10 Best Floor Colors for Blue Walls (Designing Serenity in Harmony)

What is the best floor color for blue walls? Find the answer here in this article based on our experiment.

Blue is everyone’s favorite, this color brings a cool and soothing ambiance into any room, especially when used as the wall paint color. This flexible hue can be used in almost any interior design style.

Another advantage of using blue wall paint is that this color is relatively easy to pair with any other furniture colors.

But when it comes to flooring, it will become a lot more tricky. Finding a perfect floor color that goes with blue walls can be a quite challenging task. Match it with the wrong color, and your blue walls will look a bit awkward and uninteresting.

If you are planning to remodel your room and will use blue as your wall paint color, here in this article we will try to help you by recommending the best floor color that will perfectly match your blue walls. This recommendation is based on our experiment trying a lot of different flooring colors to find the best ones, and here they are :

Wood Flooring Colors That Goes With Blue Walls

1. Light Gray Wood Flooring

Light gray wood floor with blue walls

If you want to go with wood flooring for your room with blue walls, we highly recommend any light gray-colored wood. In our opinion, this is the best choice to go with blue walls.

While most of the wood had some brown tones that were quite difficult to complement the blue walls, this one is quite different. As one of the most neutral wood colors, any light gray wood can go well with almost any blue shade wall paint – from light blue to dark ones.

2. Gray Hardwood Floor

Gray hardwood flooring

Another shade of gray that can beautifully pair with blue walls is medium-gray tone wood. This kind of wood is a perfect choice rather than the lighter ones especially if you want to make your space look a bit more elegant and luxurious.

Unfortunately, this gray wood only works great with any walls with medium to dark shades of blue, and if you are using a light or sky blue color for your walls, then light gray wood should be your first choice.

3. Cream Wood Flooring

Natural cream wood flooring

If you want to make your space feel a bit warmer, then you can go with natural cream wood flooring. This kind of flooring will help balance out the cool vibe of the blue-painted walls and make your room feel a bit homier.

Using cream-toned wood can also help make your room look brighter, and that’s why this can be a perfect choice when you are using any dark shade of blue for your walls.

4. Dark Brown Hardwood

Dark brown wood

The combination of blue walls with dark brown hardwood floors is a perfect recipe to create an elegant and stylish room. But before you choose this one, please make sure that you have sufficient lighting – both natural and artificial ones, to avoid your space looking too dark.

Another important thing is to make sure that you choose any dark brown hardwood with a fine, glossy finish.

5. Natural Brown Hardwood Flooring

Natural brown flooring

This is one of the most common wood flooring as most wood naturally comes with this color. If you already using this kind of flooring for your home, then you don’t need to worry about thinking about changing it as it would still look fine alongside the blue walls.

Tile Flooring Colors That Goes With Blue Walls

6. White Marble Tile

White marble tile with blue walls

Using white tile is great to create a depth contrast between the blue walls and the floor. But instead of using a plain white tile, it’s much better to use any white tile with some texture, grain, or stain. And one of our best choices is the white Carrara marble tile.

This marble is widely known for its luxurious looks and can blend easily with almost any wall color. Using this kind of flooring will also help make your space a bit brighter – especially when you are using any dark blue shades for your wall paint color.

7. Gray Tile

Gray tile

Blue wall is perfect for bringing a soft and soothing vibe into any room, but if you think the wall alone isn’t enough, then you can choose neutral colors such as gray that are perfect to make your room feel even cooler.

Another advantage of using gray tile is that this flooring can be easily matched to any furniture color – even any bright or vibrant colors. So you can easily put any furniture that you want and it will still look flawless with your gray flooring.

8. Cream Tile

Cream tile flooring

If your blue walls seem too cool then you can warm them a bit by using a cream or beige tile. This cream tile flooring will help to balance your space while still keeping the cozy feel inside the room.

9. Pearl Blue Marble Tile

Pearl blue marble tile

We’re not recommending using any blue tiles alongside blue walls, as it will make your space feel awkward and monotonous. But if you want to still add some splash of blue elements to your floor, then you can try to use a pearl blue marble tile.

This marble tile had a slightly blue stain that made it feel connected with the walls. This small blue accent also makes the tile look luxurious and it’s a perfect choice for you who want to add a bit more elegance to your space.

10. Silver Travertine Tile

Silver travertine floor

For you who want to create a room using a modern or contemporary style, then this silver travertine tile can be a great option for you. This tile is known for its glam and luxurious looks thanks to its natural grain.

This kind of tile is quite difficult to pair with many different wall paint colors, but as you can see from the image above, this amazing tile can blend flawlessly with our blue walls.

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