What Color Bedding Goes with Blue Walls? (7 Aesthetic Combo)

7 Stunning bedding color ideas for bedroom with blue walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 6th, 2022

Blue walls make a calming setting for a bedroom. It’s a hue that aids rest and relaxation but what color bedding goes with blue walls? It’s important to team up the right bedding color with paintwork to avoid upsetting the peaceful balance of your sleep space.

Some important things to consider before choosing bedding colors for bedroom with blue walls is whether your room is a cool shade of blue with green undertones or if you have a warmer lilac-infused hue.

You should also consider the mood that you’re hoping to achieve; do you desire a dark and dramatic look, high contrast, or a soft color meld? Here are our top seven suggestions.

7 Best Bedding Colors for Bedroom with Blue Walls


Bedroom ideas with blue walls and white bedding
White bedding with blue walls

For an ultra clean and crisp contrast, there’s nothing better than fresh white bedding in a room with blue decor.

This is a classic combination that spells simple sophistication and offers a versatility that suits any shade of blue from dark to light.

To extend the aesthetic outwards, choose white bedside cabinets and white bedroom pendant lights to complement your new bed set.


Bedroom ideas with blue walls and beige bedding
Beige bedding with blue walls

Where blue walls carry warm undertones, a cream bed set provides a complimentary warming hue.

Whilst comparable with the fresh and clean aesthetic of a white bed set, cream bedding has a decidedly softer look that is less jarring in contrast.

Use a cream bed set to style a welcoming sleep space with a gently melded palette, which works particularly well in sunny spaces.

Light Gray

Bedroom ideas with blue walls and light gray bedding
Light gray bedding with blue walls

Gray bedding looks great with blue walls thanks to its moody hue, evoking imagery of dramatic gray storm clouds against a wild blue sea.

This atmospheric palette of dark gray and deep blue can be effectively adjusted into a pale whisper of gray against a sunny sky blue too to achieve a more lightweight balance. Just remember to match the tonal temperature of your shades.


Bedroom ideas with blue walls and pink bedding
Pink bedding with blue walls

Exuding sensitivity, blush pink is a heart-warming hue for an intimate room like a bedroom. Pink bedding makes a sweet combination with blue walls, whether they are dark or pale in shade.

A sugary pastel infusion fetches a cheerful rush of uplifting ambiance into a space. Accessorize a soft pink bed set with a small vase of delicate florals by the pillows.

Lighter Blue

Bedroom ideas with blue walls and light blue bedding
Light blue bedding with blue walls

Situating a lighter blue bed set with your darker blue walls creates a wonderfully tonal palette with attractive depth.

We see light and dark blends of the same color appear out in nature all the time, so why not in the bedroom? Add a darker blue runner across the foot of the bed to cohesively tie the two decor aspects together.

Dark Gray

Bedroom ideas with blue walls and dark gray bedding
Dark gray bedding with blue walls

Dark gray bed sets make a visually weighty companion for blue bedroom walls, and work particularly well on black bed frames. This bold color option creates a bedroom aesthetic that is confident and commanding.

On the practical side, a dark gray bed set will not yellow over time like a white or pale hued bed set can, so your sheets will have more longevity too.

Darker Blue

Bedroom ideas with blue walls and dark blue bedding
Dark blue bedding with blue walls

Dark blue bedding will achieve an impactful effect when teamed with lighter blue walls, creating a plush aesthetic. This shade-on-shade option is great for homeowners who enjoy decorating with color but not with fussy detailing.

Subtly break up the blue expanse with neutral gray, black, or white bedroom accessories, like crisp accent pillows, a bed runner, or a statement bedroom rug.


Choosing a bed set to best complement blue bedroom walls can seem tricky but the good news is that bedding is easily swapped out! By choosing affordable bed sets, you can acquire multiple options and switch out your bedroom accent color every week if the mood takes you.

Alternatively, for homeowners who are neither color nor pattern-shy, you can hunt down fabulous sets that bring all of these shades together in one show-stopping piece.

Whatever you choose, remember it’s the comfort of the sheets that really counts, so choose soft and breathable fabrics that feel good against the skin for a great night’s sleep.

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