best Curtains for Living Room with Dark Brown Furniture

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Dark brown and white living room ideas
White curtains with dark brown furniture

As dark brown furniture can easily stand out to become the centerpiece of your space, then matching it up with simple choices like white curtains is pretty obvious.

White accents creates a sleek yet elegant look to your space. The color’s brightness will also soften your dark brown leather sofa. Furthermore, white allows natural light to shine through the sheers, resulting in a room that appears to glow beautifully.

Hanging white curtains that had some brown accent will make it easier to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the room.

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Living room ideas with beige curtains and dark brown furniture
Beige curtains

When you add beige to your dark brown furniture, your room smiles, this color accent gives special characteristics that are unlike those found in other neutrals such as white or cream.

The beige or cream curtain can also become a seamless curtains for dark brown furniture, creating a beautiful layer of different brown-ish shades while simultaneously bringing enough contrast to avoid an overly intense look.

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Sage Green

Dark brown and sage living room ideas
Sage green curtains

Sage green curtains can be a perfect addition to any space with light wall color and dark brown furniture. It creates calmness and a fresh vibe, while also adding different hues to enrich the entire space.

It is pleasant for those who enjoy nature; a set of brilliant green sheer curtains may complete the vibrant look.

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Light Brown

Brown monochromatic living room ideas
Light brown curtains

A light brown curtain is the best option to complement dark brown furniture for people who prefer a monochromatic approach. There are some interesting light brown choices that you can choose, from taupe to tan curtains.

Having a different shades of brown, you can create beautiful, earthy scenery that goes in harmony.

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Dark Brown

Dark brown living room ideas
Dark brown curtains

If you are planning to add other colors to your palette, then it’s relatively fine to choose curtains with a similar color to your furniture.

Thus, even though the dark brown curtains and dark brown furniture will look very similar, you can still avoid a monotone look thanks to other colors that you are bringing to the scene.

To get an even better result, you can incorporate some gold or metallic accessories throughout your space.

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Teal curtains with dark brown leather furniture
Teal curtains

Teal can be a great option to bring a modern twist to a dark-brown themed interiors. It’s tranquility adds a new interest without being overly vibrant, so the brown will be kept as the main primary color.

This elegant color combination work wonders inside any room with contemporary decor style.

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Living room ideas with dark brown furniture and navy curtains
Navy curtains

Without any doubt, navy can blend very well with any brown shades, including your brown furniture. This dark combo creates a bold and strong appearance, and can easily become a main focal point of your entire home.

We love to use the navy curtains and dark brown furniture combinations for any luxurious, classical decor.

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Light Blue

Light blue and dark brown living room
Light blue curtains

You can also go with lighter alternatives: light blue or sky blue. This color will easily accentuate the brown while also adding new hues to enrich your color palette.

Moreover, the soft, subtle looks of light blue will calm the strong brown, resulting in a more relaxing scene.

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Living room ideas with dark brown furniture and yellow curtains
Yellow curtains

Adding a pair of yellow curtains to the room may be a fantastic way to add some brightness to the space. The yellow curtains can also help make the brown furniture feel softer, less intense, and looks more casual.

And since it’s a vibrant color, coming just as an accent can still give a lot of positive impacts.

To avoid your yellow curtains looking awkward, you may need to add other yellow decoration items throughout your space, such as yellow wall arts, yellow rug, or yellow cushion.

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Orange and dark brown living room
Orange curtains

Brings the autumn to your home, the orange and dark brown are natural combination that everyone’s will love. The striking orange curtains bring vibrant pop of color to lift up the entire room, while still looks perfectly flawless with the brown.

You can easily adjust the tone of orange to match your needs, from light orange to a strong, burnt orange.

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Light Gray

Living room ideas with dark brown furniture and gray curtains
Gray curtains

Light gray and brown is a gorgeous natural combination, as they can work together to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. 

The coolness of this neutral color will balance out the intense warmth of the dark brown sofa, resulting in a more well-balanced and neutral look.

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Dark brown living room with charcoal accents
Charcoal curtains

You can also go with darker side of gray: charcoal. This bold and elegant shade match the character of dark brown perfectly, going together to create a stunning living spaces.

And since it’s a neutral, the charcoal curtains can still keep the dark brown becomes a centerpiece.

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Dark brown and black living room
Black curtains

This neutral mix can be a great options for you who want to create a bold, dark-looking interior without any other hues that can interrupt the beauty of your furnishings.

The black curtains will boost the elegance of your spaces, but as an ultra-neutral, it will works well as a base to let the dark brown shine. Mix the black and dark brown combo with plenty of white elements to let them stand out even more.

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Dark Red

Dark red and dark brown living room
Dark red curtains

Brown and red are classic combination that never goes out of style. In facts, this glam combo can still works beautifully even in today’s interior design trends, creating a luxurious ambiance that elevate your entire home.

For strong colors like dark red, just being an accent is more than enough to make a difference. Add some gold, metallic accessories around them for some additional glam boost.

Any shades of dark red can works pretty well with dark brown, from maroon to burgundy curtains.

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Dark brown living room with pink accents
Pink curtains

This combo is a bit unusual, but it worth a try especially if you want to tone down and soften the looks of your dark brown furnishings. The pink accent add a sweet finishes to dark brown, make the entire space feel calmer and cozy.

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