Classic Light Blue Bedroom

A beautiful light blue bedroom with modern and classic touch.

Light Blue Bedroom

Light blue is a soft and soothing color that can be used as a bedroom color theme to create a beautiful and cozy bedroom. Today, we will use this color to create a bedroom design with the addition of some modern classic touch to create an amazing bedroom design.

One of the most challenging part when designing this bedroom is to choose the perfect light blue color that perfectly suit our needs. And here is the result of our work :

Light blue bedroom with modern classic touch

As you can see, we use a lot of light blue color in our bedroom, and then combine it with some white and light grey materials. Those colors combinations blend perfectly and resulting a wonderful bedroom design.

To add some natural effect to this bedroom, we choose wood parquet for the flooring instead of using tiles. This can help make the bedroom looks more vibrant.

Light blue bedroom

Furniture selection play a big role when designing this light blue bedroom to help us achieve the result that we want. In this bedroom, we choose any furnishing items that had both classical and modern touch.

Two big mirror are placed in the wall behind the bed to help us make this room feels much more spacious, and this is important for small sized bedroom such as this one.

Item Used in This Bedroom

Beautiful Modern Classic High Quality White Chest With 2 Drawer

To add modern classical touch to this bedroom, we choose this chest as a night table. It’s fresh look with white glossy finish not only perfect for this bedroom, but also for any other bedroom style. With extra gold accent that make this chest looks elegant and glamorous, this one item can increase the appearance of any bedroom in seconds.

Modern Ceramic White Geometric Table Lamp with White Fabric Shade

What distinguish this lamp with any other lamp table is it’s unique geometrical shape design that not only bring modern feels, but also add more artistic touch to the bedroom. Produce a soft, warm and beautiful light when turned on, this lamp can also create a romantic atmosphere to this bedroom.

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